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Success losing weight at 50-100 carbs a day on paleo/primal diet? - Page 2

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I'm paleo/primal-ish and haven't really lost weight, but I'm not very overweight (5 lbs over "healthy" weight) and am still nursing...  I'm hoping when he weans it'll drop off a bit.

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I get Frontier Kelp powder at my hfs.  Here Whole Foods only contains the granules.  For selenium supplements, selenomethionine is generally considered best after ionic, I buy it and seleneocysteine as well.


When you do a 30 day challenge like the one above, you do two things:  help your body to become un- leptin resistant, and teach your body to burn fat rather than carbs for energy.  We also learn to increase gluconeogenesis in our livers. Our bodies have to unlearn a lifetime of habits.  Mark from Mark's Daily Apple agrees with Paleo for Women that intermittent fasting and extreme carb reduction don't have the same effects on women.  

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Well thanks to BeagleMommy-- I decided to buy/read this The Harcombe Diet book and will say it really opened my eyes. I deleted my MyFitnessPal username and am never going to track calories or carbs again. I am now utterly convinced it's damaging to my health and wellbeing. So, suffice to say, I DID NOT find any success at 50-100 carbs, but now realize there might be other things going on to sabotage me (candida, hypoglycemia and food intolerance). I'm going to try this for awhile and see what happens. ;)

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Glad to have found this thread. 


I've been paleo/primal since Feb 2011 and haven't really been able to shake the weight. I was just diagnosed with hypothyroidism and I'm 12 weeks pregnant so I'm hoping meds will help me as far as seeing the changes I expect. Though I suppose I shouldn't expect to see them until after I have the baby? I see the endo for the first time tomorrow afternoon.


Also, please join the Paleo/Primal group over on the groups page!

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I'm losing a lot of weight going grain-free. I'm not really low carb - I don't eat nearly as many carbs as I did while eating grains though. I feel great too. I'm taking some natural supplements that are "turbo charging" my metabolism which is another big reason I'm losing. But yeah...I love it.

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I did paleo a few months ago (it didnt last more than a few weeks before I fell off the wagon), but I still ate about 75g carbs a day and lost weight very quickly.  I was breastfeeding a 9-10 month old at the time too

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Yes omg so many ladies tell me they are loosing tons of weight! I eat pretty well and am seeing all the other effects like clear skin, more energy, not getting sick when everyone else does, people saying I lost weight though I haven't budged the scale much. Chakra-- I take a Vit. D supp, Vit. C, Selenium and now a Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc along with a probiotic in pill form from Whole Foods. What are you taking?

I cannot shake the weight either, Tiff4ny! Ugh. I want to blame my thyroid, yes. Were you diagnosed with Hashimotos? I was 12 months post-partum. I really want to get retested however and see how I fare. I've heard some success stories about "curing" it with diet. I am also nursing my toddler still which I've heard some women (yay lucky me!) do NOT lose weight but rather hold on to every pound. I'm trying not to obsess over it but yeah, I've been nearly the same weight/size since last Dec. ;(


I am part of the paleo group and am actually heading over there now to ask a question... ;)

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Hi Tilly, it did come back that I have Hashimoto's so I'm now on Synthroid. I'm already beginning to notice a difference in how I feel and the energy I have. I'm hoping to see great changes happen over the course of the next year or two. Right now I'm just trying to focus on keeping as Paleo as I am able to (for sure avoiding gluten as it is related to Hashimoto's) for the remainder of this pregnancy. I have told myself not to focus too much on my weight and figure as long as I am eating well and getting regular exercise I will be doing the best that I can. 


I did read that ketosis can actually be BAD for people with thyroid problems so I would suggest you don't go too low with your carbs. If I can find where I read that I will come back and link it. 

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Let me also add that I, too, have hypothyroidism. Natural thyroid supplementation is far superior to synthetic versions. Check out http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/ for more info on the advantages of natural vs. synthetic. I never took they synthetic stuff, but my mother and a friend did and both had a big improvement when they switched to the natural version.

I'm going to go check out the Paleo/Primal group.
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Tilly monster,


I take emulsified vit d, e, c, selenium, zinc, co-q10, multi, fclo, spirulina, and some other supplements that are helping me lose so much weight.

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Yes low carb is very bad for your thyroid! And so are grains, so get lots of carbs from natural sources like sweet pot, quiona, etc.


I love the thyroid madness site!

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