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All this talk of afterpains makes me nervous!

I really don't like using disposable pads so I did some reading and decided to switch to mama cloth.  I just bought a stash from Pleat on etsy and can't wait for them to arrive.  We'll be in the birthing center for the first five days and they provide disposable pads, so I think I'll use them there for those initial hardcore days and then switch to cloth when I get home.  FWIW we're doing the same thing with the baby, 'sposies at the birthing center then cloth at home. 


BTW the lady from Pleat sent me a coupon code: friend20 for 20% off in case anyone else is looking to add to their stash.  I haven't ordered from her before so I can't judge the quality yet, but a discount is a discount, so I thought I'd throw that out there.


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I'm kind of with you JudyBean, the idea of depends totally weirds me out. But I also love the idea of not having to worry about leaks, especially at night. I can just picture the massive melt down I would have if I bled on the bed (it's a huge period fear of mine too!).


So witch hazel? I've never bought it before, is it something that should be organic? Is it 100% witch hazel, or will/should there be other ingredients? Basically, what am I looking for at the grocery store??

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I'm considering these:

Easier to put on (since they are like underwear instead of diapers), and all the comments say they are much better than even depends for avoiding leaks. At the very least, this could be the easiest overnight solution, so i don't have to worry about that on top of nighttime baby stuff.
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Originally Posted by judybean View Post
I also am really interested in belly-binding afterwards. It's not even so much for returning back to a normal shape sooner, but more for holding everything in where it's supposed to be. Anybody else doing it? Anybody done it before?

I had a surgical binder from my c/s with #2, and I used it for a couple weeks afterward with #3. Just the wide elastic with a velcro closure, about 10" in width. It was so nice because I felt really weak in my midsection, and I could feel my uterus floating around in there for a while. When everything was held in place, I just felt stronger. I will likely use it again for that reason. Four babies in 6 years has done a number on my ab muscles ;)

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So tell me more about soaking pads... do you literally soak them in the sink with water and pour a bit of witch hazel on and place it in the freezer? Do they feel wet as they thaw? 


Also, I hear that US hospitals send mamas home with Dermoplast spray (http://dermoplast.com/). Have any of you tried that?

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Also, I hear that US hospitals send mamas home with Dermoplast spray (http://dermoplast.com/). Have any of you tried that?

Heavenly stuff! I had it with my first--an epi plus starburst tearing to the tune of three packs of sutures. It was a godsend.


Another thing I really like that I haven't seen mentioned are the witch hazel wipes (not the round Tucks, but the full-size wipes). Great for clean-up, and I also like putting them on top of my pad against my sore parts.

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All I have thought about so far has been freezer meals -- I'm doing a lot of freezer meals!
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I had depends. 

I don't remember bleeding all that much.

Post Partum is NOT sexy.  I figure I just did one of the physically hardest things ever.   I can be as frumpy after childbirth as I want.


I'll have depends on hand again.  I find pads in general to be very uncomfortable.


I never did have afterpains with my first.  Fingers crossed it happens again.

I didn't take as many baths as I should have.  maybe a few times?  i should have more.

I had stitches and Hemorrhoids.  Let me tell you, that was THE worst thing about L&D.

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Originally Posted by katt View Post
I had stitches and Hemorrhoids.  Let me tell you, that was THE worst thing about L&D.

Hemorrhoids are by far the WORST part, especially since in my case they sneak up on me just when the rest of my nether regions are feeling better!  I think it was day 10 PP that they peaked, and it was AWFUL. Way worse than my 8 or so stitches.

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A blogger mom (http://inashoe.com/2012/07/4-moms-qa-on-breastfeeding/) I read just mentioned that liquid calcium was her midwife's "cure" for afterpains and she swears it really works - and she's pregnant with her 11th so she's had lots of experience in that area. I'll definitely be asking my midwife if she has heard of that as it seems like a simply fix. 

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Originally Posted by MamanFrancaise View Post

Also, I hear that US hospitals send mamas home with Dermoplast spray (http://dermoplast.com/). Have any of you tried that?

I used it after DD1.  She was a compound presentation and I had a 4th degree tear.  I loved it, and I think I bought a refill at Walgreens, but I didn't use it after DD2.  I think I was concerned about ingredients...  I'm not sure now.


I like the witch hazel wipes on top of my pads too.  Thanks for the reminder Monkey Keeper.  I think I liked that better than the soaked pads, or maybe it was just easier.

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I think I must have a really sensitive tootie. I have tried to use frozen pads already for the terrible swelling down there I already have (just from having 87638 lbs of triplet pregnancy bearing down) and I can't bear it. Its just too cold, like burning. I think PP (I won't be having a vaginal birth but just for the swelling in general) I will keep the pads in the freezer just t stay cold, and keep the witch hazel in the fridge. So its cold and lovely but not "Excuse me, my labia has frozen solid and broken off" freezing. 


My PP prep consists of coconut water and some kind of vitamin replenishment (last time I used EmergenC and it was fine, but I might make some of my own) and continuing my Floradix/ Chlorophyll for my blood. I worry that my blood/ iron levels are going to be my biggest issue so I am trying to prepare for that. 


I will be doing belly binding, I love it. 

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Frozen pads--at the hospital where I deliver they use pads that they twist and then shake to make them cold, kind of like handwarmers??  Yeah, they probably have horrible chemicals in them, but they're not actually FROZEN against your skin, just cold from the inside out. I think I used two the first day and then didn't need any more.

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I bled for 3 months post partum after my c-section the first time. The first few weeks I was really suprised at how much you bleed. I mean like I got grapefruit sized clots at times (which I should have been checked out but my son was in the NICU.. I felt like I had given birth to the darn thing, almost screamed in the NICU bathroom). It was very heavy for the first 2 weeks, medium until 6 weeks and the darn thing wouldnt go away until almost 3 months though it was light and could get away with the "light days" type super thin ones. At first it was only the mega diaper sized pads. No ultra thins or dry top sheet because the dry top sheet wouldnt catch the millions of clots. Always get something with wings! Stock up ahead of time. I might get some depends (I bet they are on amazon, no way will i get them from a store).


I currently use Earth Mommas Bottom Balm for everything pregnancy related so I imagine it will work great post partum as well. Not sure what else to get.


Oh, and I got a few packs of cheapo costco undies last time so I didnt have to worry about ruining my nice ones. And lose pants so as not to show off the lovely panty liner (diaper sized) lines.

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activealli - I have heard that post c/s bleeding is roughly twice that with a normal delivery (though I do know some people have extended bleeding with vaginal delivery, too) I bled a freakishly long time after my c/s (as in, I had to reschedule my 6 week appointment, and was afraid that I would have to reschedule again, but thankfully I stopped bleeding that morning, and then my doc asked if we'd had sex yet, and I was like, "Are you insane?") I think it's because you don't lose blood during the birth -- like it all has to come out post-partum? does that make sense? maybe I'm way off-base.
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Originally Posted by beans View Post

My after pains were awful with my second, completely unnoticeable with my third (but I thought they'd be even WORSE!). So now I have no idea what to expect.

Me too! I was really scared with my third after how terrible they were with the second, but they were a comparable breeze with the second. I wonder if it was related to not having the shot of Pit at birth with the third? With my second I was anemic and had the shot of Pit preventatively. The midwives swear it doesn't make a difference, but I'd be interested to see a study. I didn't even think about drugs during labor, but wanted an epidural for the first few hours after birth! Then, with the third, I don't remember after pains at all. It was such a relief, but leaves this post birth experience another mystery.

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It's weird how the bleeding can be different each time. I dunno. I'm not looking forward to the big gushes while baby nurses. My uterus would get hard as a rock which I know is a good thing but owwwwwie.

I found these disposible undies made specifically for postpartum bleeding:

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I'm working on sewing up some pp pads right now. First one was okay but could use some improvement (aka, I need to use more pins! Bamboo velour and PUL can shift a lot!). The size looks good though (of this style anyway... have another to try out also)
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I've been working on sewing up some postpartum pads the last fwe days with okay results I think.  They're both from the Very Baby Babymoon Pad Pattern (from verybaby.com ... I love that it's a PDF pattern because I'm impatient like that).


The first is the Style A, which is designed for use in the first week or so postpartum.  It's almost like a diaper cover with gussets sort of (because of the shape... like the bottom right picture shows) and I think it should work pretty good.  I want to make a few more PUL shells and then lots of inserts.  I changed up the pattern a bit... I didn't line the shell in flannel, nor did I put in the pocket (to hold ice).  I wanted to leave the shiny side of the PUL showing so that (in theory) it could be wiped down and used quite a bit with just the absorbant parts changed out.


I used a pretty melon-pinky PUL with orange fold-over elastic and then the inserts I have one piece of two layers of bamboo velour and one piece that's one layer of bamboo velour and one layer of a thick organic cotton fleece.  Then I sewed each of the dual layers together (forming four layers of absorbtion).  I'm not sure it's really that thick though.  I feel like I need more ... I'll toy around with it.  I really, really like the idea of the gussets though! 



Postpartum pad



Next up are more pads from the same pattern, just in the Style B, which is intended for weeks 2+ ...  My sewing skills were a bit lacking on these because I tried to get away without pinning a lot, when really, dealing with velour (with weights because of the layers of absorbable materials under it) and PUL makes for a slippery sewing experiment.  I swear just sewing regular diapers is easier than this ... ;)  But... I really like the looks of these!  They're certainly monstrous (I make my own regular cloth pads from my own pattern and they're dwarfed by these monsters), but they'll be fabulous for the early weeks and then can always be used as overnight pads later.  I plan to make up quite a few more of these and maybe play around with fabrics used.  The pink is a bamboo velour, the purples are a cotton velour, both are backed with a layer of PUL and have three layers of cotton fleece on the inside.


postpartum pads


I really should get a pic of my 'normal' cloth next to these just to show the scale of hugeness (which is going to be loved, I'm sure!  I'm all about extra coverage!)... and obviously, I still need to add snaps to these ;)

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Judy! I am amazed by your creations yet again! You need to open a store for us (in all your spare time.. lol.gif )
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