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Oh it's lovely!! Lol, and definitely a sign!
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Tindra sounds cool to me and sparkly.


Now that I know (most likely) I'm having a girl : ), I'm working on my girl list some more...


Twyla (Somehow Tindra and Twyla would be the coolest sister names or twin names)

Seraphina (not crazy about nickname Sera, but it would allow kid some normalcy)...
Penelope (Kardashian? Eek. Tina Fey's daughter, too.)
I liked Penelope, but then I read it was a Kardashian baby and Tina Fey's daughter and I'm just worried it might be too popular... Some of my other names are kind of kooky, though. Probably won't all get by the hubs.
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I just found out yesterday that we are expecting a little girl!!!energy.gif  So her name is going to be Ellissa-Joan Marie.  If by chance a sweet baby boy is born his name will be Lucas Anthony. 


My husband is very traditional so we took names from our families.  His mom (deceased brokenheart.gif) whom I never got to meet, had a hyphenated first name as do all of his sisters.  Joan is my grandmothers name and this is the 1st girl born in over 22yrs.  She has 6 great grandsons, so this is in honor of her.  My middle name is Marie, and Marie is the French version of Mary.  Mary is my mom's name, part of husbands mom's first name, and my grandma's middle name. 


And with our boy name, DS#3 was almost named Lucas but decided on Nicholas at the last minute.  We still love the name.  And Anthony is my husbands name.  He is actually a 2nd but did not want a 3rd so we figured his name as a middle name is fitting.  Still passing it along:)

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I do have to say that I absolutely love everyone else's name choices:) 

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Does anyone care to give an honest opinion on the name Eben for a little boy? I'm not sure whether I prefer a long or short pronunciation of the first "E" (EE-ben or EH-ben) so both are fair game for now. I first thought of it because we have a very dear friend named Stephen who my toddler daughter calls Eben or Steeben. He was at my daughter's birth and I'm actually feeling a little sad that he won't be at this baby's birth too (we've since moved out of state). Also, my name is Stephanie and I think it would be nice for a baby boy to have a name inspired by his momma. Nothing so direct as naming him Stephen, though, if that makes sense. The name Eben is really a shortened form of Ebenezer. I'm not interested in the name Ebenezer (no way) and I'm not really interested in giving an obvious nickname as an official first name... So yeah, I'm just not sure whether Eben can make the cut. I'm just having such a tough time with boy names!


Similarly, if baby is a girl I'd like her to have DH's initials. A current girl name contender is Ottilie, which coincidentally sounds a lot like DH's name without actually being derived from his name.


(I've very interested in choosing an offbeat name that begins with a vowel! Any suggestions are welcome!)

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I've always liked the French names Odille and Odette. 


I have to say I'm not a fan of Eben.  But if you really like it, go for it.

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Originally Posted by spughy View Post

I've always liked the French names Odille and Odette. 


I have to say I'm not a fan of Eben.  But if you really like it, go for it.



I am also drawn to French names -- they seem to flow well with our French surname... I've also considered Ottiline or Ottoline.


I'm not yet sold on Eben either... Still waiting to see if it grows on me, or if some other name whacks me over the head instead redface.gif

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I like "Eh"ben better then "Ee"ben personally. Sounds like a variation on Evan.

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Originally Posted by firespiritmelody View Post

I like "Eh"ben better then "Ee"ben personally. Sounds like a variation on Evan.

Funny you mention that - one of my fears with "EH-ben" is that it sounds like I'm saying Evan with a little lisp. I'm afraid his name would be constantly mistaken for Evan... Maybe they're just TOO similar?

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I love Odette - I think it's classy and beautiful!  I'm a fan of Eben (with the long e).  I don't think it would constantly get mistaken for Evan with the long e but definitely see that as a possibility with the short e.

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My daughter's name is Olli. I love the name (obviously, since I picked it! ;) ) but it is mistaken for Holly or Molly all the time, especially since it is so uncommon. I'd considered giving her something longer, so that it wasn't a name based on a nickname, even though the alternate spelling Ollie was actually a popular girl's name around the 1890s, but then I realized that the name I *liked* was the nickname, so what was the point of giving her something else? :D


Ee-ben sounds too much like "even" with a lisp, to me. Eh-ben reminds me either of Evan or "ebon," which is a much cooler word than "even." ;)

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Hey everyone...I love that people on this board are a little more creative than a lot of other websites you find online. We are pretty decided on Hugo as a first name for both aesthetic and family reasons. I live in the US right now, where it isn't common, but am from French Canada, where it is totally common, so I wouldn't mind an unusual middle name. We had hoped for either a spiritual or nature name but can't seem to agree on anything. I am now short on ideas. Any thoughts on a companion middle name for Hugo? 




PS - Hi again Lightforest. I just want to say I think the Ebeneezer association is going to made, even though I love the sound of "Eh"-ben...a lot.

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Love Hugo. 


I think Linden is a nice middle name for a boy - linden trees are lovely, the flowers make good tea and bees like them.  Linden is strong but not uber-masculine, and it would go well with Hugo...?

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I love Hugo!! DP suggested Wynn meaning friend or Elwin (elf or magical being). Linden is pretty and goes well. Perhaps Rowan?
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I met an Arlo last night.  


We are having a girl, but DH and I looked at one another as soon as we heard "Arlo" and immediately agreed it would make an awesome boy name!!



Hmmm.... kind of thinking it would work for a girl, too?  

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mariee- Arlo is nice.  My great grandmother's name was Mary, but everyone called her Marlo.... So since it kinda reminds me of that, I would say that it'd be good for a girl, too. :)

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Oooh! I think I really like Marlo!

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I like it, too. thumb.gif I wish I could talk DH into that name! :D

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Such creative names here!!  You guys are making me think of possible names for my baby.  I have a feeling he/she won't be named until they're born, but it doesn't hurt to start feeling things out.  As of now, the names I like for a girl are Gabriella or Gyselle, I have no clue what I like for a boy's name, those are tougher for me.  My fiance hasn't brainstormed yet, I should bring it up soon.  

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Love the name Gabriella!

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