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There are a gazillion Avas and Sophies around here.  Most local-ish governments have depts. of vital statistics that keep lists of popular baby names used (like state or province level).  I go by ours, I don't care much what is happening in the rest of the world I just don't really want a kid who has to use his/her last initial to distinguish him/herself from the other ones - like I did as a child!  I was always Sarah P.  And it sucked. 

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I have a moderately common/popular name, especially for the late 70s/early 80s, though not quite common enough for me to have to go by "Jane B" with one or two exceptions as an adult. However, as I think I've mentioned, I've had an extraordinarily rare (and cumbersome, hyphenated) last name since birth. (Odds are only my brother and I have ever had this last name in the history of the world-- no lie.)

Honestly, I've always kind of liked that! Big part of why I never changed it, even though my husband has a fabulous last name that would go wonderfully with my first... And is both unusual and much more pronounceable, LOL.

But my name also reflects my family and heritage, and thats why Buko is getting an extremely "ethnic" and pretty rare (even within our ethnicities) name/set of names (that also honor family members). He/she can hate us forever-- though if he/she is anything like us, he/she will be proud of it. And there are some nice Anglo nicknames to go with the names we have picked out, lol, so....
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That is true about looking at the picture from a local point of view.... Jacob was #2 in Ohio last year, but out of 113000 births, only 700 were named Jacob. less then 10%. So I think as a whole the state must be going for more unique names, even the most popular names arent that well used.


I have a niece named Shiloh, it didnt take off as a really popular name around in Ohio as you might think. So personally I think you can get away with it not being a celebrity name. So go for it! It's beautiful!

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becalive.  You are in ohio, too, eh???  I can't wait for the political ads to stop bombarding me everywhere I turn.  It is really pretty bad!


Also, I wanted to know where you got your numbers from.  I'd like to look up my names and see where they rank.  :)  Thanks! 



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there is no escape to the campaigning until it is over..... its even online on hulu etc.


this is the names by state



this one shows how many births and other stats





then this is the one for seeing how popular a name was over the past 10 years


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Ooo!  That interactive one is GREAT.  My DD's name turns out to have hit its peak at #470 in 2007.  The name I prefer for baby#2 if it's a boy doesn't even make the top 1000 - which is interesting because it's not that unusual a name: Gregor.  I even know a few Gregors.  Maybe it's a US-Canada difference.


Edit: I looked it up on the local BC vital stats - there were 5 Gregors born last year in BC.  I dunno how many babies total were born though. But in contrast - 30 Willows, 137 Sophies and 263 Liams (Liam was the most popular boy baby name last year here.  Emma was the most popular girl name.)

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Just for fun - here's the 20 most popular baby names in BC for last year - same or different where you are?


Liam 263 Noah 175
Ethan 246 James 170
Mason 239 Jack 166
Lucas 219 Carter 161
Benjamin 209 Matthew 157
Jacob 200 William 154
Logan 190 Ryan 148
Nathan 188 Samuel 147
Owen 185 Jackson 142
Alexander 184 Oliver 142
Emma 258 Hannah 129
Olivia 245 Lily 129
Sophia 227 Madison 126
Ava 205 Charlotte 113
Chloe 186 Brooklyn 111
Emily 182 Grace 108
Isabella 179 Avery 104
Ella 146 Alexis 103
Abigail 140 Elizabeth 97
Sophie 137 Hailey 97
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this one you can type in any year and see what was popular



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I have a niece named Shiloh, it didnt take off as a really popular name around in Ohio as you might think. So personally I think you can get away with it not being a celebrity name. So go for it! It's beautiful!

Thanks, it is definitely growing on me!  I don't know any kids (or adults for that matter!) with the name Shiloh, and I see that it is still in the 600s for popularity... that's good enough for me.  :)   It means Peace, and every time I think about this little girl, I feel overwhelmed with peace (she is my Rainbow baby after 2 losses).  It looks and sounds great with my other kids' names (Judah and Galilee) so I think I am going to stick with it!  (for now at least, haha.  I am so indecisive, I don't think I can ever "officially" say this is the name until after the birth.. but at least now I don't have to lose sleep over it, lol).  


I was thinking of Elisabeth for a middle, as it is a family name... but I am open to suggestions if anyone has any.  :)


You guys are great.  I am always SUPER nervous to talk names with people IRL because they always make me feel like my choices are dumb.  Haha.  I know I can feel open to running things by you guys here without feeling like an idiot.  :)   

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For SC - where I am - my son is high on the list (#23) for his first name - Gabriel. my daughter isn't in the top 50 . . .  Norah I guess isn't that common . . . We find out gender on Thursday. Theodore (our boy pic) isn't on the list, but our girl pick - Caroline - is #15.


Norah has only even been on the list for the last 10 years or so. My own name has rarely broken the top 100, yet even though I grew up knowing no other Katrinas,(or variations of that spelling) I now work with another Katrina, a Catrina, and a Trina. go figure.

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Interesting!  Of the two first and two middle names we have picked out, only the girl's middle name is ~familiar to most Americans, I think.  But even it is nowhere on any sort of local list.

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Norah was always on our list until we had a babysitter/nanny with a little girl named Norah. So, it's off the list, but I don't think hubby has ruled it out.


We are leaning towards Anna Elise (Anna is my grandmother's name). I think my husband likes Norah because by chance our two older kids names also start with N, Nathan and Neva (after his grandmother).

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We found out that we are having a girl. Like I expected SO totally changed her name. Instead of Delilah June Bay, she will now be Juniper Isla Meadow:.)

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Congrats Julia!!  I love the name Delilah (already my cat's name) and I LOVE love the name Juniper, but it's quite common in my neck of the woods.  Beautiful name!

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I love the name Juniper, but had never considered it until after my cousin named his daughter Juniper. Too late for me!! ;)

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Juniper!! What a fun and pretty name!!  love it!!! 

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Juniper is pretty common here too - I know one personally and there are a few in DD's (small) school.  Chalk another one up for "regional variation"!

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Oh JuliaGoodie, Delilah is my daughters name, Delilah Beau to be exact. It is a wonderful name and full of so much personality!! She is now 5 with deep auburn, red, curly hair and the love of my life!! We will have to compare notes at some point to see if they are similar. 


and Chapsie love love Shiloh


As for this darling little one on the way, her name will be Maddax we have not decided on a middle name yet but we are going back and forth between, Maddax Annetta (Annetta being my grandmother's name and my middle name), Maddax Mae, or Violet Maddax.(Violet being my grandmother's name and my first name)......guess will see when she is here what fits her. 

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Delilah Blue is my cat's name - after a Joshua Kadison song.  (Technically, the song's about 2 drag queens, but I've always loved the name, just didn't think I'd be having to think of baby names a year after naming her - definitely would have saved it!!

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We're considering the name Astrid. My husband rolled his eyes at me when I first suggested it, since it's the name of a character from one of my daughter's favorite movies, but I think it has grown on him. I'm having trouble coming up with a middle name that I like, to go with it, though! Part of me wants a "plant" name. Part of me wants to use a family name. And part of me just wants something that sounds good, whatever it is. XD

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