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Baby Teeth, to care or not to care???

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My baby is a 15months old, with a big white teeth 5 above, 4 below. I am confuse if I should take care of it as soon as now or should I let it by itself. My nephew's, who is 19months, teeth is already not in good shape but my sister is not bothered, she says that its okey because it will be replace. I was being troubled that if I take care of it now, her teeth my overlap,..thus If I dont take care of it now her teeth will be yellowish....dizzy.gif dont know what to do..need help..

How do you do it? any technique???

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Find a good pediatric dentist and take kiddo in for a checkup.  They can tell you what to look for and what might be of concern.  While they are only baby teeth, infections can still happen, and they can still cause pain if they decay.  

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not sure exactly what you are describing but agree that having her seen now is a good idea. if an infection sets in it can be dangerous to her health. if it is an issue with spacing the ped dentist can tell you when it becomes a concern.

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or do you mean they are spotted with white, like demineralization? if so there are several threads here about healing tooth decay and improving overall health but you want to watch them very carefully. my daughters started crumbling from that, we caught it just in time to not lose them but she had to be put under ga for work.

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You absolutely need to care. Baby teeth health is very important. You do not want them to fall out early because it will distort baby's bite and the child might need braces ...which he would not have needed if you took care of teeth.


Ongoing dental infection have negative effect on cardiovascular health.  Cavities can cause pain and sensitivity and change child's eating habits.. Gum decease is easier to treat than prevent.


Mothering forums are full of posts  "Help, my toddler has 10 cavities and need dental work under general"


You can avoid all of that by taking care for teeth now.


Go to a nice, friendly pediatric dentist for a check up. Fill any small cavities.


Get a soft toothbrush and toothpaste your kid likes. There many organic brands now.


Limit juice. make sure the teeth are brush morning and evening and if he is still feeding at night, wipe teeth with cloth after every feeding.


Breast milk does not  stop cavities from developing. Lactose is type of sugar that is present in all  milks, human or bovine.


Please, see a dentist now! It

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It's rare but young children have died due to an infection that began as baby tooth decay. It's absolutely paramount to regularly brush baby and toddler teeth as well as have regular dental check ups. It develops good habits and promotes healthy living.
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I'd definitely start brushing now.  My DD has cavities (we brush her teeth, but she broke one in a fall, and she seems unusually prone to tooth decay), and while they are "just" her baby teeth, when she has cavities, her teeth hurt a lot.  And holding a preschooler so she can get a cavity filled?  Not exactly quality parent-child bonding time.


Plus, they're not going to just merrily pick up a toothbrush the day they turn six.  They have to learn how to do it, and the more used to it they are, the easier it will be for them to keep up the habit.


I brush DD's teeth by holding her on my lap.  We sing the alphabet song twice to make sure we brush for long enough, and then she can have a turn brushing herself if she wants.

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Thanks for the replies,..I have bought a baby toothbrush yesterday. Other forum suggested a FLOURIDE free toothpaste and finger brush. I will try brushing my baby's teeth today!! Thanks!!! :D

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