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6 weeks today!

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I'm still obsessing over symptoms. I can't believe how much I don't trust my body to do this after so many losses :(


Anyway, boobs are still sore and I'm tired and emotional. Not much nausea yet though! Short waves in the evenings but it was pretty full on by this time with my DD. Mostly I feel pretty good. Which is nice but scary too!


How is everyone else feeling?

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nausea driving me crazy, occasional sore boobs and TIRED! 


I am getting some bloodwork today to check on numbers.


So hard after multiple losses to just. trust.

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Six weeks yesterday here. I've really not had too many symptoms, either. Nursing is somewhat uncomfortable, and my supply has taken a hit.  I've only had a few days where I've been totally-wiped-out tired, which was my biggest symptom last time around. Those days, I'm SO ready for bed by about 8:30.

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6 weeks today as well! I'm OK, but the nausea has set in guilty.gif  I didn't have much when I was pregnant with ds, so this is new to me. I am sad to say that coffee (even decaf) is no longer my friend. So sad. Looks like I'll have to make a dent in our tea stash. Other than that still sore boobs & fatigue. Hanging in there.

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I'm a little bit behind you guys at 5 1/2 weeks and I don't really have any symptoms to speak of. I do feel a bit more exhausted than usual, but it's been extremely hot here so I've really just blaming my tiredness on the heat. No nausea yet, thank goodness. We're about to fly out to visit my inlaws for a couple of weeks, and I'm terrified that morning sickness will kick in while I'm there. I'd hate to feel crummy while not in my own home, you know? I am going to stock up on some ginger syrup before I leave - that was the only thing that seemed to help with the nausea last time around.

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I will take a few of someone's extra symptoms! The only symptoms I have had are being really hot at night and horrible gas (it is BAAAD). I want just a little nausea to make me feel pregnant! 6 weeks today and normally it hits mid 5th week for me, so now I am paranoid that this is a blighted ovum or something. I have an u/s at 7w1d and it cannot get here soon enough. They wanted to do one this week, but I wanted to make sure that we could see the heartbeat for dang sure.


I didn't have many symptoms with DS and was on much more progesterone,  (200mg/day vs 50mg) so maybe this is my new normal?

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It actually looks like I'm out again. I should be 6 weeks exactly today and I had some spotting after putting in the progesterone suppositories earlier. I went to the ER as I had some cramping too and an ectopic still hadn't been ruled out. They did a vaginal u/s and saw a gestational sac and yolk sac but no fetal pole. My hcg is only 8878. They said there is still a chance but it's not looking good at this point.

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O, Carmen. (((Hugs)))  I am so so sorry.  :(

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Carmen, I am praying that your baby will have a growth spurt, I think it can really depend on the tech and the machine how well things show this early. Your HCG sounds fine according to betabase! 


Are you going back in for another u/s?

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There is still hope! Praying for you!

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I also found a ton of 6 week ultrasounds that did NOT show the fetal pole (google 6 week ultrasound) and from what I can tell they were all successful. If you have low progesterone, that can cause slower growth. Also, if your uterus is retroverted, that can cause the baby to be much harder to see. I am really holding out hope for you, I think things still look good.

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Thanks, kalamos. Wow, you're amazing for looking that up for me...I really, really appreciate it. My progesterone should be fine - I take 400mg vaginally every day. I know there is still a chance, it's just really, really hard after 4 losses in a row to have any hope at all (I know you understand). Coupled with the spotting this morning and my mild symptoms I'm just really losing hope. My next u/s is scheduled for July 19th if I don't lose this little one before that...

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We can keep each other's hopes up, I am fretting to no tomorrow because I have no symptoms (and I have always gotten morning sickness by 5w4d) and my first ultrasound is the 17th. I know it is probably an hour by hour thing just to make it through to the next day sometimes (I was COMPLETELY freaked out with DS' pregnancy after 3 in a row, I am slightly less freaked out this time).


As to the spotting, had you had a BM lately? I have been spotting after BMs or even just trying to have BMs because apparently the progesterone suppositories can irritate the cervix a little. Freaked  me out, but the spotting went away. I am hoping that is the case for you. Especially since you are taking so much prog, I would think it would probably make your cervix pretty friable (easy to bleed).

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I actually haven't had any spotting come out - it was just on the applicator for the progesterone suppositories - but it was completely red and covered the tip of it. It wasn't related to a BM. I forgot that progesterone can have that effect....


Not having many symptoms is so hard...but it doesn't sound like anything *bad* is happening for you either. You only have a week to wait!! Hang in there.

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Bleh. Between 6-6.5 weeks today. Feeling very sick and tired. I'm totally ready to skip to the second trimester already, lol.

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