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Hahaha... I'm so with those having to pee every time I stand up -- and like MamanFrancaise, just going a freaking half a teaspoon!! It would be hilarious if it wasn't so irritating wink1.gif
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I have to pee every time I stand up too.  Though I might drink a full glass of water every time I sit down...  And I have to shift position 3 times while peeing to fully empty my bladder. 


My belly's attracting lots of attention lately too.  People keep saying things like "not long now" and I'm only 30 weeks.

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Also, it seems like no matter how much sleeping, stretching or yoga or how active I am during the day, come the evening, my back is complaining. Is this hormones or just mostly because I'm retaining a ton more water at night and the weight of my uterus/baby has been pulling on my spine all day?

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I've had a more irritable lower back lately too, Ascher, mostly when I get up from the bed at night. I need to sit on the edge of the bed for a few seconds, and feel stiff/sore down low as I'm walking out of the room.


Re: trips to the bathroom: I was a frequent flier before getting pregnant, and now I basically pee nonstop. I just need to buy stock in Quilted Northern. Flower of Bliss, good point about the water. I drink it constantly too. (Actually- we did CBE classes on Friday/Saturday/Sunday with three other couples, and I was really surprised at how little the other women drank. I thought we all were downing water like there's no tomorrow. And they still peed almost as often!)


Judy, nice going on the new clothes! I'm pretty grateful that I don't have to leave the house for work at this point, because my wardrobe could not handle it.. I have two presentable pairs of maternity pants that can accommodate my third trimester self, and I plan on riding them into September. (And yes, you are carrying well! Your pictures in the other post are adorable.)


AFM, tired today. My husband is under a lot of pressure at work so he got up at 5:30 this morning in order to leave early. Now, pre-pregnancy, I would basically kick him out of the house in the morning because that's my most productive work time, so I thought this plan was great. Turns out, not so much. I couldn't sleep anymore after he got up, and I guess my physical need for a certain amount of rest at this point trumps my lifelong morning person tendencies. Argh. It did not turn out to be a very productive day, and I needed an afternoon nap, which is usually not true. At least I was able to get out and do a little yard work- that cold front translated into a ~78 degree morning, and even though I was still sweating like crazy, I couldn't let that opportunity pass me by. In the Dallas summer, there's only so many times I'm going to leave my a/c to hang out outside between now and September/October. 


Had my adjustment yesterday, followed by my first appointment with the in-house massage therapist. Oh my. I almost fell asleep right there. It was fantastic. My shoulders feel like raw meat today, but it was worth it. I think the chiro/massage piece is where our insurance plan is going to make it up to us for not covering the midwife.


Feeling super lovey-dovey about/with my husband since the weekend. I think the CBE classes were just okay in general, but were great for bonding. On the first night the instructor had us all write things that came to mind when we thought about labor/birth and things we wanted to learn, and she read our responses out loud.. he wrote the sweetest things, stuff I think it's difficult for him to express verbally, and it about made me cry. Fell that much more in love with him right there. After being together for this long, it's so cool when that happens. luxlove.gif (And not for nothing, but even if this is hormonally influenced, I'll take these hormones over the alternative any day..)

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Thanks everyone. The Lvl II US people were supposed to call, but haven't yet... :S I'm sure it'll be soon though (hopefully). I just wanna get in and schedule the appointment. 


And hey, I just looked at the Oct DDC... Ours totally bests theirs... So much more active. haha. (; I'm glad for all you ladies! I have a feeling I might go late with my boy and that might turn him into an october baby, but I'm hoping that's not the case. I figure it's better to assume it'll be later so I don't get all finger tappy. Ha!


Oh and as for the pee... Oh man. Haha, I am feeling you ladies on this going every 5 minutes thing. But the difference for me is that EVERY time I go, I GO so much! I must be drinking enough water. Haha. 

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I had midwife appointment yesterday and osteopath today.  Midwife was good.  Everything looking good, measuring right on.  She was having a hard time telling baby's position, pretty sure head down, but he was all bunched up and it was hard to tell.  He has had hiccups a few times the last 24 hours and I can feel them down low, but I am still all paranoid!  My pulse was high yesterday too, but I think it is because DH and I got in a fight that morning and I am still worked up over it.  Working with your spouse out of your home has its challenges sometimes!  Sometimes he pushes these buttons and I completely lose it, like complete rage! 

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I think that for every comment some of you get about "almost there!?", I get a "Oh, so ARE you pregnant? I was wondering..." Which is ridiculous when it comes from customers who see me 3-4 days a week every week. Did you think I just happened to let myself go and gain 25 pounds - all in my boobs and belly? I'm a pretty average-sized person, so it's not like the baby's hidden under a big girl's body...


Definitely in on the peeing every time I stand up thing. Makes work interesting, not to mention certain - ahem - intimate times. I've also started passing pretty loud gas these days. I pretty much just have to laugh at it at this point, because it's completely useless to be embarrassed. Yesterday, though, it happened once, and when I laughed an apology, my husband was shocked - he was totally certain it had been the dog!

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Count me in with the back pain!  I had been sleeping on the couch for a week because we have no air conditioner in our room (it's in the kids room and we share an electric line with them) but we do have another in the living room.  The past couple of nights I felt even more sore when I woke up and I attributed it to the couch.  Well, last night I decided to sleep back in bed.  I realized a couple of things.. 1) I'm now at the stage where I need a stupid amount of pillows to sleep, 2) Sleeping next to my DH is terrible, I need a ton of space, 3) My back pain in the morning is due to pregnancy in general.. no sleep surface will help it :(


Also.. does anyone else STILL not have a name for baby?  We don't :(  We are getting closer, but my DH nixed most of the names I love.


We have agreed on Josie Catalina, but it's a family name and right now I'm kinda wanting to name baby a little more after the season (either Autumn or New Years, when she was conceived) or something earthy, and DH is fine with that.  Should we not figure it out by birth, Josie Catalina it is.  Right now we have agreed on either Scarlet or Luna for a first name.  


We like:
Scarlet Luna  

Scarlet Ember

Luna Stellaria


Only "Scarlet" is fall inspired, for the color scarlet.  I really like Luna, because the moon is very important to me, but I don't know if I can imagine an adult named Luna.  She could go by Stella, though!  DH nixed Wren, Gaia, Aura, Muse, Olive, and WiIllow.  I really like one or two syllable names for a first name.. each of my girls have three syllable names, and I want something short and sweet this time.  Blah!! 

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Hyde-- your lovey-dovey feelings make even my heart smile smile.gif

Teegan-- people are so funny in the things they say! I worked at a local coffee shop while pg with dd4 and since a lot of business was via the drive-through, not everybody noticed my belly, so when they'd see it they were surprised wink1.gif

AnyaRose-- even if your baby is an October baby, stick around here! smile.gif

I love all your name options, WCM! I was close to naming dd2 Josephine (with the intention of using the nickname Josie or Joie), so I'm quite partial to it smile.gif

We're still in the nameless camp. I can't find a girls name I love. Even had a panicked dream where I had a baby girl and I couldn't find a name that would suit her... .I woke up in a near frantic state because no name was working!! I've been drawn to Astrid and Agnes lately... maybe using Della as a middle name? (MiLs middle name is Della). So. Much. Pressure! :/
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I love Astrid!  So unique and so beautiful.  My DH nixed that awhile back, haha.  

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WCM - I love the name Luna!  We were going to use the name Zoe if we were having a girl.  I am partial to short names too!


Re: Back pain.  I had debilitating back pain with DD.  This time I am seeing an osteopath regularly and I have been pain free other than a flair up 3 weeks ago.  I completely understand how exhausting the pain is.  I was so tired all the time with DD and I think  a lot was because of back pain.  Anyways...osteopath is worth a shot!

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I also like Astrid. I like Stella and Luna, too.


Can I just say I've cracked open the vaccines book by Dr. Sears and my goodness...that's a heck of a lot of info! I find myself both concerned for all the ingredients, and also frightened of the diseases themselves. I don't believe we had this many vaccines when I was a baby. Glad that both sides are explained. This is going to be a long read and a complex decision. Luckily I have the time for it right now. I don't know what I'd do if I'd not thought of this before having the baby.

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MamanFrancaise - so sorry to hear about your friend.  How is she doing?  How are you doing?  I'm going through something similar, and while I shouldn't feel this way, I feel guilty.


DH and I just found out this past week, but a few weeks ago, my sister-in-law miscarried at about 6 weeks.  This is DH's brother's wife.  They have been trying for a baby for a while, and she got a BFP, then everything just went away.  No bleeding except very light spotting until her next period happened.  When my BIL told DH about it, he asked that I not contact my SIL, that apparently she's resentful of pregnant ladies and new moms, and that she didn't want me to contact her.  The first half of my pregnancy I worried a lot about losing the baby.  While I have never experienced the loss of a child before, I know how devastated I would have been if anything had happened to my sweet baby.  I was so distraught I called my MIL, who suggested that I send an email.  Emails are pretty easy to ignore if you don't want to deal with them.  I sent one and haven't received a response.  Who knows if I did the right thing - on one hand I feel so guilty for being pregnant, but on the other, I feel so bad for her I want to be as supportive as I can.


I tend to feel guilty about things more than I should in general.  This pregnancy has made me feel a little bit of guilt - just about everyone close to me who has had kids in the last few years has had a tough time getting pregnant, a really difficult, high-risk pregnancy, and a tough time adjusting to motherhood.  While I can't yet speak to the third, I got pregnant easily, and *knock on wood* have enjoyed a very healthy, comparatively easy pregnancy.  While the other new moms in my life have been really supportive and of course haven't indicated any negative thoughts, I am always hesitant to complain about back aches and feeling ungainly because I know how much harder it was for them.  Then, I start to get annoyed and compare the hard work I've been doing (working out despite being tired as death, choosing salad over chips, taking the fancy prenatals starting way back when DH and I started TTC'ing, etc.) with their situations and lifestyles.  Then I feel worse for judging.


AFM - Things at work are stressful.  I met with my boss yesterday to go through my job responsibilities and I've prepared a calendar of all my major milestones that occur during the three to four month period I may be out.  I know I'll take at least 8 weeks, but with due dates never being for sure, I want to be prepared.  Fortunately, my boss has three kids so he's very understanding.  I am much more concerned about the transition than he is, he just wants me to focus on family right now.  He's from Canada, seems like a much more family-focused society there.  He made a note at 36 weeks on my calendar to start expecting "Mae Day" at any time, just in case.  It's crazy - a four week window that little girl could come.  Those last weeks are going to be interesting to say the least!  I'll probably start hyper analyzing my body for any potential signs of labor.  LOL  The gal who will be taking most of my responsibilities is going to start shadowing me tomorrow.  My career is a big reason I waited as long as I did to start my family.  I'm nervous about how it's all going to work with me being out for two months.  The good thing is, the girl who's filling in is very young and inexperienced, which definitely gives me job security! 


I wish I could start working from home now, I would be so much more comfortable!

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Originally Posted by WindyCityMom View Post
We have agreed on Josie Catalina

Josephine nn Josie is on our long list! One of my other kiddos has a nickname starting with a soft G and ending in -ee as well, though, so it's not at the top of the list. I think I'd end up tongue twisted a lot. I do love the spunk of Josie :) 



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 I've been drawn to Astrid and Agnes lately... maybe using Della as a middle name? (MiLs middle name is Della). So. Much. Pressure! :/

You and me and our naming similarities!!  Agnes still is at the top of my personal list, though it's much lower on DH's. Love the nn Aggie. And Della--or Adela--is on our list too! One of your girls has the mn Jane, right? That's likely this one's mn if she is a she. Do you have any boy names picked out?



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I don't believe we had this many vaccines when I was a baby.

We didn't. I once saw a very interesting chart showing a comparison. IIRC, they started later in infancy and there were about 1/3 as many. I'm leery of vaccines but do mostly fully vaccinate on a delayed schedule. Still, the sheer quantity of viruses we introduce into tiny bodies boggles my mind.



AFM:  OB appointment today. I'm up 15lbs at 30w which is right where I wanted to be! BP was back in my good range. And the glucose monitoring results conversation went better than I expected!  In fact, if I could have scripted it, it would have gone just the way it did!  NO GD clinic for me, just watching my food choices for breakfast and intermittently monitoring fasting and breakfast numbers to make sure they are staying in line. I'm measuring right on or *maybe* a week ahead. My OB just shakes her head and laughs because for everything I cram in my belly, I NEVER measure big. Ever. 


I'm having some pretty brutal pubic pain today. I think I have a chiro appointment tomorrow, but I could be making that up. It would be a godsend if I do since we're having out of town company this weekend that will keep me on my feet and busy.

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I think sending the email was as wise of an idea as you can have when something so sad happens, MamanFrancaise. I have a friend who lost her first baby at birth, though we didn't meet until months after that. By then, she was at a point where being around pregnant women or families with small children was helpful for her to work through not hating the world after her heartbreaking loss. Everyone who goes through loss has to reach that point, eventually, so I think an email opening the door and letting her know you care would be thoughtful and unobtrusive. If it weren't you, it would be someone at the grocery store- pregnant women are everywhere.
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Monkey Keeper (aka Naming Twin) wink1.gif -- yes, we have a mn of Jane... dd4 is Hazel Jane (Hazel for maternal grandparents with last name of Hoesel, Jane because she was born on her late great-grandma Mary Jane's birthday!). Boy choices aren't settled for sure, but at least I have some I really like: Leo, Elias, and Benedict are my top picks (though, to be completely honest, My absolute, absolute favorite is Basil.... but I can't call out, "Madeline, Katherine, Lucy, Hazel, Basil!" .. way, way too rhymey for my tastes greensad.gif ). Middle name for a boy would be Michael.
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We have a boy name but not a girl name. And I feel stuck, like I'm not sure I like the ones we have but can't think of anything else. Neither of us even feels like looking at more options. DH really likes Nora but I can't think of a middle name to go with it and I don't think I can decide if I like it without a middle name too. I think of names as a whole. I kinda like Nora Jane but again, I'm not sure especially since DD1's middle name is Eleanor and it seems like copying her to name another kid Nora. My top girl has always been Olivia and I still like it but I don't like popular names and again, I can't think of a middle name. My mom recently passed away so I would love to be able to include her name somehow but her first name is Christina and that is too common plus I happen to know that my mom didn't really like her name - she specifically told me that after my aunt else named her daughter Christina after my mom :-) Her middle name was Elizabeth which makes a good middle name but I don't really like it with Nora or Olivia. I do kinda like Olivia Beth but not sure if that is too much of a stretch to qualify as being after my mom. 

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GD tests--wow, I know a lot of people who fail the one-hour. I guess it sorta makes you wonder...shouldn't they change the test if so many people are failing??

The efficacy of generalized testing and even the existence of GD at all is actually debatable.


The only article I have on hand is this one, although there are similar sources/view points that are more up-to-date in their citations.



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Names: We still don't have any names we LOVE.  We have names we really like for boys, we have a very very few, like 3, for a girl-some i love, dh is ehhh.

Middle name is my maiden name no matter what so we only have to think of 1 name.  We throw names back and forth, but we're not avidly searching, we probably should, huh?


I like Luna Stellaria , but i'm not a big fan of Luna (my brain goes to Harry Potter, what can i say?  although, i think she was one of the best characters)


AFM: had a mw appt. today.  everything is doing really well.  baby's hr is 140.  head down, active, measuring right on track.  no swelling for me (yay!)  Start every 2 week appointments now.  DS got to hear the HB through the fetascope.  It was SO cool to see his face when he heard it. :D

my bp was a bit higher then normal (for me) but she thinks that was because i was sitting cross legged instead of in a chair normal, you know?  I had taken my own bp on my mil's machine the other day and it was in my normal range.  

Talked to her about Vit K, I basically told her what we/i wanted was the same schpleil she gives her other clients who choose to decline vit k.  

She asked about circ'g.  I told her No.  She got a grin on her face.  :D  lol  i had to call her on it, it was funny.

She remembered the paperwork for medicaid's carseat program thing.  SWEET!  She'll fax it in and i'm supposed to get a voucher of sorts to get a carseat.  I dont' know how much, but any amount will be SUPER helpful.  I can use it toward any seat, or so i've been told.  Soooo... It will be used for DS's new booster convertible (britax frontier)   Especially since this baby's using his/her cousin's seat until she needs a convertible.


DH's cousin is visiting from out of state for a few weeks.  We like him, he's pretty laid back.  He is my DS's godfather and will probably be this one's godfather as well.  He's thinking of moving to Seattleish area so he's scoping things out.  Dh has a few connections so hopefully he (cousin) can get a job.


I sold my mini cooper.  I LOVED my car.  but, so many things just kept going wrong and we couldn't afford to fix it.  :( :( :( :(

My MIL is strange.  We sold the mini, she says: 'oh good, i can get the jimmy back now'  umm... how does that work?  i mean, she has a pick-up, she isn't vehicle-less.  but since we sold a car she can have her's back?  (dont' get me wrong, when she needs/wants to drive it we make sure it is there for her)  oh well.  She told DH today that when she goes to church she doesn't think it looks good to get out of a pick-up when she's dressed up.  yeah, God cares.  eyesroll.gif


I don't think she realizes that I'll still need it occasionally to drive 3 kids around.  oh well.  She lives in her own world.


End of story for now.  :)

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I had an OB appt yesterday.  Starting Friday I get twice weekly NST's due to my diabetes.  I'm feeling pretty good, I think the iron supplements are starting to work because I'm not totally exhausted anymore.  Going to try and get the baby's room taped and primered this weekend.  Then all that is left is get it ready to paint, find a home for dh's guitars and drum set and we can set up the room. 


I've been laying on the bed with my butt in the air and my knees tucked up under me, it feels so good. . . like it stretches my back or something.  I think it's good for positioning too, if I remember right. 


It's cooled off some here this week, highs are only around 95 now.  Who knew 10 degrees could make such a difference!


DD would be so happy if we used the name Luna!!  She's a huge HP fan. . .I found a onesie that says "muggle" on zulily the other day, she talked me into ordering one.  It felt kinda crazy to spend $20 on a onesie, when they're so cheap at yard/thrift sales, but if it helps her feel more involved in the whole thing, it's worth it!  She's been the only child/grandchild (on both sides) for almost 13 years, so we're doing our best to make her feel involved.  She picked out the outfit we will bring babe home in and helped me peel wallpaper the other day.  We need a girls shopping day soon, before the baby comes, too! 

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