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Re Vaccines:  Dr Tenpenny is a really good source.  She is a doctor that has spent thousands of hours researching vaccines.  She has a website.  When my DD was a newborn I watched a 2 hour video by Dr. Tenpenny (I think I found it on youtube or TED) which summarized the risks vs benefits of all the "recommended" vaccines.  It was very informative to see it in visual form versus reading, I know how overwhelming it can be.  But just as a warning she is against vaccines (after all the research she has done). 

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Arg, I could scream... I've been calling these Level II ultrasound people all week (from last friday!) and they haven't answered... finally a girl answered this morning and basically told me she hasn't heard from my midwives so she can't schedule me. I, however, saw the midwife sign and fax it to this office right in front of me... Agrivating. Needless to say, I had to call my midwife clinic to resend it but she wasn't coming in until 1pm. The ONLY girl that answers the phone at the Level II place told me she was leaving the office at 1pm... which means the US isn't going to happen this week for sure!!! DAH! And so that means I have to wait yet another weekend to hear if my little man has brain damage or not. Can't they see the importance of this?



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@Ava's mama- Dr. Tenpenny is not a reliable source of information about vaccines. In a decision filed on June 15, 2010 – Veryzer v. HHS, US Court of Federal Claims, No. 06-0522V – Special Master Abell considered whether Tenpenny’s “expert evidence” may be excluded under the Daubert standard in a VICP proceeding. The special master said that Tenpenny lacked the expertise for the opinion that she gave in the case, and that, even if she did have the qualifications, her opinion was not reliable. The special master called Dr. Tenpenny’s report “thoroughly worthless to the Court, and is not helpful enough, not relevant enough, to be admissible, considering the strong arguments against its admissibility.”

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Aww.. finally, hiccups! I haven't felt them spontaneously at all, but early this morning as I was trying to get back to sleep I put my hand on my stomach and sure enough.. :) How cute.

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mole - what was that case about?

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30 weeks, yesterday, and I just ordered my home birth kit! The sterile liner for the midwife's birth tub was more expensive than the fishy pool, but I went with it because it would be easier to clean up.

Two things she recommends that i'm not familiar with: Arnica (for bruising and tissue trauma) and Motherwort (for afterpains). Any of y'all have experience with these? I know where to get them locally, but I want to know how worthwhile they are.
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Hyde,  yay hiccups!  I also felt them for the first time the other day when I just happened to have my hand on my belly, I would have never noticed otherwise.  isn't it sweet :)

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Help, I've used Arnica before and do think it can help reduce swelling and bruising. And I've heard lots of people recommend Motherwort for afterpains. It's supposed to be fantastic. I didn't have any problem with afterpains last time, but I'm told they tend to get worse with each subsequent pregnancy so I think I'll get some this time.


Anya, that sucks that the US place is being so unhelpful. I can't imagine the stress of not knowing what's going on!

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AnyaRose - That is incredibly frustrating! Oh my goodness, I hope they can schedule you ASAP next week.

MamanFrancaise - I had a loss at 6 or 7 weeks and was frustrated with people assuming that they knew how I felt. Really, I was more angry than sad, and it was actually kind of hard for me to deal with how badly my sister and SIL especially took the news. I probably would have still wanted to be involved in the shower, but I definitely wouldn't want you to be all concerned-looking at me and making comments when I showed up, IYKWIM. Anyway, I would just ask her what she wants and make it clear that whatever she says is okay and she's welcome to change her mind, even at the last minute, too. (I'm assuming the shower is not at her house, right? Yikes)
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The vaccine subject is controversial. We all have our opinions. But I wouldn't have asked everyone for sources of info if I was looking for only one perspective. Like everything, I look at everyone's ideas, I sift through it all and then I decide what is best for us. Something like this shouldn't be decided based on one article or video or book, even. But I do find it interesting that the Dr. Sears' book notes that no real tests have been done on the safety of the aluminum content in most vaccines given to healthy newborns and infants. The limit set by the FDA was based on the highest vaccine available--no other reason. Even though limits on IV aluminum contents are faaar less. It's been the most interesting thing I've read today. That they can just set a number without any testing is beyond me, but it sure is convenient for the companies who make the vaccines, isn't it?

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@Ava's mama:


"On 25 April 2001, Petitioner received both the Hepatitis B and Hepatitis A vaccines.
Thereafter, Petitioner suffered ill symptoms of pain and neurological damage, which he believed
resulted from the vaccinations he received. On 29 September 2003, Petitioner first filed a petition
with this Court, pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 300aa-11,2 for compensation of a vaccine-related injury,
arising out of his Hepatitis B vaccination (docket no. 03-2252V). At the time of that filing, the
Hepatitis A vaccine had not been added to the Vaccine Table, found at 42 C.F.R. § 100.3(a), and
a claim for compensation of injury from the Hepatitis A vaccination was not concurrently brought."


"After the Court’s ruling on that issue, Petitioner sought out an expert whose opinion would
support Petitioner’s claim that Hepatitis A caused Petitioner’s multifarious injuries. Between 26 and
27 August 2008, Petitioner filed expert reports, curricula vitae, and supporting documents from
Andrew Moulden, M.D., PhD and Sherri Tenpenny, D.O. On 17 October 2008, Respondent filed
a motion in limine to exclude both of these sets of expert witness materials due to their unreliability
of methodology, pursuant to Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharms., Inc., 509 U.S. 579 (1993), one for
each of the experts (“the Moulden Motion” and “the Tenpenny Motion,” collectively, “the Motion”).
On 25 November 2008, Petitioner filed a Response in opposition to Respondent’s Motion, defending
the credibility of both experts, and the reliability of their opinions, and arguing for the admissibility
thereof (“the Response”). Finally, on 12 December 2008, Respondent filed a Reply in support of
the Motion (“the Reply”). The Court, after carefully weighing the arguments presented, rules herein
on Respondent’s Motion to Exclude."

The discussion of Dr. Tenpenny's (lack of) qualifications begins on page 14.

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@Ascher21 It can be difficult (sometimes impossible!) to make an informed decision about just about anything related to health and parenting. It is true that everybody can have an opinion on every topic; however some people are experts and some people are not, and being able to tell the difference can help us in making an informed decision. I am reading one of the Sears and Sears books to learn about many aspects of parenting that I am not an expert in (yet!) and they supposedly are :). There is, however, a plethora of published research on the toxicity of aluminum to small children and the aluminum content of vaccines, so luckily this is a topic it is possible to make an informed decision about. This is a summary of questions about aluminum in vaccines http://www.chop.edu/export/download/pdfs/articles/vaccine-education-center/aluminum.pdf with peer-reviewed articles as sources. If you find any articles via google scholar that you would like to read, but do not have access to, I am happy to download the articles and make them available to you.

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The receptionist at the car dealership today says, "When are you due?"

"September", I say. 

"Really??" She looks very shocked,"Are you having twins?"


"Do you just have big babies?"


"Sometimes one twin will hide."

I laugh. "I guess I just don't know then."


10 more weeks of this!!! 

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My husband has always wanted me to respond to, "When are you due?" with a curious expression and, "What do you mean?" but I am so, so not able to pull that off!
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Help, that would be hilarious. I don't know if I could pull it off either. I start giggling just thinking about it, I don't know if I could keep a straight face. My husband just suggested to me that next time someone asks me "Do you just have big babies", that I should grab my breasts and say, "I think so." ROTFLMAO.gif

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Anya, that's so scary and frustrating. Sending lots of positive vibes your way.


As far as names go, we have a first name we like to the point of never discussing others, but we have a good list of middle names. We want to wait to meet him to decide 100% but I would like to have it narrowed down at least a little more before then...


This week has been pretty busy. I actually thought I had already responded to this thread once, but I guess not?


Monday night we had our first HypnoBabies class. I loved it! The instructor is fabulous, and so far the other couples (four) seem really great too. One of the women is having twins. Definitely a little perspective there-- I'm not that big, and I'm not that uncomfortable. I really love the central theme to Hypnobabies. Birth is natural, uncomplicated, and my body can absolutely handle it. They use special, positive language that is kind of cheesy sometimes, but I actually really love. We may experience discomfort as a result of our pressure waves during our birthing time (instead of pain/contractions/labor). No one will deliver my baby, I will give birth. They teach you to say no to the negative influences people may try to have over you. Which is fine by me, I have no problem telling people I don't want to hear their horror stories. Except my sister... I had to listen to her lecture me yesterday about how I should be more open to the possibility of things being harder than I expect/that it's painful/and an epidural is not worst thing possible. Sigh.


Yesterday we went on a little road trip and celebrated our anniversary (belatedly) with a stop at my favorite bakery (oh the sugar induced guilt! haha) and dinner at an entirely vegan restaurant. It was so cool to eat there and to know that I could eat ANYTHING I wanted off the WHOLE menu (well okay, I ignored the spicy things because of the indigestion it would most certainly give me). I wish there was a restaurant like that closer, but it's probably good for my wallet that there's not!


Today I gathered up all the gifts I got at my registry that were not actual necessities and began the process of returning them and buying the things I actually need. I'm so thankful that these women cared enough to buy us gifts at all, but I'm sorry, if I can return the 100th size 0-3 month outfit or the diaper rash cream that isn't CD compatible for something we will definitely need, I will. Now I am faced with trying to figure out what exactly is on the list of things we definitely need and how to get the best deal possible for it. My frugality has reached a new level, I actually returned one item so I could get the full-price in-store credit for it at Store A, and then bought the exact same thing at a Store B where I had a coupon and gift card. I will then use the in-store credit from Store-A (with a coupon, of course) for things Store-B doesn't carry. I'm simultaneously proud of how much I'm going to end up getting for nothing out of pocket, and embarrassed to be going to such lengths!


Speaking of being frugal, I NEED to get on the cloth diapers I've promised myself I'm going to make. I have the materials to make all the newborn prefolds or fitted I need so it would be a complete waste of money to buy them but I just can't get my butt into gear. I guess 9 weeks is still not close enough for me to feel the crunch.

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My belly's attracting lots of attention lately too.  People keep saying things like "not long now" and I'm only 30 weeks.
I got "you're ready to pop" yesterday.. um.. I hope not.. I still have at least 6 weeks before "popping"...

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The receptionist at the car dealership today says, "When are you due?"
"September", I say. 
"Really??" She looks very shocked,"Are you having twins?"
"Do you just have big babies?"
"Sometimes one twin will hide."
I laugh. "I guess I just don't know then."

10 more weeks of this!!! 
I had a guy ask me if it was a boy or girl, and when I said I didn't know he got very concerned and said i had to go find out.. what if it is twins???? I told him we had had an ultrasound and there is only one but he wasn't convinced.

This was my last week of work, and we are leaving on a 7 day road trip today so I have had a crazy busy week. I am SO EXCITED to be done with work! THRILLED!! I won't be around much next week as we are traveling, so can someone please make sure to start the spotlight threads? smile.gif
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I promise I do more than complain about the weather... but holy heck... 105* today. At 4:40 pm it's "cooled down" to 103* greensad.gif **mellllltttttingggggg**
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GAH. I failed my 1 hour GTT with 147. I had scrambled eggs and grapes for breakfast and now I'm cursing those grapes on one hand and worrying about GD on the other (like, I've been really thirsty lately ... does that mean GD? and I've gained more than I gained with DD ... does that mean GD? Better not have any ice cream tonight after supper, in case I have GD ... blah blah blah) Honestly, I don't think I have it -- I'm just a worrier.

Worldshakerz and jend1002 - Have you gotten your 3-hour results back yet?

Monkey Keeper - I know that you're being careful about diet and checking in with blood sugars periodically, but are you considered to actually have GD?

I haven't decided if I want to just take the 3-hour test or if I want to opt for monitoring.
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I promise I do more than complain about the weather... but holy heck... 105* today. At 4:40 pm it's "cooled down" to 103* greensad.gif **mellllltttttingggggg**


Oh man, that sounds terrible. Even the Houston area has cooled down but we're a swamp now...it's been raining for a week straight and as soon as the sun comes out it's a sauna out there, with free mosquito bites. It's only in the upper 80s but very very humid. I sure do hope it cools down for you soon.

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