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Very "loved" cloth diaper stash- question!

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So yayy! I have a bunch of cloth diapers now smile.gif I just bought a 23 mixed diaper stash (bum genius, fuzzybuns, swaddle bees, pocket change, kissaluvs, etc..), 6 covers and 20 inserts for $80! However I'm kinda iffy cause my beginning idea was to do prefolds and covers exclusively sice I didn't want to deal with cleaning aios/bulky diapers. Well these diapers are pretty smelly! And the lady told me she didn't follow directions and just washed them in bleach- are they ruined?

Also, how do I get rid of the smelly?!! This mom I know said it's probably ammonia build up. I was thinking about soaking them in detergent and borax, then hanging them up to dry in the sun.. But I'm completely inexperienced with cloth! Help smile.gif
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Wash them in very very hot water with no soap. Wash them until there are no bubbles/suds in the washer when they're agitating. Do a rinse cycle with vinegar. Dry them in the sun.

The stink comes from detergent build-up.

Good luck!
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Thanks!! I've been surfing the web- cloth diaper blogs... Some said to boil the diapers, one at a time for 15 minutes. Should I try this? Then so the vinegar rinse?
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I'd try the washing machine first. Boiling each one sounds like way too much work...I'd save it as a last resort.
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I have boiled my diapers before, you can do more than 1 at a time, but the issue is you need to boil them for about 15 minutes.  It is VERY time consuming.  I personally would buy some Rockin' Green and soak them that way.  That stuff gets rid of the stinkies!  Also I have heard RLR gets rid of the stinkies as well, but I haven't tried it myself.  Have fun with your new stash!!!

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Oh and the bleach didn't ruin them, it just destroys them a lot faster than taking care of them like they should be.

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Do not boil them in they contain PUL.  You can melt it and delaminate them. 

Borax has a tendency to "eat" elastic.  It used to be the "in" thing to add to CD laundry.....jokes on me, it ate all the elastic from my BGs in less than a year.  UGH.


RLR is gentle and great for stripping.  It comes in a single size packet and you can buy that from cloth diaper stores online.

You can also try Dawn dish detergent which will strip some of the residue which traps stink.

It will suds like mad. 



I find that microfiber inserts really can be gross and stinky.  I have no problem washing them separate and using bleach.  I'm not a bleach person but....especially if we're talking about someone else's stank....I would fill the bathtub with HOT water and let them soak in a bleachy water bath for a few hours.


How is the condition aside from the smell?  $80 is a great price if they are in good condition for all that.

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I HIGHLY recommend NOT boiling really stinky diapers. I did it once to all my flatfolds (they had front loader build-up) and it was horribly smelly in my house for hours. It smelled like a stinky butt. And it was humid. If you must boil, do it outside.


IME stinky diapers can happen without detergent buildup. Mine got stinky because my front loader wasn't using enough water to rinse them clean. I wasn't using detergent at that point. Long, sad story.


The best way to de-stink diapers is to just wash, wash, wash with no detergent and dry in the sun. Try one out on your toddler and if it stinks when they pee, wash, wash, wash again. Repeat until no stink. Fun!

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Thank you ladies!! So I ended up boiling all 20 of the inserts (5 at a time in my giant 6 quart stock pot) and 5 of the stinkiest diapers. And oh man! It got stinky irked.gif I opened all my windows and patio door and put all the ceiling fans on, it was also 10000 degrees outside! Then I washed them with no detergent and a little borax, rinsed with vinegar. My plan was to put them up to dry in the scorching sun here in central Texas. Well, of course it rained and stormed (when does that even happen here?? I mean, I'm super thankful and excited for the rain and my gardens but I find it very ironic that it happened today!) until now so now the diapers are all over my laundry room cause I don't wanna put them in the dryer *sigh*


Kinda not the first experience I wanted with CD. Funny thing is SO gets home (we all went out and came home together) and as I was walking in I could just smell it and I flipped and started opening all the windows and he goes: "Oh it smells all good and clean! what is that?" LOL I couldn't believe it! He's nuts!! shrug.gif He says the diapers don't smell bad and that they just smell like clean/chemicals/detergents.


I'm just hoping it's not ammonia and my sweet babe will pee and get blisters!! omg I would die!

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Oh and I'm definitely planning on getting RLR. Does anyone have a link?

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Most cloth diaper online stores sell RLR.  I always buy in bulk and do it every once in a while.  I did buy some used covers/prefolds/AIOs/fitteds for the new baby.  I plan on stripping them with RLR in the jacuzzi bathtub (LOL) because we have a front loader.  The amount of suds that come up is ridiculous.  So it seems to work.


I've ordered from here before, their prices are good and it's free shipping with $25 purchase.



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