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implantation spotting??

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OK, so, this is my 5th consecutive cycle trying and I haven't been super hopeful lately... in fact I promised myself that this cycle I wouldn't get my hopes up since every time I get my period I am more and more crushed. And especially this cycle I want to take it easy since we didn't have as much sex as we usually do (we only did it 2 times total during fertile window, morning and night of the day I got my positive OPK)...


BUT. Today, 9 DPO, CD 21, I just experienced some spotting??? it's very light, pink-ish. I usually spot 2 days before my period but I have NEVER spotted at this point in a cycle. never before!!


Like I said I didn't want to get my hopes up this cycle but now I'm totally going nuts and it's all I can think about. Is this possibly implantation spotting? If it's not, what on earth is it then!?!?


Thanks for any thoughts, I'm losing my mind!!

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I certainly know how you feel with the disappointment.. We're on our 4th month and every time AF shows up, it's a crushing disappointment. 


I don't have much to offer, except a personal anecdote.  When I was pregnant with DS years ago I experienced implantation bleeding probably around 8 or 9 dpo.  I mistakenly thought it was a period and didn't realize until much later that I was pregnant (he was a happy accident).


Good luck to you! I hope you get your BFP soon!

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Thank you StudyingStones. This whole thing has made me crazier than anything else ever has. I've spent over a YEAR embroiled in TTC. Thank you for your personal anecdote about a pregnancy that started the way this cycle appears to be going... I'm wondering when I can test? How many days after implantation should I give it??

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How many dpo are you now?  I think it's possible to get a postiive from 11-14 dpo (or later), depending on your cycle.   I know for me the earliest I can get a bfp is 14dpo, based on the length of my cycle (32 days).


Good luck to you, and let me know the results!

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I'm at 10-- I'll test tomorrow! Thank you...

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Good luck!  Don't be discouraged if you get a negative, as it still may be too early to test.


When is your AF due?  If you get a negative tomorrow, I'd probably wait until she's due to test again.


Good luck!!!!!goodvibes.gif

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I'm in the same boat! hopefully it's a happy boat to babyland. :)


We also only DTD twice during my fertile window so I wasn't real hopeful and haven't been focusing on it too much but late last night (9DPO) I had a tiny bit of spotting. A little more this morning but now (at noon), it's seems to be stopping and it wasn't ever heavy, just a bit of light pink CM. I've also got a pinchy-pully feeling in my uterus last night and this morning (not bad just a tad uncomfortable). It's also too early for me to spot for AF, unless I'm having a really strange cycle.

Against the sane part of my brain's advice, I just POAS and got a BFN but if I'm just now implanting, of course it's BFN. :) Going to try to wait until Friday but I'll probably use one of my $tree tests tomorrow just because i can't resist.


Fingers crossed for both of us!

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Baby dust for all three of us!!  I'm 5dpo today and hoping for some implantation bleeding over here!!

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So... update. 


I kept having this brownish sludge spotting for the last 5 days. Still have it now, even. Preg tests have been negative, my temp dropped this morning, period due tomorrow, kinda hopeless feeling today. 


What on earth was this? Is something wrong with me? This hasn't happened to me before (9 DPO spotting), except for the implantation spotting I got when I was pregnant and miscarried a year ago. 


Was this a chemical pregnancy? Or maybe an "attempt" at implantation that failed? I'm so confused and sad today :(  Now, 6th try in this time around, I am really seriously convinced something is amiss.

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Hi, I just joined today because I was doing a search about spotting mid-cycle.  Just wondering what came of your spotting?  I am on day 21 and have been spotting since day 19.  I also have slight cramping.  I'm not even going to bother with a test until I actually miss my period.  My cycle is 26-28 days and we have been trying for our first baby since January. 

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Hi @sabrinabella, I'm so glad you joined, because it sounds like we have similar problems. I have been having this LP spotting for several months now and have been trying to get pregnant for about as long as you. I have done lots of research and I think it's low progesterone, I am trying a new treatment using vitamins and herbs, and in my first cycle of doing this I'm already seeing changes (I don't know if I'm pregnant yet but I haven't spotted at all yet and I'm in the 2ww). You should see my other post about this in the infertility forum. http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1362699/unexplained-infertility-and-lp-spotting

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You should have your doctor test for low progesterone. I only had two cycles like that and they seem to be okay now but my doctor was very willing to do the bloodwork just to check the progesterone levels. Mine were fine but it's nice to know that. Good luck!

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