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Low Progesterone... WWYD?

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Got my bloodwork results back today!  HCG looks good!  I am going back to get another HCG draw to assure that it is doubling every 48 hours. 


My question.  My progesterone is 5.4.  Seems really low to me, but midwife says it is in normal range which she said was (4.2-32).  My research indicates a level of 9 is the low end of normal, though...  I am already supplementing with progesterone cream (22mg 2x/day). 


What do y'all think?  Would you insist on suppositories?  Something more invasive like injections?  For now, I am upping the cream while I work it out with my midwife but would like a little input from others...

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Hi, Jodieanneanton. I suspect my progesterone is low too during my regular cycles, so I've been using progesterone cream to prevent spotting for many days before my period. When I found out was pregnant and had major spotting the same day, I doubled my dosage (realized I was taking the minimum, so I figured this would be okay.) All the spotting stopped within 24 hours. I had my quants and progesterone level tested a couple of days later and my progesterone was twenty-something, which midwife called "gorgeous." Not sure if that's helpful, and maybe progesterone levels differ depending on the number of children you have, your age, etc.

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With DD2, I was on progesterone suppositories until 13 weeks.  My levels were like 8 or so when they tested even with the suppositories.  I spotted for 8.5 weeks.  Went on to have a healthy baby :)

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Hi Jodie!!!!! wave.gif

Well, my progesterone was 9 with my first child (my son) and I was told that was the bottom edge of normal (9-40 being the ideal range). He was fine, but I did have a lot of spotting for weeks, which as you know is nerve racking. I spotted with my first 4 pregnancies (2 healthy kids, 2 losses), but not this one.

The doc put me on Endometrim and I hemed and hawed forever. I was very nervous about the potential for birth defects, but of course, I was also nervous about losing another baby! So, I talked to the doc and she said the birth defects were only found in the synthetic progesterone and Endometrim is a natural progesterone. (I'm not sure I 100% believe that, but it does make sense and I was ready to be convinced.)

Anyways, this pg, my progesterone has been 44 and 48, so wow. The only other time I had progesterone checked (beside my son) was with the last loss and the doc said it was a 5 and that (insert gruff know-it-all doctor voice) "No pregnancy has ever been supported with a progesterone below a 5." I'm sure you can imagine what I think of him, though....

To complicate your decision, I have also heard that adding progesterone at any point once pregnancy has been confirmed has NOT been shown to save a pregnancy. In other words, if you were going to lose this baby, you'd lose it regardless of if you took the progesterone or not. Also, my understanding is the OTC progesterone cream is not very effective. (And, that would seem to hold true for you since you DO have low progesterone.)

Personally, I wouldn't do injections or anything, but to be on the safe side you could do Endometrim once a day (that's what Zubdelia did). Or even a 1/2 tablet once a day would bring your levels up and at least stop the spotting.

hug.gif Big hugs to you. I hate these tough decisions.
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