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Fridge freezer?

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I just got rid of a lot of old, nasty, freezer-burned stuff from my fridge freezer. Now, I actually have space in there! But, our freezer is just a big open space. There are no shelves at all. I was thinking I could put things in small bins, but then they'd be stting on each other, and I could see them getting frozen together, yk?


Anybody have any good tips on organizing a fridge freezer? I mostly just want to keep the ice cube trays level and useable, the ice packs (for injuries and cooler bags) separate from the food, and avoid the massive, dense pile of stuff that can't be accessed without emptying the whole thing!


I''m thinking one of staring with one of those mesh shelves with the legs (kind of like a cooling rack) - can't decide if I'm better to go with a short one, and keep the ice packs/ice cube trays under all the food, or a high one, and keep them up above. And, then maybe three tall, narrowish bins for fruit/veggies, meat and other.


Thoughts? What's worked for everyone else?

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I would probably head to some place like Bed Bath and Beyond and browse their kitchen organizing racks.  Some of the plate racks and cabinet organizers might work really well, especially if labeled.

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Oh - good idea. I forgot about them. We only had our first one open here about a year ago, and I haven't been there much. They're not really on my radar. I'll do that in the next couple days. I'm sure they'll have something. Thanks!

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I saw these on Iheartorganizing. Never tried it but they look like they might work well.
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