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Positive Stories about Hypnobirthing

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I'm expecting in October and we've been doing hypnobirthing classes.  This will be a HBAC for me, so if you have positive VBAC/HBAC hypnobirth stories, I would love to hear them!!  Or post a link to a blog or whatever.  Pretty please?!  smile.gif

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Do you only want pain free birth stories?
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Well, any positive stories are appreciated.  I would especially like to hear stories of VBACs using hypnobirth/babies whatever, since that's what I'm learning.  I'm happy to read anything positive though!

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Lurker here... hundreds of positive Hypnobabies birth stories on www.HypnobabiesBlog.org

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there are some lovely stories on www.hypnobirthingdownloads.com/stories.htm of mothers who used mp3s and an online course :) great that you're going to use hypnobirthing techniques, enjoy each moment! 

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Thanks mamas! I will check them out! smile.gif
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Ok well its bot painfree but hypnobabies helped me to have a positive, gentle, easy birth..

My midwife came over for an appointment on my due date at about 6:00 pm. While she was here I asked her to check me and to do a membrane sweep, so she did. I was 4 cm, about 70% effaced. She did the sweep and headed home. At about 8 pm I started having irregular mild contractions. I was super excited but decided to go to bed and get some rest. I slept fitfully that night and finally got up at 5 am because I couldn’t rest anymore. All day I puttered around the house with irregular contractions. They started getting stronger and longer so I called my midwife to come back by and check the babies heart rate. She came by at about 8 pm and checked on us. Baby was fine and I was 6 cm! I had her do another sweep just to see if that would get things going. Well goodness it did! My husband went upstairs to get our super cranky toddler to bed and he fell asleep. So I filled up the pool, taking breaks to sway through contractions and updating my friends on the forums and facebook. I eventually went up and got him. He came downstairs and started cleaning up around the house, offering me water and counter pressure for the back labor I started having. I decided to get into the pool, since contractions were getting harder and harder to deal with by walking. I got into a groove of breathing in for 2 counts and breathing out for 2 counts during contractions. In my head I was saying “open, open”. I found that I still had a sense of humor though so I used that to my advantage, cracking jokes in between contractions and enjoying it! I told Brandon that I was definitely a crazy person for doing this again and he laughed and said “well maybe not quite crazy”. The contractions started getting harder to deal with, I started taking deep breaths in followed by as long of a “ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” as I could manage. I was able to concentrate on keeping my hands, face and legs relaxed. I was always present in mind and never went into labor land or anything like that. I was never overwhelmed by the contractions and I never lost control. There was a point when I started saying to myself that it couldn’t possibly get any worse and I started fantasizing about being numb and watching tv..although that’s never been the kind of birth I want. That’s when I told the birth assistant that I felt like there was no way the end was near because I was too coherent. After the next contraction I had my eyes closed and actually fell asleep! I startled myself awake and everyone else jumped and looked at me..I laughed and told them I had fallen asleep. This was quickly followed by a monster contraction and luckily I started feeling a slight urge to push! I asked my midwife to check me to make sure I wasn’t having a premature urge (and also to reassure me that I was almost done). I was 9.5 cm and the very next contraction I started pushing with all my might! On the second pushing contraction my water broke and I actually felt him come down into the birth canal, I hated that feeling! I had a very short break and then another contraction and as I pushed I reached down to see if I could feel him, he was crowning! I tried to stop pushing to let myself stretch but I couldn’t stop so I just went for it and pushed as hard as I could! I had my hands supporting his head as it came out. I breathed a sigh of relief thinking I was going to get a break...then realized I wasn’t. I knew shoulders were next so I pushed as hard as I could a few more times and out popped his shoulders! I reached down and pulled him out and up to my chest. From the time she checked me and found me at 9.5 cm to the time I pulled him out was 8 minutes…it was like 1 huge long contraction! The pain stopped immediately, it was amazing! We hung out in the tub for a while until the cord stopped pulsing. After it stopped we clamped and Brandon cut it. A little while later I started getting some serious cramps so I passed off Riley and got out of the tub, I walked over to the couch and laid down (it had plastic and a sheet on it). I tried to push out the placenta and felt a huge sense of relief when I felt it come out… except that it wasn’t my placenta, it was giant clots! I passed a lot of clots and the midwife was getting worried. Finally the placenta came out, which was amazing feeling. The assistant then pushed down on my uterus and I could feel blood and clots pour out of me. It was kind of gross but after she was done I felt 100 times better! The midwife checked me for tears and I didn’t have any at all! So I went to the bathroom to clean up. After some more cuddle time with Riley we weighed and measured him. 15.5 in chest, 21 ¾ in long and 9 lbs 13 oz!
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Thanks so much!  I appreciate you sharing with me  :)

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