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Lower abdominal pain........13 weeks

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 I have a pretty stressful couple of days.....lots of braxton hicks yesterday and today. And yesterday i was having some sharp contraction like pains.....just for a few seconds on the couch, i changed positions and it went away. BUT today im having some very constant dull abdominal pain......should i be worried? Ugh.

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I can't tell you whether to worry or not...but hug2.gif. Hope you feel better soon, and talk to your midwife/ doctor about it for sure!nod.gif

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I would call your midwife or doctor just to be sure. I have been having sharp pains when I move wrong but its more like my muscles are stretching not at all like you describe. I hope its nothing serious.
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I feel like that sometimes and it's no big deal which isn't to say what you're feeling is no big deal, of course. How are you doing today?

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Are you getting enough water?  I usually don't have BHCx this early unless I am dehydrated.  It's still a battle to drink enough from 1st tri. morning sickness. 

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Much better today, still a lot of Braxton hicks but completely painless. We did spend all day at the zoo, but I took it as easy as possible and now my DH and DD are making dinner. Lol. I have still been feeling movement, doesn't seem as often, but it makes me feel better every time i do feel it, you know? I have an appt with my OB on Friday anyways, so I'm just going to talk to her then unles something changes of course.

And I thought it was early for Braxton Hicks too, but it's all of the time in the evenings. Completely painless, until that point. I have been having them for about 3 weeks now I guess. With my dd i was having a lot too, had to go into the hospital for monitoring and some test to see if I was going into labor at 20 weeks since my contractions where about 6 muns apart. I dunno what that's about. And I think I have been getting pleanty of water, i drink like 3 32oz cups every evening and at least 2 more throughout the day....But come to think of it, maybe I wasn't drinking any water! I had tea, and a sprite, and maybe 1 glass of water! That could be it!

Thanks mamas!
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Glad you are feeling better!  smile.gif

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