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Luna Evelyn arrived in June

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We call her Luna Love. Born at home in the water June 29th. We are doing great although nursing was rough with super sore nipples the first several days. Here is an unedited c&p of her birth story as told to my best friends who currently lives in Spain. For reference, James is my husband, Max and Maizy are my ds (age 12) and dd (age 9), April is my bff.



me:  Luna is in my lap sleeping, finally. she's been awake all morning and wants nothing but boob.

So my mom got here Saturday 6/22 and we had quite a busy week, bowling, swimming, hiking, just trying to stay active. I wasn't huge are super uncomfortable or feeling signs of ripening. James and I made love on Wednesday and I had contractions that I could just breath through from 10:30 until I fell asleep around 330.

By the time I woke up Thursday nothing was happening (outwardly). Thursday we took the kids the pool, and I can't remember what else. James and I made love again (he really rallied for me!) on Thursday night. Contractions started around 1am or so. I let James sleep. They were irregular ranging from 3 to 15 minutes apart. I woke James up at 5am to go for a walk.

They had slowed to 10 min apart, then picked up a bit. We walked for about an hour and a half, it was a beautiful, quiet time to be out, would not have wanted to do it later in the day with the world a bustle. We got home around 7:30 and I told James I didn't want to have to deal with or see anybody. The house was still asleep. I called the midwife around 9 and her assistant came around 10. Contractions were still varying from 3-10 min apart and I could just breath through them. Midwife couldn't reach my cervix so couldn't tell dialation. but things were certainly moving. Its a bit foggy, but I think I labored in bed while the house woke up. My mom and Max set out for a walk to pick Maizy up and to keep them out of the house. So James and I had the house to ourselves. He was a bit bored, but did good busying himself but staying close. He laid on the couch while I made a pie crust to put in the fridge.He napped and I laid on the couch, now having to moan a bit more through contractions. I was afraid of falling asleep thinking things would stop progressing, but I did get some rest between contractions. I was a bit bored myself, but couldn't focus on doing anything. I paced the house, laid down, snacked a bit. Called the midwife around 4 for her to come check me. I paced the backyard for about an hour until she came. I still wasn't sure how close things were getting, sometime it seemed like too much time between contractions and I was worried things were slowing down.

Well, I think the walking really helped keep things moving. I went inside for the midwife to check and contractions started to get stronger, now having to really moan through them and preferring to be on hands and knees leaning on the ball. Heather (midwife) checked and I was a stretchy 5-6. I told her she was my personal pitocin as things really picked up when she got here. James and her set to task filling the tub and arranging things while I stayed on the ball with a garbage can close by as I was nauseus.

Finally the tub was ready and I couldn't dive in fast enough! It was so nice to be in the water, I tried a couple different positions til I found the spot I had to be in to get through contractions, this was about 6:30 I think.

Kids and mom were in the basement hanging out, or otherwise just out. April showed up and was put to work making miso soup and kale salad for everyone. We had the dining room closed off as I was laboring in the living room and the midwives quietly sat at the table. James sat next to the tub with a bowl of ice water and cold cloths. The cold cloths were so good and was wonderful about keeping them fresh. He also fed me water and held the trash can as I full heartedly barfed. Of course pain was kicking up and I just got louder and louder, moaning through, the vibrations of my voice centering my body, trying to keep my mouth and voice in a nice big open O. thank goodness for rests between contractions, what a nice part of labor!

At some point I asked if I had to get out for the MW to check me and she said she could do it while I was in. I was 8 or 9. I knew with each contraction that we were getting closer. Just a few more to go. I kept checking and could feel her head so close! Finally, I screamed "its coming, its coming!" And directed my team to turn on the lights and get the family.

I pushed a few times feeling things out, she got lower then went back. I rested and pushed again. She was coming and everyone was getting excited telling me all these things and I didn't listen to a word they said! the midwife had a mirror down there and her hands over the baby's head, I told her to leave it alone! I wanted my hands down there. She didn't listen and I tried to push her hand out of the way, she finally said, yes, its your baby and backed off.

 I pushed out her head and everyone was behind me being very excited. I stayed on task resting, touching my baby's head and gearing up for pushing her out. Midwife said, when the baby comes out we are going to push her to the front so Jennifer can catch her, and with the next the next push that's what happened.

What grace our bodies have to know how to move, I just instantly brought her to me and somehow got out of the hands and knees postion to sit and embrace our new baby.

She was instantly eyes open, filling up her lungs with earthly air and looking all around her.

 Katie:  just so you know... I've been crying since "I woke james up at 5am to go for a walk."

 me:  I thought maybe so!

 Katie:  of course

 me:  We just sat and marveled at her. So happy to bring James' baby into the world. Maizy was there and just in absolute awe.

 Katie:  So beautiful!  Such a great labor. Long enough to ease into it and just... love!

 me:  She said that was the most intense moment of my life!

 Katie:  indeed!

 me:  We spent a good time with her until the cord stopped pulsing.

James didn't want to cut the cord, neither did Maizy, but Grandma (my mom) was anxious to, so did.

I gave daddy his new baby while I pushed out the placenta.

Everything just went amazing.

I finally got out of the tub and to our bed and the everyone left James and I alone with the babe for a bit.

 Sent at 12:20 PM on Thursday

 me:  Max had come home right after she was in born and still in the tub, so the whole family got to meet her. Max and Maizy came into the room with us.

Everyone else was cleaning up.

We put her on my chest to find the breast and she did in time.

She latched and nursed and was still so awake.

The midwife came and did the newborn check. Weighed her and such.

She weighed 7 lb. 12 oz.

My exact guess as James and walked and speculated early that morning.

 Katie:  lol

 me:  She was born at 9:19pm.

 Sent at 12:23 PM on Thursday

 me:  Next the midwives checked me, although sore, I had no tearing and only a minor skidmark. peeing that night was painful, but I felt great down there after 18 hours.

such a relief!!!

 Katie:  phew!

 me:  We were tucked in by around midnight and everyone left or went to bed.

James and I didn't get much sleep as she cried most of the night.

 Sent at 12:25 PM on Thursday

 me:  The next day was rainy and mellow. I was up with adrenaline, even though I should have been napping (I had labored two nights in a row, birthed, and was up with Luna all night!)

My mom, April, and James, as well as the kids have taken great care of me. So glad to have all this support.



Here is she is with big brother checking her out.

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Congratulations, what a beautiful birth story!
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What a sweet birth story for your little Luna.  Congrats!

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Agreed, what a wonderful story! She is beautiful! Our daughter is going to be Evelyn so of course I love her name. smile.gif

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Wonderful story.  Thanks for sharing!  Congratulations!

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Congratulations!  Great story & picture.  She looks so precious.

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Congrats! Welcome, Luna!

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Welcome Luna, wonderful story.:)

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