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Newborn periods?

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I'm not sure if this is the most sufficient place to post this but it seemed about right..

My little girl was born on the 7th. The first full day that we had her home we noticed a tiny spot of blood in her wet diaper. We called the pediatrician and she said it was perfectly normal for a new born to be affected by a mother's hormones and have a small period. Well we just finished day 2 and there have been a couple spots of blood here and there. I am wondering how common this is and about how long it will last? It kind of freaks me out to see blood in my little one's diaper! Also I feel a little guilty like I am having a negative affect on my baby. confused.gif

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It's perfectly normal. It didn't happen with mine but she had swollen genitalia and nipples for a few days after birth so she was definitely affected by my hormones. It isn't anything negative or scarring for her, she just has to flush the hormones out of her system. The surge of hormones through the end of pregnancy and labour/delivery is huge and it is impossible for such a tiny creature not to be affected by it. Every newborn experiences it to some degree -boys included- and it is just part of the birth process. If the bleeding gets heavier, or doesn't resolve by about a week to ten days pp then I would check with the dr again. In the meantime I would just keep an eye on it and make sure her wet and dirty diapers are on track and she gets lots of rest. Congratulations on your LO!
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P.s. please stop feeling guilty. It's not anything you're doing wrong or anything that is wrong with you or baby. It's natural and different babies respond to a different degree, just like teething for instance. It is not harmful and it is certainly not your fault. Hugs.
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Both my DD's had this.  It is a little disconcerting to see any kind of blood in a newborn's diaper, but really, like the PP said, totally normal and not at all your fault.  Think about the amazing and crazy things our hormones did to our bodies while we were pregnant.  It is natural that they would have some withdrawing from those hormones to do when they come into the world.  My new DD was born on the 3rd and I think her "mini period" just ended.  It probably started day three, so that would be about 5 days.  It can last longer, but as long as it is just streaks and spots, I think it is totally fine.  I must admit, it distressed me a bit too, even though I saw it with my now 6 year old.  Remember, we are withdrawing from hormones too, which can make us emotional.  hug2.gif

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