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oh hai :-)

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I found my way over here from a link a friend gave me. My son was just in the hospital and has some serious PTSD from the whole experience, so she found THIS which is SO helpful.


DH, DS and I (along with our PITA dog) live in Baltimore. DS is 19 months old. I work full-time in Higher Education and DH works in the medical field.


I love baking, cooking, shoes, Diet Coke, froyo, and corny jokes. I don't like perfume, rude people, bad drivers, roasted red peppers or horror movies.



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OH HAIIII!  You sound sassy--you'll fit right in here. ;)  Welcome to MDC!


There's so much to explore.  Don't hesitate to let us know if you need help finding your way around.  

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I admit...I'm a bit sassy. Sarcasm is my friend.


Thanks :-) I'm going to happily spend time in the recipe boards!

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