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Raw milk Asheville NC local?

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Does anyone know of a coop or farmers market that sells raw milk or raw milk for pet consumption only locally in Asheville NC?

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I live in Asheville and get raw goat's milk (labeled for "pet consumption") from a woman named Sue, at the Weaverville tailgate market on Wednesday afternoons.  She is awesome...love her!  You may have to meet her first to get on her mailing list before you get your milk...she likes you to order ahead of time.  It's $10/gallon.  There is also a co-op where folks drive to South Carolina to buy cow milk.  There are three different types which range in price from $9/gallon for the cheapest and $14 for the most expensive.  I'm out of town (and just ran out of my raw milk today!), but if you PM me, I'll send you the link for the co-op when I get back and can send you Sue's email.  Welcome to Asheville!!!  :) 

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Thank you!

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Hi Anita!

I'm returning to Asheville after a year and a half, and I would love to get the contact info for both Sue and the coop, if you'd be so kind as to send it.  Do you consider either or both of them to be relatively high quality suppliers?  Thanks Anita - have an awesome day!


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Hey Anita!  I just wanted to check back in with you about those contacts - I hope you're having a great day, and I hope to talk to you soon!  (Made it to Asheville safely, by the way, and it's so good to be back!).

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I am living in Rutherfordton county where I have a micro truly cruelty free dairy, meaning that none of our cows nor any of their calves will ever be slaughtered or sold. They are all grass fed with and when pasture is not available they get organic or non sprayed local hay. 

We make a weekly delivery to Asheville delivering our raw milk for animal consumption only. 

Just in case any of you are still looking for wholesome raw milk Peace.gif

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How much is a gallon of you raw milk for pet consumption only Sakhil08?

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Our milk is $10 a gallon. We deliver to West Asheville every Wednesday. 

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I was just going to recommend Sakhi's milk!  I'm glad she found the thread :)  Also Ostara Farm has really good milk, but her cow is on a milking break right now.  We do the SC co-op every so often, an upside is that there is $9/gallon milk and it's delivered to 3 places in town, a downside is that it is all packaged in plastic.Sakhi's milk is DELICIOUS and in glass jars!  Seriously, it's the best raw milk my pets have ever had!

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Where in W. Asheville do you deliver?  My pets and I have been looking for somewhere local to get some 'real milk". Thanks in advance!

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It's close to Rainbow Mtn School

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Me and my partner are moving to Asheville from Arizona, Sept 1, 13 and need a source of 5 gallons of raw cows milk for pet consumption, per week. We have 11 month old twin girls that are all raw. Can you call me at 928 274-5321 so we can get together. You can also email me at upstart555@email.com. It seems impossible to private message people on this site.


Mark and Francesca


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They don't let new members private message. Could you email us at: upstart555@email.com and let me know more details where I can join this raw milk buyers club and also for the raw goal milk.


Mark and Francesca

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I am interested in sources of raw milk for pets how can I find out about Sakhil08's milk and buyers club
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Hi you guys, 


Sorry for such a delayed response. It has been quite a while since I have been on here and I just got a e-mail notification. If you are still looking for some raw pet milk please do not hesitate to call me at 828-223-0467.



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The farmers market in east Asheville sells raw milk.  East past the VA.  Great store, Fresh eggs, locally raised chickens, Duck eggs.

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Hi everyone, just wanted to ask if anyone knows a local place for raw goat milk?  I'm part of the coop here in Asheville for raw cow milk and happy to share info with anyone who is interested, although Sakhil's milk seems great and comes in glass. Sakhil, I may be calling you and switching over :)   Really need goat milk but so hard to find a close contact. Right now driving all the way to Polk County every two weeks. There has to be someone closer who sells for pet consumption.  Anyone know?

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Karico - the co-op from South Carolina also carries goat milk.

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I live in Arden and have been looking for a good source of raw goat milk also.  Can you share Sue's contact info with me?  Thanks, Keith

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Can you give me more info about the raw cow's milk co-op?  Is it in town, or are you driving a ways to go get it.  I live in West Asheville.  Thanks!

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