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Give me your favorite recommendations!!

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A friend and I may begin reselling slings and cloth diapers in our area.  There is no where to buy them nearby!!  Can you believe it? 


I thought I'd go right to the ladies in the know: Which slings and carriers should we carry?  What are your favorites?  Which carriers rocked your world and were 100% worth the money?



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Action Baby Carrier for me.  I was amaze by the the carrier's feature such as being lighter(which is suitable for our climate), eco-friendly and affordable. I have not used it yet but at my height(5"2) I think its comfortable, in their sites I even saw kids using this carrier in wearing their sister or brothers. I was already waiting for my ABC and I will surely used it on my next shopping schedule with my baby. Hope that helps!! Goodluck in your business!!! Happy Earning!!

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I loved the Ergo once my baby was big enough for it. I found the infant insert to be rather useless--for a littler baby I used the Maya wrap. Both are pricey. The Ergo was DEFINITELY worth the money: I still use it now with my 20-month-old (when she will consent to be carried). I loved my Maya as well but I suspect a mom could get a cheaper ring sling that is just as good. Hope that helps!

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FOr a SSC, I prefer Boba to the Ergo.  It has some extra features and is very, very well made.  For ring slings, Sakura Bloom is the big name...I've never used one though.  I love the Maya RS and the Maya Mei tai that I have.  I've also used and loved the K'tan (easy, no tie alternative to a Moby).  

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Hi.  Love your concept!  Good for you for promoting baby wearing!


After trying FIVE different baby carriers, Action Baby Carrier is my absolute favorite.  If I would have started with it sooner, I know I wouldn't have gone through five.


Some of my favorite things about it is: 

*  it packs up conveniently in our diaper bag

*  comfortable

*  weight range of 8# - 40# ... so we have 10-15# more that we can enjoy it!

*  healthy positioning for the baby

*  the baby is happy and content
* affordable


Best wishes on your new endeavor!  Consider carrying this carrier as I'm sure your parents and babies will thank you.

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Thanks so much, ladies!

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I like ergobaby, but also tula. My favorite wraps are oscha and nati.

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I also LOVE the Ergo!! And I also felt the infant insert was useless and quite awkward. I used the Moby until DD was about 4 months, thats when we switched to the Ergo and I still use the Ergo everyday! DD is 16 months and 22 lbs. Although the Ergo is a bit pricey, I feel it was absolutely worth the money. I feel like it just gets more and more comfortable as time goes on and holds up well after many washings.

The Moby was great and really comfortable, but it did take some time to get used to. I felt it was a lot easier to wrap it on me once and just keep it on all day, slipping DD in and out as needed, instead of wrapping and unwrapping. This was easy for those early months when I wore DD practically all day long.

Good luck with your new adventures!

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I love my Ergo and did use the infant insert quite a bit. I loved the insert for walks when it was windy, because it completely sheltered my January-born DD from the wind. I also love my Maya Ring sling.


My DD always got to hot as a newborn in her Moby

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