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Yes, definitely get checked out. Sending stay put baby thoughts your way!

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Yes, yes, to all that has been said. Get checked out and hopefully you just need more rest. Please let us know how it all goes!
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Thinking of you and hoping you headed in to get checked out. Stay put, baby! Let us know how you are when you can.

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I'm still at work, I don't get off until 11:30 tonight. It's a pretty easy day so I'm ok staying.. there is no one to cover my shift and since I don't have enough hours for FMLA to kick in yet, I have to stick it out for financial reasons.
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Oh, that's too bad -- at least it's an easy day? Sending good thoughts hug.gif
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I'm back home this morning, ordered bedrest for today but I'm allowed to get back to work tomorrow.  


They gave me IV fluids and my contractions spaced out.  My cervix is the same.  I wasn't dehydrated- the IV bolus isn't what helped, I'm sure it was the lying still that did the trick to space them out.  When the nurse took the monitor off, I had a huge contraction, and they started back up on my way home.  They're still there.  I was also found to have a huge yeast infection and was given diflucan for it.  I feel like she's waiting to see if that works or not to decide what to do with me.


I'm extremely worried that I am making cervical change, or will soon, and that I shouldn't be working period.  


I don't know if I should go back to work tomorrow.  I mean, I know I *should* for the sake of work and money and hours... I'm 16.13 hours away from being eligible for FMLA.  I spoke to my manager and he mentioned "clearing me off the schedule" (the schedule for next week isn't yet posted) and I'm not really sure how I feel about that- am I being fired? laid off? put on personal leave?  It sucks.  My return date is December 1st, I had discussed this with someone prior to that.  With a full term baby that would be fine and well within my FMLA,


If I finish my scheduled week, I'm left ONE HOUR short of being eligible for FMLA.  Really, this sucks.  I'm going to try and speak with them and see if I can lighten my workload and prepare to leave July 31st or something.  The thing is, we really need the income.  Any advice, etc, please do share.

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What a difficult position you are in! You need to rest and you need hours at work. Is there anyway for them to give you less strenuous things to do at work? Are you currently scheduled to work only 15 hours next week? 

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I am so sorry you're dealing with this :(  If I were you, I would absolutely talk to your boss about accommodations to allow you to finish out your 16 hours.  I'm guessing your only protection for your job is FMLA, not any sort of STD through work. Maybe they can rework the schedule with shorter shifts for you and get you through the 16 hours?  


Good luck.

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Nope, I do not qualify for any kind of STD through them.  


The thing is, I'd like to keep working.  We need the inccome!  I'm going to see if he can lighten my workload (10 hours on my feet isn't a good thing) over my hours and see if that helps.


Oh, I also can't take maternity leave by law I think until I've met with them and discussed it 30 days prior to such leave.  

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Yes, then you need to be your own best advocate and ask for the accommodations you need to continue working. Even if that means dr. notes and all that rigamarole. They have no right to push you out as long as you can and are doing the job you were hired for. 

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Can you take a couple days to rest up and let your system clear out the infection, and then try for light duty? This is what I'd try for- I probably wouldn't go in tomorrow, just because it sounds like your body is asking for a break. It sounds like you've been a reliable, valuable employee to them- I really hope they're willing to work with you, especially so close to hitting your FMLA hours. Your manager may have just been assuming that being cleared off for next week is what you needed without really knowing for sure. Fingers crossed for you.

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Hope everything works out for you- this is a really tough situation, you cannot be fired because you are pregnant and you have protections and rights, I really hope you can get those 16 hours accomplished.  

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 How scary.  Hope baby stays in for at least another 7 or 8 weeks!!  I would see about staying home for another week or so, to give the yeast infection time to clear and for you to heal up from the fall.  I think after that, it is possible that you may be able to work without bringing on lots of contractions (hopefully anyway) so you can get your hours to get FMLA. . I think that infections (yeast infections, urinary tract infections, and vaginal infections) are a big cause of pre-term labor, so I think if you get that cleared up and healed, you would be in better shape and may not need the bedrest anymore.

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Thanks everyone!  I'm going to start a new thread in the "I'm Pregnant" forum to get some info about discrimination...


The schedule was published for next week.  I'm working 5 days out of the week (typical) but only 35 hours.  My hours were cut.  Two of the shifts are Printer shifts (I work for a tourist photography company, and working in an air conditioned printroom is much easier than running up and down stairs and standing in the heat) which I requested (I'm not one of the designated printers so I'm happy they are doing that to accomodate me.  


The other three shifts are at the venue I usually work at.  Only thing is, they no longer have me in my supervisory position (my pay hasn't been cut, nor has my title).  I'm not leading the shifts as I have been.  I was not talked to about this beforehand.  There is also another employee who is now in training this week to start doing the job that I was doing (opening/closing of the venue).  She has not received any promotion or pay raise yet, but she's listed to start taking over.  Which is good- we had discussed that this would happen.  I would be taken off of opening/closing/supervisory shifts and someone else would be brought in to cover while I'm unable.  Only we discussed this to happen in LATE AUGUST at the earliest.


I'm not happy about this and my manager will be at my venue today, I'm hoping to talk to him about it....

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Sounds like you are being very proactive, good for you!  Get some rest and take care of ourself with that extra time you would have been at work.  I hope it all works out for you and your little girl baby- I think it will stillheart.gif

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I thnk you really need to talk to your manager. Depending on intentions, all of that could be perfectly reasonable, or not. As long as it's temporary, they may think they are doing you a favour by reducing your responsibility level for a few days. On the other hand if they plan on it being permanent that's another story entirely, although what you can do about it may be limited if they are not cutting your pay or position title. It actually makes a lot of sense to me that they would start training a replacement now. It's always better to have someone ready to go in case you do have to leave work early than leave it too late and end up with out someone properly trained (I've been that person, when the person I was replacing had her baby 5 weeks early.) Hopefully it turns out that lack of communication from your supervisor is the only real problem, and that after a week or so of somewhat reduced activity you can go right back to your normal job!

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