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Some q's:


One size or perfect size?

Are they better then BG's? Why do you prefer them?


I only have one, it is a perfect size (L) that was passed down to me. I adore it, so soft on the inside and the pocket is really easy. 

But I have a new baby coming and not sure what to choose. 

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I used the sized ones with my dd, before they came out with the one size.  I loved them. I like snaps more than the velcro closure of the BumGenius.  I had one BG that I tested with my daughter and I don't know how much they have changed.  I did like the stretchy bit at the front of the BG, but found that my daughter, who was a heavy wetter, would get wicking through that stretchy part, and the front of her clothes would be soaked. 


In fact, I just pulled out the small FB and they are in great shape, even having been through 3 wee ones (my dd, my friend's dd, and cousin's ds).  So we will be using those again. :) I am looking at the one size to replace the Mediums, because I think those are going to be thrashed when I get them back....they just get used for so long.

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We use sized FB with my last exclusively. I really like them. When I started out I bought a lot of used ones that had been separated from their original inserts. Otherwise they were in great condition (old style, pointed tabs, Made in USA). I replaced them with new FB four ply inserts and they were work horses. I actually liked them better than my new version which was from Chinese production. They've since left China I've heard which is good because the elastic on those needs to be replaced for the new babe. Now they are made in Turkey and the quality is back.


I prefer sized diapers because they are less bulky, can be reliably used on a second child or bought used or sold used. I've never stripped or had build up problem or any problem at all. We do usual routine and charlie's soap.


We potty learn 18m-2y and I've never gone beyond a size medium. And both the ones I've bought used and the ones I bought new are in good enough condition to reuse for the next kid which is a great investment.


I have no experience with BG other than to say I hear a lot of stripping problems. Made in the USA. And one size diapers are silly to me.


I don't know that I would buy FB again simply because they aren't made here and so many diapers are.  I do need newborn diapers for this babe and USA-made is one of the critera I am using.

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What pockets - other than BG - are made in the US? I know I'm going to have to replace some if not all of my med FB, and I have a few that were right after they moved to being made in Mexico, but it would be nice to get something made in the country.

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Wow, thanks for the great info. Very informative. Nice that they have held up for you both. 

So in other words, buying sized is a good idea. The only reason I wasn't wanting to buy sized ( I hate the bulk too) was financially.


Yes, the BG's never worked for my girl either. We were constantly stripping, leaking, etc. And the velcro is ick. I personally don't like picking out all the fuzzies at night. 


Thanks for the info mamas.  

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I posted on here maybe 6 weeks ago about Fuzzi Bunz OS, 7 years ago I used the sized with my dd, started at about 3 months and was able to use medium all the way through potty training at 2- and she was fairly large at birth, 9lbs.


I was planning on buying FB sized again, but got a couple of OS to "evaluate," and also some Charlie Banana OS.  They are almost exactly the same, with a few minor differences, like buttons on the elastic as opposed to sliding elastic w/FB OS...and the fleece has a flap in the back which covers the insert, where as FB does not have any thing to cover insert, and I always hated how the insert stuck out of the back.


I posted a bunch of pictures you can check out, IMHO the fleece in Charlie Banana seems softer, and the back of the diaper is a little higher which I am hoping helps with blowouts...Although I haven't actually used them yet, based on what I know from previous experience, the OS look to work exactly like they advertise, FB or CB, from birth to potty training...my only concern would be if the birth weight was lower, like 5/6 lbs, they might not fit too well right away, but they are nearly exactly the same size as the medium FB I still have from 7 years ago, which never had adjustable elastic or the overlapping  buttons (this is on CB)..


And FYI, like FB, CB are made in China...Hope this wasn't too confusing and somewhat helpful!

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