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Diaper Bags

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Gahhh, they are so heavy. 

I have used the skip hop duo with dd, and while I really like it (still looks good even though it has extreme wear) it can get sooo heavy. I also don't really like the zillions of pockets. 

I originally purchased it with the intention of it clipping onto the back of the stroller. Which is a great feature, however, I ended up wearing tiny dd a lot, and once she got bigger she was in and out of the stroller a lot, which meant that the weight of the bag made the whole stroller tip over. LOL. It was ridiculous. huh.gif


Anyways, now I am looking for a new one. Anyone had one they loved? 

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Honestly, with breastfeeding and everything, there was very little that I ever needed to bring with me. I'd bring maybe two cloth diapers, a cover, some wipes and a wetbag. If I needed to bring more, I found it much easier to bring a backpack. You can carry your baby and have a backpack on your back (comfortably) at the same time. I never used my stroller until my son was about 1 1/2 because he just didn't show interest in it (and he is so small that I could carry him for a really long time - he's only 28 pounds right now at 3 years old). Also, I would transfer stuff from my purse into the backpack so I didn't have a purse AND a backpack. I don't know, I just never had a lot of stuff I needed. If you plan on bringing your kid to daycare, then that's different. Even then, I'd still use a backpack. 

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I agree on the backpack, although DH hates it. But for as frequently as he's out...with the baby...without me....lol


I wanted a cute, slightly larger purse so I sewed one up that's big enough for my items as well as what sally listed - a couple cloth diapers, a couple wipes, a smallish wetbag, an extra shirt/pants (for explosions!) and I carry a blanket  for baby through the handles.

If we're going on a longer full-day/overnight trip, then I have a backpack to put in a couple extra changes of clothes, an extra blanket and some extra diapers.

I made a couple of these in different patterns (as well as sold a bunch) and I'm still using them as a purse. I always bring a diaper and a wash cloth with me still, you never know what they'll come in handy for.

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I like a big bag.  I tend to take along everything I might need.  Mostly because when we go out we're out all day.  I like being prepared.  I usually take extra diapers and clothes with me, plus Elsa's drinks and snacks, and toys/books depending on where we're going.  I have a smaller bag inside the big bag that I can throw one diaper and a tiny wetbag so I don't have to lug the whole thing into a quick store stop.


I have a medium size bag that I use for medium trips as well.  I'd like to replace that one because it's boring.

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I swear by using a backpack myself... I never had a diaper bag because I didn't want to lug anything over my shoulder.  I often have my baby in the Ergo on one side of me and my backpack on the other (front or back).  That way I stay really mobile and agile and hands free.  I use a small Deuter backpack with mesh pockets on the sides (one for sippy cup and one for garbage) and a little front pocket for my wallet/phone/keys/chapstick.  Very lean set up and just right for me!

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I like the back pack too.  It makes so much more sense!

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We are getting a messenger bag this time around, probably the JJ Cole system 180.  With our foster kids we had large and small traditional style diaper bags. When we only had one kiddo, the small one was great and convenient. We'd just throw in a few diapers and wipes, formula and bottles (so glad we won't have to worry about that with our own!), a change of clothes, and a receiving blanket.  For larger day trips we would take the larger bag.  When we had two kids we would use the big one and usually have snacks, sippy cups, twice the diapers since the toddler was still potty training, etc.  We could fill it up easily!  It was too big to fit easily under our stroller, and we didn't have a good carrier, so we used the stroller a lot.  We still have the small one, but the large one was destroyed by the time we were done with it. 


We talked about a back pack, but I really liked having the bag on my side so I could grab a receiving blanket or burp cloth easily when I was holding the baby, or get something out for the toddler. It was really hard to keep both straps on your shoulder.  We are hoping the messenger bag is the best of both worlds!  Neither of us carry a purse, so it doesn't have to be big enough to throw that in, and hopefully the slimmer design will fit in our stroller better.

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No proper diaper bag here, I just plan to use a nice Keen messenger bag that I picked up last year which I've been saving "for baby".  It's very gender neutral and understated too, for DH.  I totally have a weakness for purses and handbags though, and can see myself shopping for a variety of bags/totes/backpacks once I get settled back in the U.S. (my excuse being that it's for the baby, not for ME, so it's ok!!!)

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I like a roomy cross body bag.  I typically don't like "diaper bags."  I don't need 97 different little compartments that I have to go through to find whatever I'm looking for.  I need enough room for a couple of cloth diapers, a change of clothes for the baby my wallet, keys etc. Small things like chapstick, pantie liners extra snappis or diaper pins etc are kept in a zipper pouch.  I'm pretty minimalist and as long as the strap is long enough I can wear it across my body while wearing the baby, usually with the strap under the carrier.

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I need a big bag so I just found a large purse that I like. Not only will I be carrying what i need for the baby but for everyone else in the house too. lol

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Originally Posted by PeacefulSeams View Post

I need a big bag so I just found a large purse that I like. Not only will I be carrying what i need for the baby but for everyone else in the house too. lol

Haha, most definitely. 

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I was given an LL Bean one for my (now) 4 year old. I suppose I should find it. Looking at the current pictures it seems they have redesigned them a bit. For the older girls I always had a backpack, even just with cloth diapers, change of clothes, etc. with 2 and then 3 kids no way a diaper bag was gonna hack it!

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