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Difference between La Bassine and Aquaborn?

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I'm 31 weeks, need to order a birth pool. I've used the La Bassine for two prior births and loved it. 


But I found this one:  http://www.yourwaterbirth.com/aquaborn-eco-pools-c-1_437.html  called an "Aquaborn" and I'm thinking about trying it this time.


It's supposed to be a bit deeper and I like that it has a lid but other than that I don't know if it's much different.  I'm actually worried with me being 5'2" that it might be too high for me to easily get in and out.  


I've also heard very good things about BPIAB. 


I'd love to hear from anyone who has used both or at least the Aquaborn and what their thoughts were. 


I also am wondering what the difference might be on the bottom of these 3 pools.  The La Bassine was an inflated bottom but sometimes just a bit uncomfy with the large air chambers but I suppose that could be solved by using a liner and putting pillows under it?  Are the other pool bottoms similar or softer? 

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I'm 5'6" and anything deeper than La Bassine would have been too deep. I wouldn't have been able to sit after birth, hold my baby and not drown. My labors are on the quick side so the lid isn't appealing. A tarp can serve the same purpose. I didn't find the bottom bothersome at all. La Bassine is, to me, the most pleasant looking. I find the others look cheap. BPIAB is too big IMO.  

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Hmmm... maybe I should just stick with what's worked out for me so well twice already?

I have the kiddie pool with the fishes on it (given to me by midwife 4 years ago, never used it except my kids play in it in summer) and I think for me (just how I am during labor/birth) it is just too distracting, and I even stepped in it a few days ago and feel like it's too small - I think the La Bassine is more an oval, doesn't make me feel so trapped??  I don't know what it is about the kiddie pool but I just feel like it would distract me too much for some reason. 


Anyone found the seat in the BPIAB useful?  But I think that one is also deeper and bigger than La Bassine, huh?

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I've birthed in the fishy pool and agree that it's distracting and small. It works, but I wouldn't use it unless I had to. Have you tried emailing or calling one of the HB suppliers that sells several of the pools? They might know their range and/or have had feedback from their clients.
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