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Portland Waldorf Schools

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Hi all,


We are possibly moving to Portland in the near future. Our job would be located by the airport, so we are looking at the eastside to live and for schools. We are looking at the three Waldorf Schools in that area: Shining Star, Micha-el, and the Portland Waldorf School.


I have been scrutinizing their websites and have exchanged e-mails with the schools, but am looking for information on them from parents. I would love it if someone could compare them, but that might not be possible, so if you have first-hand knowledge of any of them, could you tell me what you love about them and also maybe what you think could be done better or what you don't love.


We will be able to get up there and see them in person prior to making a decision, but I would love as much information as I could get!


I saw a bit on older threads, but was hoping for some updated insight.


Thanks so much in advance!

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Hi there! We moved here to Portland three years ago from Virginia just for our children to attend the Portland Waldorf school.We toured both Cedarwood and the Micha-el schools as well. I would love to help you out however I can. I don't really come on these boards that much anymore but please feel free to e-mail me at :farmergopi@yahoo.com. It is soamazing out here -  much worth the move!!

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