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Interested in Homebirth Supplies

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I was just wondering what sort of things ppl who are planning homebirths are being asked to have on hand by their midwives. Or what those with experience are making sure to have on hand for the birth. 


We're planning a UC, and I've got my own ideas of what seems necessary or what I'd like to have, but I'd love to hear from others!

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Hi Pregnova,


My list includes extra sheets that you can throw out, nice sheets to put on after the birth, 8 receiving blankets, 4-6 towels, 12 washcloths (or cut up towel), 5 newborn hats, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, portable heater, flashlight (in case power goes out), crock pot, hand mirror, bowl for placenta, olive oil, ice packs, q-tips, large garbage bags, cutting board (I think to stabilize baby against in an emergency), heating pad, digital thermometer and a birth kit.


I'm supposed to order the birth kit from www.1cascade.com. She has a specific kit set up for her. It inlcudes chux pads, gloves, gauze, cord ring, assorted sanitary pads, alcohol pads, afterbirth herbs, straws, baby cap, peri bottle and lube jelly. You can gets tons of supplies here for pretty cheap!


Food and drink for labor.


And for postpartum: arnica 200c, crampbark for afterbirth pains, frozen pads that have been soaked in the sitz bath herbs, cream for sore nipples.



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lol, wow...that's a lot! All sounds great though!

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Seriously! Thankfully we have a lot of it already. The kit is something like $50. But they require us to have it ALL by 36 weeks. And they have specific instructions about washing all the linens and having them each sealed in their own bag and taped shut. 


We already have a set of sheets I don't mind trashing. I found washcloths for super cheap on amazon. I hear Ikea has cheap receiving blankets. And a lot of our towels could use to be replaced - so I plan to treat us to some new towels so we can use our current towels in our birth kit. Otherwise I'd just get them from goodwill. We already have a big cutting board, heating pad, heater, crockpot, etc. I'm not sure what the crockpot is for? Maybe for keeping towels warm or something? I guess they want you to have so many blankets and hats bc they put them on right when baby comes out and they get nasty so maybe for as baby gets progressively cleaner? LOL.



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lol, I know...it seems like a LOT stuff for cleaning up mess! lol I don't remember so much mess in any birth I've been to!! But, always best to be prepared! I'm thinking I'll get most of our stuff from goodwill since we just don't have anything to junk at the moment, and I'm planning on having a few plastic shower curtains on hand for both on the bed, and wherever I end up birthing. I have this weird feeling that I might just be wandering around our house this go around until I suddenly feel like pushing and then the baby is just going to shoot out of me! lol So I want to have the floor easily covered if that's a real thing that might happen!


As to baby clothes and receiving blankets...meh...I'll probably just have a nice towel or two to wrap it in until we've gotten it clean. 


I think the crockpot might be to heat water or oil so that it's available warm when you begin to crown for perineum support? 


I liked the suggestion for flashlight and hand mirror though! i would have forgotten to plan for either! Are you doing waterbirth cindy?

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I am planning a waterbirth. And that reminds me - i have no idea what we are doing about a tub. My doula rents them, but for far more than I want to spend. The 2nd midwife that will be at the birth has one but I don't know if I can use it or if I'll have to pay. I think I'm just going to get the fishy pool off amazon for $30. My friend that just had be baby on Monday had said she would give me the tubing to fill/drain it that she bought (she used the midwife's tub).


I had Makenna in the water. So there really was no mess to be cleaned up, other than them having to clean the tub after. I barely bled duringthe birth anyway - the water was still clear. So I really have no idea what to expect. Hopefully this baby will be born in the water too. 


Yeah my midwife was just telling me about being at a birth when the power went out (at the birth center). Someone had to hold a flashlight shining down for the entire birth. 



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Cutting board!?  Wow.  ;)


We haven't gotten our HB list yet, as I just transferred from an OB practice.  I'm curious if mine will have 'cutting board' on it.  And 'crock pot'.  Sounds like we are going to cook the baby!  

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Yeah it sounds funny! But my friend told me if the baby needs to be stabilized and transported, they put the heating pad on the cutting board and put blnakets over it and then secure baby to it. Makes sense, I guess. 



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hrrm...I have to say, something seems wrong about that picture coming from a homebirth perspective. I mean, I suppose that it might be hard to stabilize baby while in arms, but surely once it's stabilized and being readied for transport, Mom could be holding baby skin to skin? Idk though, I imagine any reason to transport a birthed baby is awful enough that I can't even really imagine!

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I think I'll ask my midwife when she comes on Monday. Not knowing a terrible amount about possible bad situations, what comes to mind is a possible birth trauma - some sort of broken bone or something? One of the babies born to a couple in my birth class last time was born with a broken clavicle. His mom had a 45 minute labor and gave birth to him on the toilet at home! Thankfully their friend/doula happened to be at their house at the time and caught the baby. And another baby from the same class had to be resusitated for a full 6 minutes by our midwife before she started breathing - so I would imagine having a stable place, other than in arms, could be handy? 



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BTW, I'm curious - since you are doing an unassisted birth, are you trained in infant resusitation? Do you have the little bag thing they pump that breathes for the baby?



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No to both, but I do have the 'book' learning part down pat with regards to resuscitation. My midwifery class and doula training also covered bits and pieces of it. It's also my understanding that breathing into the baby with your mouth covering nose and mouth has the same effect as the little bag a midwife would pump. I think it's yet another of the 'trust' parts of UC...trusting that this Babe is healthy and will come into its own without any assistance so long as we leave that cord alone!


I just got my birth ball. It's my first real contribution to the coming birth and makes it feel so close!!!

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The resusitation part is something that I would want to learn before hand. I just have too many friends who's babies came out and didn't breath for a long time. And this was after normal, natural births. One was a stressful labor but one they had no idea why it happened. They are both fine now, but only bc they were properly resusitated for so long. But then again, I'm too much of a worry wort to ever be able to do a UA. :-) And I also made my husband take infant CPR with me before I had M. I'm a worrier. 


I need to blow up my ball soon. I think it will feel good to sit on these days!



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I asked my midwife - yep, the board is to have a stable, movable place in case they need to resusitate. 


I'm so happy - she said she is going to buy a birth tub (since she is pregnant) and I can use it. I'll just need to get a liner and hose. She is going to have a pump. So that is a nice chunk of money we don't have to spend! Also, when I was thinking of buying the fishy pool, I didn't feel comfortable putting it in my bedroom, in case it leaked. I was going to use the basement - which is not my ideal birthing space. But since she will have a professional pool that isn't liekly to leak, I'm going to be able to put it in my room. I feel much better about birthing up there!



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I've not heard of using a cutting board to transport. Usually an ambulance comes if newborn transport is necessary. We used a cutting board for CPR. If there wasn't one, we'd put baby on the floor. I would highly recommend having a delee suction on hand, just in case.

The crock pot is useful for warm compresses, generally during pushing but can be used at any time in labor.

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Joy: I doubt they use the board for an ambulance - just until paramedics arrive - in case they need to move the baby, etc. 

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Just wanted to throw this out there...I am selling my un-used homebirth supply kit (in short: a planned HB turned cesarearn for transverse premature baby in 2009). This time around I am just going for a hospital birth and don't know that we'll be having any more babies, so...it's still available! :)  If we could work out a Paypal payment or something, I'd be totally willing to ship it. I bought it according to my midwife's specs from Cascade Medical online and it cost $75 back then...the kit costs almost $90 today plus shipping. I'm asking $30. Here is a Craigslist link: https://post.craigslist.org/manage/3076090181

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BTW a crock pot for warm compresses sounds like a GREAT idea - I may bring mine to the hospital!! Could have a little fun with the nurses by telling them it's to cook the placenta afterward lol...

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Hi SunnyPerch - I'm interested in your HB kit! I couldn't access the Craigslist link, though. Could you PM me with more info about what's in the kit?  Thanks so much!

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Boston, I PM'ed you but also just realized I posted the wrong link. Sorry! This should be the good one: http://bloomington.craigslist.org/bab/3076090181.html

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