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To V-back or not to V-back that is the question?

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Hello Lovely Ladies,


With my first child I ended up having a c-section. We induced labor because my placenta stopped working and DD had stop gaining weight and the situation was very serious, but as soon as I went into active labor my angel was not fairing well which is why we opted for the cesarean. For this birth I am really contemplating having a natural birth. I am wondering if any one here as had a cesarean and then a v-back? What are your feelings on it? Was it great, was it more then you expected......is it over-rated (my mothers words innocent.gif) was it wonderful. Any feelings or input would be much appreciated.


Thanks blowkiss.gif

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I'll try for a VBA2C this time. After 2 difficult labors, I honestly doubt I'll get it. But, the way I look at it is this. If you plan for a VBAC and then decide at the last minute for a C section ANY doc out there will give it to you. If you plan for a C Section and decide along the way you want a VBAC there is NO WAY you'll get one. (I recognize that's an exaggeration, but it's not too far from the truth.)

So, it's better to plan for a VBAC to keep all your options on the table, IMO.
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I had a c-section with DD1 in 2005 due to failure to progress.  My water broke, but contractions did not start.  They gave me pitocin and I stopped dilating at 5cm. 


With DD2, I wanted a VBAC.  I hired an amazing doula who recommended I switch doctors and hospitals to have a better chance at having the vbac.  I did.  My water broke again, but this time contractions started.  I was going to attempt a natural birth, but I ended up getting an epidural which slowed my labor.  Although it was difficult - the doctor who I had hoped to have wasn't on call and the doctor present wasn't terribly confident that my body could do it - I did end up having a vaginal birth :)  It was a really powerful experience and I'm really glad I did it.  Recovery was much easier and faster (although I did sit on a boppy for a bit.)  Breastfeeding went easier, too.


I really credit my doula for being able to provide support and medical information.  I'll be attempting another VBAC with this baby and hiring my doula again :)


Good luck with your decision!

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Thanks Ladies!!!


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I had a c/s in august 2008 with my son after being induced and pushing for over 3 hours.  He was posterior and VERY stuck behind my pubic bone and started showing distress.... so I had a c/s.  IMO, it was an awful experience.  I was really sad about it for a long time.


Then, in June 2010, I had a totally intervention-free hospital VBAC with my 9 lb 8 oz baby girl!  It was literally the best experience of my life.  I labored at home for 12 hours (about 6 hours of active labor) using Hypnobabies and then went to the hospital at 3am.  When they checked me, I was 9.5 cm!  I pushed for 45 minutes and my baby girl (wet and slimy) was out on my chest.  I felt euphoric!  It was so awesome.  My recovery time was so much better, too.  After 4 days, I felt "normal" vs. about 4 weeks with the c/s.  


If you do decide to VBAC, I recommend having a very supportive provider.  I had an awesome certified nurse midwife.  Also, look into natural childbirth prep classes.  Having an epidural increases your risk of instrumental vaginal delivery (forceps/vacuum) and/or c-section.  I took the hypbobabies home study course (you can order it online) and it was GREAT.  When I went to the hospital at 9.5 cm, the unit clerk checking me in didn't even think I was in labor!  I had a very comfortable labor and birth because of the deep relaxation that it taught me.  


Good luck!!!

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Thank you so much Chapsie, such an inspiring story. I will look into hynobabies sounds very interesting! Again thanks.

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