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NEWBIE needs help!

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My daughter was diagnosed with achondroplasia (dwarfism) and I want to make items that kids her age will be wearing, but she won't fit into, yet- like cool hats, gloves, scarves, sweaters, etc. I am hoping to start NOW, so I am great by the time she's school-aged, but I have NO idea where to begin.


Any ideas on how to even embark on this journey?


Thank you!

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Depending on how old your daughter is now they may no longer be in style say 10 yrs down the road but even if it is that far away now is the time to learn the skills!


I taught myself by watching you tube videos. I feel I can knit anything thrown at me because If I don't already know a skill I just look it up on you tube. 


Also there is a site that you have to be a member of (it is free!) and they have lots of helpful members and thousands of free patterns along with paid for patterns. It is called Ravelry. 


Have fun I love knitting!

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Start with small projects, like hats she can wear this winter.  How old is she now?  If she is still young, dolly blankets and tiny scarves teach good flat knitting skills.  Doll clothes patterns can be found for knitting with circular needles.  Don't start knitting things for when she grows up.  Fashions change.  Make things for *now* when she doesn't care (if she is that young).

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I am just learning to knit myself, I have a friend that showed me the basics, and to really get it down I have been watching you tube. All I have made so far is 4 washcloths, the first 3 are terrible looking but I am doing the 4th one now and its looking really good so far! I really want to learn to make myself some socks, that is my goal. It's a lot easier than I thought it would be!
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Some sock patterns are indeed pretty easy, easier than you might think.


Once you get the basics, knitting is pretty much following the pattern properly (at least until you are brave enough to plan your own patterns).  


I think where experience really starts coming in is when you can look at your piece and know where you are, whether you remembered an increase, etc.  You can see turned stitches, you can correct dropped ones.  You can correct a knit-purl mistake without much fuss.  If you messed up, you can look and make a quick fix of your own design ,  just know that one extra stitch isn't going to throw off the pattern (and when it will), and when (sigh!) you just have to rip it back.  You can see how the piece is coming together as you go, instead of it looking like a blob until you finish.  You know when your gauge is getting off and when to stop and check it.  You know whether your stitching tends to be loose or tight, and you choose needle-size accordingly, never-mind the instructions.





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