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So I just wanted to share. I had some difficulty motivating my 7 year old to do school work over the summer vacation. We had a rough end of the year at her school and she was feeling really negative about anything school related. It made me feel very frustrated and sad. I had this whole vision of how home schooling would be. I was really looking forward to a harmonious event and instead I was met with discord. I followed the advice of some smart ladies here to back off and do a period of "unschooling" with her. In this time she has become a voracious reader. She now finds reading to be fun and enjoyable. I bought her a notebook that she can write in if she wants to. She has been writing journal entries, book reviews, poems, letters to her grandma and other family members. I am just sitting back in awe. She now knows her multiplication tables up the 12s. She ran across a app on the ipad that she enjoys doing. We have visited countless places and have had so much fun together without the pressure of making it "educational". She has so many questions and we are constantly finding the answers. I am learning so much myself! She also has been helping me with the housework. No complaining. Playing with the baby while I make dinner or while I wake up in the morning with my coffee (I am so not a morning person!). I honeslty think she has learned more than in the whole second semester of second grade. I have her (and her brother) enrolled with a virtual school for the fall. I am very excited to do schooling at home. For the first time I feel like I can do this and be successful. My daughter is actually looking forward to having more structure. She loves the online summer lessons they provide. I think that this is a good start to a great year.

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Awesome!  It is amazing how much learning takes place when it isn't pushed onto someone!



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So glad for you! I hope you have a wonderful year! We school through a cyber charter school. However, at this point we choose to do the self-paced curriculum and I am the kids' teacher. We love it-it's a great fit for our family. Your daughter probably needed some time to unwind and decompress. As a side point, I've tried not to get my "ideals" to high. Some days are awesome home-school days. Others, not so much. There are ups and downs, but overall we enjoy being together and have a lot of fun.

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