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The 8 week healthy weight loss challenge 4.0 (started 7/30, enrolling through 8/4) - Page 6

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I went to the gym this morning and lifted some weights. My kids have swimming lessons at noon, which means i have to be at the gym by about 10:20 to get my workout done in time to get to the pool and change, but today there was a wait list for the childwatch since there were too many kids. I had to rush my workout a little, but not much. I got almost everything in. it's kinda weird being in the area of the gym with all the weights, because you don't often see that many girls there! 


tomorrow i will most likely do some hill sprints. soo not fun. 

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Another 20 min walk this morning, and will do a 10 min one after supper.


Did some core exercises after my morning walk.

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I have tentative teams formed, but was wondering if y'all wanted me to wait until Saturday (as I had made that the late date to join) so that I can make sure the teams are fairly even to start?

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Oops first week in and I am already blowing it huh? I am 5'7 and weight is at 227.4. I did 30 minute walks yesterday and Monday. Today I am going to attempt to jog even if it is only for 2 minutes and I am also going to walk. I am still staying under my calorie goals but for the next 7 days am eating garbage because we are broke.eyesroll.gif
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nobodymove - What exercises do you do for your diastasis?  I had a decent-sized diastasis after having DS, which I didn't really realize until about a year postpartum.  I started working on my transverse abs, but then between a miscarriage and pregnancy, they've really gone to hell.  My abs haven't seen each other for over a year now...  I've been in a support binder since my c-section, but I'm looking for exercises to start to gently strengthen my abs.


milk8shake - DH's aunt and uncle lost a ton of weight by walking, too...  How far do you usually go?  What kind of pace?  I can't manage much more than a slow mile right now, but I seem to be improving quickly (except for the past few days, since I'm exhausted from "vacation" eyesroll.gif ).


AFM - The scale this morning said 171!!  I'm trying not to get too excited, since I fluctuate from day to day.  I'm making an effort to eat more, which I'm hoping will help.  It seemed like I was always hungry through the last few weeks of my pregnancy, and I'm just tired of eating...  I don't want my body to go into starvation mode and hang onto the extra weight.  I also picked up some Bolthouse Farms protein smoothies, so I can get some nutrition even when I don't have time/opportunity to actually eat.  I really hope I can get back into the swing of cooking soon.  These past few weeks have been barely-controlled chaos.

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Darn it! I was planning to join this go round and totally forgot! 


Good luck to everyone. We'll be cheering you on!joy.gif

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Cynthia!!! You can still join us!  Our official join by date is Saturday!  thumb.gif

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Cool! Sign me up!! 


Starting weight is 210 and I am 5'9" tall. Anything else? shy.gif

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We can edit the title of the thread to give the start date as Saturday, if you think that would help. :)

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Originally Posted by Cynthia Mosher View Post

We can edit the title of the thread to give the start date as Saturday, if you think that would help. :)

can we modify it to "8 week healthy weight loss challenge 4.0 (started 7/30, enrolling through 8/4)"?

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Ok, I will post our chart again on saturday with any new additions and such. 

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Got a mile on the treadmill this morning before the babe woke up.  Little steps...

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Day 4 ladies! How are we doing? Oh man was yesterday rough. I would have had a glass of wine normally but decided, NO not this time! I'm trying to attempt a 30 Day Paleo Challenge so drinking is off the menu for the most part. According to this challenge, I can have some in "moderation" (dry wines, spirits only), not sure if I want to though. Once Friday hits, I'm going to see what happens and do my best! Wine for me trumps any kind of sugar or carb but obviously isn't healthy. I guess it could be worse...


Speaking of sugar... My DD insisted on jelly beans and was such a sweet thing at Trader Joes' today I had to get her some. I'm a sucker, I know. BUT I didn't even eat ONE! Are you proud of me? Today's workout need to be cardio and it's 90 degrees outside! Ugh... not looking forward to that!


Keep on keepin' on ladies!


Edit: Oh and Dmitrizmom, I'm cool with Sat. teams. I've barely had time to get on here as it is!

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tillymonster nice job avoiding the jelly beans!  I am a sucker for candy and it is so hard to refuse if offered.


I started couch to 5k last night and barely survived day one.  My goal for this evening is to walk for at least 30 minutes but an hour would be better (all depends on DD's cooperation).

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Thread is now titled "The 8 week healthy weight loss challenge 4.0 (started 7/30, enrolling through 8/4)" thumb.gif

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Well, day 4 of the sugar detox has proven to be MUCH better than the first 3 days - my energy was still a little low, but I am feeling better (no headaches besides the normal whiney kids ones, no shakiness or weakness).  I got in my run today and dug up enough sand out of the hole that will be my garden to fill the bed of a pickup truck.  We are a 1/4 of the way done with our dirt removal and replacement project and plan to do the other 3/4 tomarrow so that is what I will be spending my day off from working out doing :)


I am really proud of my self for sticking with this sugar detox because I am a sucker for sweets and refined carbs and avoiding one is all well and good, but avoiding both is very challenging. 

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thanks Cynthia!


hmmm... I did my WW weigh in tonight and had a decent loss.  I did a double workout today: 2 miles on treadmill, 45 minute water yoga class, laps and treading water for 30 minutes; 40 minutes of kettlebell.  And I ate a bar of delicious chocolate tonight... Boot camp in the morning and maybe a swim after.

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Can I still get in on this? I'm 5'8" and 253lbs. I don't have a specific plan yet. I was just talking to dh today about driving him to and from work in the evenings/mornings so I can take the car to the gym when it isn't needed as a child taxi. ;) This is just the motivation I need to turn that idea into a plan/habit!

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I got my third circuit training workout on Thursday.  A little wiped out from trip to the fertility clinic with DH for a sperm freeze donation.  Going to take a nap then head out to exercise some more to get my 4th workout in for the week.  Saw a significant loss yesterday morning, but didn't weigh this morning since we weren't at home (stayed in a hotel since the fertility clinic is so far away).  Hoping to keep the loss through to next week.  Going to Nashville TN on Sunday for a teachers convention, so I will take my scale with me to keep me motivated while I have little control over the free food that has been paid for through my registration for the conference.  Staying at the Opryland Grand Hotel - it is an awesome place - a arboretum under glass that was fun to enjoy 6 years ago when I was there. 

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I finally made it out today for some "official" exercise.  I walked about a half mile while carrying DD (10 lbs) and pushing DS (40 lbs) in the stroller.  It's not much, but it's better than sitting on the couch, right?  My insides are still a bit sore from the c-section, so I'm just not sure how much to push it.


Does anyone have any advice on calorie intake while breastfeeding?  MyFitnessPal recommends 1580 calories/day in order to lose 1 lb/week.  I know bfing can burn 300-500 calories/day all by itself, but I'm just not sure how to adjust while trying to lose weight.  DD seems to be a light eater (at least compared to DS), so I'm guessing I'm closer to burning 300 calories/day than 500.

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