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The 8 week healthy weight loss challenge 4.0 (started 7/30, enrolling through 8/4) - Page 15

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244.2 pounds weigh in for Aug. 27.  Go weight Go away!

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Red team here coming in at 160.2 this morning.  It was a rough week I managed to lose mainly due to the migraine that hit this pass Friday and stayed all weekend.  Hopefully today is the first day of recovery and a return to my normal schedule.

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136.4 this morning!  This is really helping me. So glad I found you guys so I could be accountable to someone.thumbsup.gif  Before I found you guys I was stuck at 142 for about 2 YEARS!!! I started this challenge at 139 and am finally seeing some results. I love it! Slowly but surely.

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132.2 this morning!  I just checked myfitnesspal and this time last year I was 142.  Two more pounds and I'll be at my prepregnancy weight for my second.  She's almost 3, lol.  Even with the weightloss and doing tons of ab work, my stomach still looks the same.  I was looking at pictures of myself from the weekend and I couldn't tell a difference from before the weightloss.  I still have at least 10 more pounds to go, though.

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Good morning ladies!!!  I love my scale to day (but it may need new batteries!)....



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203.5 - just a half pound this week. But I'll take it. love.gif

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166 today.

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183  biglaugh.gif 


I need to do something differently.  irked.gif

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137. No change.

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147.4 !!!


I lost weight this week! I'm amazed! I barely exercised, and ate all kinds of things I shouldn't. I had a very emotional week (look at my *triggery* post on the teens board for details) and threw this dieting thing out the window. I was halfway decent about portion control, though, and not every meal was crap...so I guess my body decided it would cut me some slack. Next week will also be a little rough but I resolve to at least keep pizza and burgers out of my system! =D

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223.8 yay!
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219.4lbs. today.


It could be worse considering I have a bladder infection. Or a UTI. Really though? While on a weight loss challenge I get THIS? angry.gif Pretty hard to work out right now since I am feeling spasms (omg! strange and wrong feeling! sorry for the TMI!!!) so I've just been walking, I guess it didn't equal out for me this week. This all started after I had that darned bagel. LOL can that even be related? Makes me wonder...

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...not so happy with my results and myself now ...

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212   A little bummed because I had 3 days in a row of hockey + walking everyday. Somewhat cheered up after measuring myself. Still 38 inches in the waist, 49 inches in bust, And 43 inches in hips! Which means I lost an inch of my hips, since starting the recent challenge. smile.gif

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I'm on vacation this week, so wish me luck!

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Diana of the dunes - thanks for catching that week 2 weight!


To all - my computer is BACK in the shop for over heating issues, so I am back to the library for internet use for the next couple of days.  I will get our weight chart up, but it will not be for a couple of days . . . . electronic malfunctions are NO fun :(


I am technically up this week - 176.4, but last week I weighted in at my mother's house so I thought that weight might be a little lower than it would have been on my scale at home.  I am down from 2 weeks ago, which I am thrilled about and do NOT deserve . . . lots of extended family with lots of babies/toddlers crowded into one house for a week = lots of friction = falling back on sweets (and maybe a beer or two).  But I am home and back on track eating wise.  I am also proud of myself because I did all of my runs while I was there, and Kentucky is much more hilly than South Carolina, so my runs were a bit more challenging than usual.


Ok, I am off to cook dinner for the wee ones, back soon with charts and what not!

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131.2 lbs - finally a loss!

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