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The 8 week healthy weight loss challenge 4.0 (started 7/30, enrolling through 8/4) - Page 4

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I'd like to join. I've read the requirements and think I can handle this! 

Where do I go to give my weight and height? 

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Oh well, for all it's worth, here goes.

I'm 4'11" and I weighed in today at 139.

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I'm in! I'm 4'11" and 139 lbs.

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Uhhg, I'm at my top weight of 269 and I'm 5ft 7in. My husband is doing this with me, so that should help some! I had my 3rd child 6w ago & have been under a lot of stress and eating not so good! I had lost about 30lbs before I got pregnant but gained it all back plus a few:( oh well, start over now!


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Oh green faery-- right here with you. I'm above my pre-pregancy weight by like 50 pounds. I also weigh about exactly the same and have since DD was born 2.6 years ago! I'm posting my height/weight in bold purple for the admin here. So happy to have this thread for the next 8 weeks-- I know it'll help me immensely! Let's do this!


Weigh-in today was painful... but here it is:

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 222.6lbs

Waist: 36.5"

Hips: 48.5"





I was 220 a few days ago. This is what I get for pizza and beer last night... Haha!

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Hi Everyone,


Weight - 152

Height - 5' 2"


I have been running trails like crazy training for a 23k that is actually this weekend. :)  I'm a little nervous, but I feel ready.  Crazy thing is that I thought with all of this running I'd be skinny...  no luck.  I'm already pretty muscular, and I've been running hills like crazy.  Oh well, I feel pretty fit, but I also feel a little out of control with my eating (hence my weight)  I appreciate this forum and getting to share.


Besides a weekly posting of our weight, are there any other posting requirements for the contest?


Thanks ladies!

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Welcome to nobodymove and anyone else I missed.


Requirements: post weight on Mondays (or as close to as possible). talk about what you are doing that is working (or not) for you.  talk about what your 4 weekly workouts are and how you are changing them up as you lose (walking counts!).


I have weights for the following: *green*faery*, Amandamarie, BuzzerBeater, dantesmama, dbsam, dmitrizmom, IsaFrench, JollyGG, lilacvioletiris, MarieP, Milk8shake, nobodymove, PixieLittle, sillygrl, tillymonster, tnh2007, tropicana, Valid28.


Weight promised by: Ruthiegirl


Weights are still needed from: BarefootMama99, bridesmother, diana_of_the_dunes, LexiDrewMama, phathui5, SimonMom, thecoffeebean, triscuitsmom, and vermontgirl.


I will edit the above lists as I get weights recorded.  I hope to have everyone's initial weights in by Wednesday morning and teams announced by afternoon. thumb.gif


Happy losing Ladies!!!

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Ok... my planned workouts for the week:

M (today): Bootcamp (1 hour), plus rode my bike hauling the 2yo to and from the Y.

T: 2 mile run, 45 minute swim, 45 minute Kettle bell class

W: Bootcamp in the morning, run in the evening

Th: repeat Tuesday

F: Bootcamp

Sa: either a 5K to celebrate my birthday or a triathlon brick workout (or maybe both)

Su: off


Yes, I'm a bit nuts. redface.gif  I've got 3.5 weeks until I'm back to teaching this fall and would love to be closer to goal...

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213.8   Height  5'4 1/2     Weight up from the last challege. AF due any day now so probably weight gain from that.  I'm going to post my measurements as well because sometimes I don't lose on the scale, but I lose inches. I'm still working on my goal of fitting into a pair of size small men's hockey pants that I bought last challenge. As of 7/22- Hips-44 inches, Waist-38 inches.

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Exercise plans for the week:   Monday- 30 min. walking

                                            Tuesday-30 min. walking/ 15 min. hockey drills

                                            Wed- 2.5 hours of hockey classes/scrimmaging

                                            Thurs. 30 min. walking/15 min. hockey drills

                                            Friday- 1 hour  hockey skating

                                            Sat.- family outing

                                            Sun.-1 hour hockey skating

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Dmitriz-- I think you are awesome and should be reaching a heightened milf status for sure with that much work! wink1.gif

Me? I'm not that hardcore yet. Gotta keep realistic goals and for now it's 4x strength training while DD plays outside! It's from a gym-free workout book I got for the kindle. Love it so far because it's only works one or two body parts per session. This cuts soreness down for me!

Jump rope, walking and jogging every other day. No days off! Today-- I did both!
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Okay, I am 5'0 and 168 pounds. I walk mostly for my workouts.  Today I did a 60 minute walk and tomorrow I will do my one hour Zumba class.  I am limiting my starches and trying to stay focused on losing this extra weight.  My goal for this eight weeks is to lose enough to reach 155.

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I forgot to add my height, which is 5'2". Here's my exercise goal for the week:


Monday: Jillian 30 day shred, level 3, then level 1

Tuesday: 4 mile run

Wednesday: 6 mile run

Thursday: shred 

Friday" 3-4 mile run

Sat: rest

Sunday: 11 mile run


I'm training for a half marathon, but each time I do one, i lose about 5 lbs at the end of the training and gain it all back two weeks later.  I'm hoping this will help me to stick with it afterwards and keep the weight off.

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tillymonster - you just made my night. Thanks! orngtongue.gif

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trying to watch it on the ice cream. this is seriously hard. kids are getting ice cream offered left and right. at least i'm saying "no" for my own portion. but they are 6 and 2 and as such, rarely finish their cones. which they then hand to me. and i eat...

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Sorry for the long absence . . . I got my computer back just in time for our start date!!  I am starting this challenge at 180.8#.  My weight loss journey started back at 220, and when milk started the challenges I was in the low 200s.  My goal is to find my happy weight around 130# and I am building my running with the goal of marathoning for the first time in Jan 2014 (my current long run is a 4 miler, so I have a ways to go).  I started back to running in april with the C25K program, and this thread has been a huge inspiration for me as well as a great source of accountability.


My goal for this challenge is to kill the sugar habit, and loose 2# per week.  Workout wise, I run 3 days, bike 2 days, and do weights 2 days per week and I would like to keep up with this schedule.  I have a 5K on sept 15th that I am shooting for.


For those that were in the last challege, the health update is that all my original tests were inconclusive and so was the second round of diagnostic imaging.  So bright and early tomarrow I am going on for another battery of blood tests to include hormone levels and such . . . I am also now switched to a doctor who seems a bit more mature/on top of her case management.  I will keep you posted!

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For all of the newbies, I will be keeping track of all of our weights and doing lots of fun math throughout the challenge.  I am human, and I have been known to make the occasional math error, typo, or overlook a weigh in as I chart all of our progress.  PLEASE don't take this personally if it happens to you!!!!  And PLEASE post to let me know about it so I can fix said error :) 


I do make my best effort (and succeed most weeks!) to post our numbers each monday evening around 9 pm US eastern time.  It is hugely helpful if your weigh ins are posted by this time.  If you are unable to post by this time, please do post your monday weight (even if you can't post on monday!) and I will add your data in.  If you do not post a weight for the week at all for 2 of the 8 weeks, you get removed from the challenge.  This is to encourage participation!  If for some reason you need to drop out in the middle of the competition, it is hugely helpful if you post and let us know that you need to go so that we are not looking for you for 2 weeks.  Hopefully this won't happen, but we all understand when life happens and unforseen circumstances arise.


I will be crunching numbers and posting your percent weight loss and team standings with week 4 and week 8 weights.  We try to make it a fair competition by using your percent lost as the meter for team standings. 


With out further commentary, what we have so far:




Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Total Loss

% Loss













































































































































































































































































































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153 for me! I do a 3 day split MWF at the gym weightlifting. I also do burpees all 3 days at the end of my workouts which KILL lol. Right now I've worked up to 20 seconds of burpees x 20 seconds of rest and repeat 5 times. I started wayyyy worse then that. I love seeing progress. 2 days a week I am doing hill sprints. It's short and (not) sweet. It only takes about 10 minutes, but it's just as effective as steady state jogging for longer times. I basically sprint up the hill as fast as i possibly can for 20 seconds, then walk back down and rest for 1 min 40 seconds, so the total time is 2 min. When I first started I did tihs about 5 times in a row. Now I'm slowly adding in an extra one each week or so. 

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Ugg. AF is about a week away which means my appetite was out of control today. That topped with getting ice cream after mini golf with the kids and it being too hot outside for more than a 15 minutes walk today means I didn't get off to a great start. Tomorrow's a new day. I plan to try to up the protein to hopefully keep the appetite in check, however since we have a company luncheon tomorrow I'm not sure how great I'll do.


My plan. Make sure that I get my 5 servings of fruits and veggies each day. Drink enough water. Try to stay withing my calorie goal range for the day while still getting enough calcium and fiber. Fiber is tough for me even with 5 fruits and veggies. I also walk daily. Hoping to join a gym some time soon to add weight lifting and swimming in, but it's not in the budget for the next month or so.

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