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The 8 week healthy weight loss challenge 4.0 (started 7/30, enrolling through 8/4) - Page 5

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Okay, I'm just now posting since we just got back from vacation. Some major pounds gained- ugh. But it was worth it! :-) I'm 5'5", 190 lbs. I'm starting tomorrow back on the Dukan diet, starting with a few days of the Attack phase. I do at least 30 minutes of walking per day. Looking forward to another great challenge!
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Hi to all the old faces, back again for another challenge!  A happy welcome to the newbies too.  I noticed some movement in the scales today, and am feeling good about this challenge.  

I reckon there will be a few MILFs getting around here before long!  lol.gif


BFM - glad to see you back - thanks again for taking the number crunching!  Hope your next round of tests bring some news.  I'll be thinking of you.


AFM:  I'll be walking/joggin/building up to running, hopefully.  


I just started a spin off thread about eating well during the challenge.  I want to be accountable for what I eat, and maybe get some ideas too.  Please join me - I could use the motivation!  


Link: Challengers - what are you eating?

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re-posting (from post # 49) => 162.2 lb

thanks (for adding my numbers)

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Can I jump in?  5'3" and 151.6 this morning.  Would love some accountability and support from this group!

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Hey ladies,


I signed up for this challenge but I am below my goal weight. Thanks so much for the support!



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Isafrench - thanks!!!!!


Vermontgirl - we will miss you but major congrats to you!!!!!!!!!

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Finally picked up a battery for my scale -- 183 for me.  


And congrats Vermontgirl!!!   So happy for you.  

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Sorry I'm posting late. I went to my aunt's cottage for the weekend, and my phone didn't get internet there.

I am 5'7", and weigh 173 lbs. I haven't set my official goal yet, but I don't think 160 would be unreasonable, considering my only exercise for a while yet will be walking (I'm recovering from a c-section greensad.gif ) . I hope to be cleared for more vigorous exercise at my 6 week appointment, which is 3 weeks from now. We'll see...

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20 min walk this morning. Tried doing 30, but I start hurting if I push it all at once, so I'll do at least another 10 later today. This recovery has been slow and very frustrating and I know being active will help, as long as I don't overdo it.


I'm definitely going to check out the spin off thread! I need some accountability there, too.

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managed to walk today ... but not to do strenght training as i had hoped

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Yesterday I did some circuit training for 30 minutes and then weed wacked around the community garden for 45 minutes.  My arms are tired.  Planning to go walking tonight.

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vermontgirl - congrats on getting to goal!!!


And Welcome to dsharp!


Did my workouts today.  I fulfilled one of my goals for this year: a chin up by my birthday... and I did TWO!  joy.gif

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Didn't go to Zumba like I planned to do for today.  Took a one hour walk instead.

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Great job Dmitrizmom!!!  That is awesome! 


My workout plan for the week - I'm in the taper for my race on Saturday

Monday - ran 6 miles

Wednesday - 30+ minute walk

Thursday - 4 mile run

Friday - 3 mile run

Saturday (race day!) - 14.5 miles


Eating today was good...  I'm doing kind of a modified Paleo eating plan.


Good job ladies!  Keep up the great work!

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Originally Posted by vermontgirl View Post

Hey ladies,


I signed up for this challenge but I am below my goal weight. Thanks so much for the support!



Love it!  Well done Hannah!  


Diana - I've lost most of my weight just by walking, so I think walking is a-ok!  


DM - congrats on the chin up!  (& happy birthday??)


AFM:  My plan to start the C25K hasn't eventuated yet.  Hopefully I will have the time to get started in the next few days.  My dogs continue to be my main source of exercise!  Boy, do I hear about it if I try to skip out!  

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Yesterday I walked for 35 min. and did some dance exercise for almost 20 min. Also did some exercise for my diastasis recti.

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today was fabulous... Rode my bike with dd2 in the trailer to the Y (dh went with us), did boot camp with dh (he may have pushed a bit too hard for just starting), sent dh and dd2 home with my mom in her van, and rode my bike with the empty trailer home.  Awesome workout! 


Some days I feel like a hobbit... 1st breakfast was oatmeal with strawberries and blueberries. 2nd breakfast (post-workout) was 2 eggs scrambled and grilled zucchini with balsamic vinegar.  Plotting my lunch now. lol.gif

Oh, and my birthday is Saturday.... trying to get in enough calorie burn to not feel guilty about the truly decadent cake I plan on making.  Thanks Milk8shake!

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Well I am in day 3 of sugar detox and I feel horrible - but it is for a good cause :)  I am following the cellular healing diet and I have some friends who have had amazing results in improving their over all health with this way of eating.  The basic goal is to turn your body from a sugar-burner to a fat-burner.  The first 2 weeks is the most hard core, where you consume NOTHING with added sugar or refined grains (so no added sugar in any form, and no milled grains such as flour)  Also fruit is strickly monitored and you have to eat the "right" fats with the goal of eating naturally occuring fats rather than man-made fats (so that cuts out anything using any vege-oils that are heated during processing like canola oil and basically every other plant based oil out there besides coconut oil and grapeseed oil which have a high flash point and can stand the heat)


Everyone that I know that has done this says once you get past day 5 you start to feel amazing and have great energy and lots less inflamation all over the body (which can reduce arthritis symptoms and other problems).  So I think it will be worth it in the long run.  After getting your insulin levels in check and becoming a "fat burner" you can start to add back in grains (preferably whole) and see what level of grain consumption your body can tolerate in the long run.  Then once you find you best balence you live there. 


I thought I was eating pretty healthy before, but I never realized all the hidden sugars in sauces and all the rancid oils in basically everything.  I am trying to find some good dressing recipies since store bought all contains things I can't eat.  So besides the low energy and the sugar withdraw headaches I am pretty happy with myself for sticking with it and doing my workouts dispite my low energy.  I biked monday, ran yesterday, and will be headed out to bike when hubby gets home this afternoon :)

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So we are still missing numbers from 2 people, but it looks like most of the group has starting numbers.  I will color code the chart as soon as teams are formed.  Here is our starting line-up:




Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Total Loss

% Loss

























































































































































































































































































































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I'm sorry I hadn't been following the site as I ought to have - my weight on Monday was 177.8. 

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