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Children with ADHD- has anyone tried Vayarin or Phosphatidylserine /DHA/EPA supplements ? - Page 2

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sorry if that post was not clear. We haven't tried the Vayarin just yet because we were experimenting with a product called Attend. It's a popular adhd homeopathic, but my DD's teacher says she can't see much difference in her ability to focus.... Previously we tried PS and omegas (same ingredients as Vayarin) but it didnt stop the wiggling and being easily distracted. Vaya Pharma (makers of Vayarin) say that buying those ingredients in 2 diff bottles is different from their chemically bonded product, which passes the blood brain barrier in their trials. So, we will be trying that as soon as we can afford the visit and prescription... Hopefully soon.

We will use a localpharmacy called Kash and Karry here in Greenville sc that has great prices, but I've also heard that walmart carries it affordably - around $50. These ingredients are safe with no side affects. I will try everything - even coffee or green tea - or homeschool! before I will give her the other recommended ADHD meds. Just my personal take on it, knowing my daughter's sensitive constitution, and the fact that she's really not a severe case. It's mild, but still enough to hinder somewhat. I'd still like to help her with the issues mentioned above. We both really have difficulty staying on task, and I'm considering trying Vayarin with her! Please keep us posted on how your son is doing with Vayarin? It may take a few weeks to notice....
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I was checking the clinical studies of vayarin product

None of them talking about the product vayrinn  

All the clinical studies in vayarin website are phosphatidyl serin made from soy lecithin

And for For older adults with moderate cognitive impairment or "ageing brain"

None of them with children.(Except one however it is not clear what product they use)

They talk about "Fish consumption and major depression" and " bipolar disorders"

Maybe it's a good idea to take phosphatidyl serine and omega 3

Check the dosage of HPA and DHA in vayarin

21.5mg EPA 8.5mg DHA(WHAT!!!)this is nothing!  You should take at least 250mg

Furthermore all Fatty acid are broken down during the digestion process

So even herethey don’t have any advantage

2 different bottles  is very good 

My doctor never heard of them





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So, Vayarin is a supplement that's only available by prescription? I had never heard of it before reading this thread. I'll have to do some research into it.
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Originally Posted by janlynnrobin View Post

Our granddaughter that we are raising is 8 years old and we have had her on Vayarin since June of this year.  It makes a big difference.  She has not been on any other medication, but was diagnosed ADHD in June.  The doctor recommended that we try Vayarin first.  It has just become available in Texas and I have been happy with it so far.  We will see how this year at school progresses.  The cost in Texas is about $48.23 for 60 tablets.  This is a 30 day supply.  That is at Walmart.  They have to order it special in for us because they don't keep it in stock and the insurance does not cover it.  Good luck.

Thanks for this information. Costs are especially relevant here since this not an insurance covered medication. Yesterday I paid ~ $66.00 at CVS for a 30 day supply. When my next refill comes due,  I will transfer it to the nearest Walmart. 

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Has anyone here tried Listol?  If so (and if you saw a result) I'm wondering how long it took to kick in.  Seeing in this thread that Vayarin took 2 months before seeing a change, I'm wondering if Listol might work the same.  

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My 8 yr-old son has been taking Vayarin for about a year with mixed results. We stopped over the summer to save money (it costs us $50 for a month's supply at Longs) and definitely noticed that he struggled once back at school until we got the regime back underway. However, he always struggles with big transitions, so it's hard to tell. I do think it has at least some positive effect, and I figure it can only help with general brain health, so I'm willing to keep trying it rather than go the medication route. I do worry about his self-image, and we try hard as we can to foster that at home, and to 'lay off' him when he's struggling to focus or having trouble with impulsivity, though his teacher clearly gets frustrated sometimes. Our doctor suggested trying to get supplies direct from Israel, so I might try that to save $$. I'm interested in links between gifted and ADHD kids, if anyone has any thoughts or links. A big part of me is tempted to see this whole thing as a cultural/ western issue, so I'm also interested to hear what empirical & scientific evidence there is that makes ADD/ADHD a 'disease' rather than a personality cluster...

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Originally Posted by Rtinnova View Post


For folks in Va, what was your process for getting a prescription? I have tried for over 6 months to get a rep to contact our pediatrician because she had questions on the product and how to write a prescription. The company reps have taken my info and promised to follow through but still nothing. It is very frustrating. I feel like they do not know how to distribute to consumers/doctors which makes sense because it mostly is a biomed company based in Israel but stil...

In the meantime we are patching together supplements to mimic the specified formula that Vayarin (Enzymotec) produced for some of the original studies done in Europe. We are seeing results but the delivery is tedious and Vayarin has told me that their product will be more effective with a lower dose due to the way it's bound.

Any updates from people using this would be great as well as info on the prescription writing process. Regarding the family who thinks they may be dealing more with anxiety than ADHD, you might want to check out studies on magnesium and B6. We also are using that and it has been very helpful. It is addressing anxiety and behavior symptoms more than focus but the difference was within days. If you are interested I can advise what brands, etc since that seems to make a difference for some reason.


Hi Rtinnova, 


We are also in NOVA and dealing more with anxiety than ADD so I would be very interested to learn what brands you are giving you son. Mine is 7 and he is doing much better - he is actually attending school now and can focus but has still has trouble with change/separation in the mornings and with new experiences then there is the behavior once he gets home from holding it together all day at school. 


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Yes and Vayarin is wonderful! It also is very beneficial for Autism. It takes 4 to 12 weeks to get in our system. It is a great add on with other medications or if you are not on any other meds it works by itself. It is just not for kids either. It is the only Phosphatidylserine-EPA/DHA that crosses the blood brain barrier and works where it is supposed to.
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Contact Vaya Pharma in Greenville, SC. Vayarin is wonderful. It works!
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Has anyone tried pycnogenol? I posted bout it but noone replied. Its an antioxidant. 

My son has been taking it since last week. Hard to know  if he benefits since i am not at school with him...

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Can anyone who's been using this long-term comments on the long term effectiveness?  I'm just curious -- I've never heard of this product before and it seems like it would be worth trying. 

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Hi all! I wanted to share our experience so far with Vayarin. We started it back in May (2 tablets, once daily) and saw a great improvement with our son's reading and writing over the summer. He is 6 1/2. Kindergarten was a huge struggle and he has a very hard time working independently, staying on task and working with a partner. His handwriting is pretty bad, which is a hallmark of ADHD. But over the summer and into 1st grade, it improved dramatically. So- hopes held high, we entered first grade. He began having a lot of the same problems. I met with his teacher and decided (against my instincts) to give a traditional stimulant med a try. His ped prescribed 18mg Concerta. We stopped our Vayarin that Sunday and started the Concerta Monday. I had him off of it after three days. It was like he was high on cocaine. Pinching his cheeks, rolling his eyes, obsessing about things, more fidgety, emotional, not eating, trouble sleeping...you name it. So, I had been doing research on the phophatidylersine that is in Vayarin. At the two tablet dose, you get 150mg. The big double blind study that was done recently used 200mg. The children that took the 200mg PS showed marked improvement in their ADHD symptoms. So I called his ped to let her know that the Concerta was not right and inquired if we could have him take the Vayarin again, only at a higher dosage. Well- as luck would have it, the rep from Vaya had been in that week and informed the peds at this practice that they could write it for 2 tablets, 2ce daily. This gives a total dose of 300mg PS. We started this last Friday. I had lunch with my son at school today and he is back to his sweet, happy self. I had lunch with him last Monday as a way to see how he was doing on the Concerta and he was having a hard time- obsessing, rolling his eyes-just not our boy. I am hopeful as we continue with the higher dosage of Vayarin that some of his classroom difficulties will subside or at least get better. I'll keep you posted!

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Here's a link to the abstract...this trial was done earlier this year. Very encouraging!

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My 13-year old son was just prescribed Vayarin today.  He received a concussion playing football and the neurologist said a complication from the concussion could be a worsening of his ADD.  (He currently is not medicated for his ADD, and is doing fine on school.)  He recommended the Vayarin as a precaution.  I am interested, especially if it will help keep him off stimulant meds in the future.  


Our older son is a high school junior this year and we started him on Concerta last year to help him focus in school and on homework.  The Concerta made a huge positive difference for him, but wonder if Vayarin might have helped him if we had known about it?  


I think study on Vayarin was just with younger children, 6-13.  Does anyone know anything about it being used for older kids, or kids on Concerta?  I think we will try it for 13 year old for sure.

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Raleigh Mom, are you in Raleigh, NC? If so, what pharmacies carry Vayarin?
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Not sure.  Dr sent prescription to Rite Aid on Wade Ave.  Hope they have it.  

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Please post when you know. Btw, I'm in Chapel Hill and my DD goes to school in Durham.

I hope you have good results with the Vayarin.
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My 8 year old son (PDD-NOS, SPD, ADHD) is going on his third month taking Vayarin.  I have seen very good results.  He is also delayed in reading and math and has a receptive speech delay.  I can tell that his processing of information and giving a respond is faster.  He takes Focalin XR 10mg for the ADHD and impulse control.  We are now going without the Focalin on the weekends whereas before we never did because he would be non stop impulsive and bouncing off the walls.  I don't know if we will do aways with Focalin all together because he helps him focus better on his work, but I'm happy that we can take breaks on weekends and other non-school days.

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I'm another Raleigh mom. Doctor just gave me a scrip for Vayarin for DS, 15. I just called Costco and Wal-Mart Supercenter on Glenwood. Wal-Mart was over ten dollars less expensive than Costco, $53.46. It's definitely worth a try.

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Just bumping this thread for more info on vayarin or supplements for ADHD, DS has mixed type - Inattentiveness and Impulsivity.  He eats very well, and his diet is healthy.  We have been successful using other startegies so far, but he is having difficulty completing classwork this year.  Thankfully, he is also GT, so he gets the concepts quickly.  We do not want to medicate if we can avoid it, but are open to looking at some supplement options.


I do not want to sound like a snob, but a lot of the posts on this thread are from new mothering members.  As such, I do not know you yet, and you have limited credibility since I do not know if you work for vayarin and are just promoting your product, or you are a legit crunchy mama who has just found us.  I am really looking for the post of some experienced mamas out there.

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