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I kind of think my first midwife stitched me up "too tight" too, although I personally doubt she meant to. It did cause a lot of discomfort during sex for a while. I did tear again in the exact same place with DS2's birth and I did let it heal without stitches and it did feel a lot better afterwards. And then didn't tear at all in a more active position with a anterior baby for DD's birth. I will not be having stitches this time unless I have a 2nd degree or worse tear, and I'd think hard about it even then. My sex drive is strongly linked to my ovulatory cycle - so I'm really truly interested in sex about 3 or 4 days a month each month when I'm not pregnant! I have some drive this pregnancy, but not a lot. DH & I have been together for quite a while (15+ years) and he has some physiological issues that mean his drive isn't as high as it might otherwise be. So for us, quality is better than quantity. I suspect it may help with not being bored with each other, too :-) And it is true for us, too, that caring for the kids we have and for ourselves and each other in a variety of ways, is more important right now than having a frequent or adventurous sex life.
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Just wanted to give an update for us - reverse cowgirl worked well! Thanks for the suggestions mamas!

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OK so I couldn't find the hillarious/glamorous pregnancy stories, but this goes well in this thread as well... Warning, very graphic, lol.


So DP & I are fooling around the other night. I have noticed lately that EVERYTHING down there is constantly swollen - never had this in previous pregnancies, so it's interesting. Honestly, there have been moments when I think 'my god, that feels just like a head bulging out!' but it's much softer than that. Anyway. because of the swelling, we are both having trouble navigating, lol... but after some trials, I have a couple of really great orgasms, and am really enjoying myself. Then, DP goes to slip a finger inside me, and it goes in just fine...


INTO MY URETHRA. OMG I think I jumped like 20 feet off the bed. Apparently it, too, is totally swollen, enough to easily accept something the size of his finger (and he's a BIG GUY with BIG HANDS). Needless to say, this did NOT feel good, at all. OK but here is where it gets funny.... So after a moment of pure panic on my part, combined with releasing the pain of that experience, he asks what happened. I explain it to him, and even in the dark I can feel him looking at me like I have 3 heads. He asks "what are you talking about?" Apparently, he had NO IDEA that women's urine doesn't come out of our vaginas, and there is a separate 'tube' for urine. So I'm cracking up laughing, mostly because even though he got married at 19 to the first woman he ever slept with, he had quite a bit of experience between her & me, and honestly, really??? He even said that he thought I was making it up, I'm not kidding.... I offered to show him so pictures on the internet the next day, but he said he's fine trusting me. His ego was a bit bruised that i was laughing so much, but after a bit we were able to enjoy the rest of the night. And he was more careful last night ;)

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Wow Sego, that is a wonderfully awkward and hilarious story!!  Hope it didn't hurt too much? 

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Oh my god, that made me squirm. And then laugh. Thanks for sharing Sego!

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Wow Sego that is amazing and funny. I wouldn't have thought it was possible to put a finger fairly easily in your urethra! Poor DP and his ego :)

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Lol @Sego. That's both funny and cringe-inducing. Ouch!


Typically, our pregnancy sex has been abysmal. But this time, we've been doing it in the spooning position with me lying on my side and it has been incredible. *smacks head* Why didn't I think of this before? It's so much more comfortable! Naturally, I would realize this when we're on our last pregnancy. eyesroll.gif


However, we had sex this past weekend and the next day I was having BH contrax like crazy and losing a bit more mucus than normal. So, I think that's all the P-in-the-V action we'll be doing until 37 weeks. 

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Originally Posted by lulubikes View Post

Wow Sego that is amazing and funny. I wouldn't have thought it was possible to put a finger fairly easily in your urethra! Poor DP and his ego :)

I would have had no clue either, the opening typically is very small!  Youch!


I am feeling more pressure to get more 'DH and I' time in now.  It's kind of sucked being so sick with the nasty virus the last few weeks....I caught it first, then DH.  A definite mood killer (though at least things managed to happen a few times heh).

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I am having a horrible time with sex this pregnancy. I have asked around (especially my midwife) and I seem to be alone in my "problem." It seems like this pregnancy has turned my clitoris off. No amount of stimulation seems to allow me to reach orgasm. It makes me not want to have sex at all because it ends in such a disappointment.

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Interest in sex? Zero for me.
I feel bad. Like Phatchristy said I feel pressured to get some more "us" time in before bub arrives... But I just don't really want to.. You know what sounds better than sex? Eating fresh fruit and napping. Yeah I'm sexy lol!

That and my vulva feels like its full of hot blood, so much so I think my clitorus may pop off greensad.gif horrible swollen feeling
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you're not alone there. for most of this pregnancy my clitoris was not off, necessarily, but definitely on low. with dd i had insane sex drive but this time it's been spotty, partly because there's just less sensation and it's a lot harder to orgasm. what sucks is that in the past 2 weeks suddenly the feeling is back and my sex drive is way up, but dh left last friday and will be gone until the baby comes. nothing like welcoming him home with 6 weeks of no sex post partum :P. i'm so pissed, because when he was here i didn't want much sex, and now that he's gone i want tons of sex and can't get any. i suppose that's why the good lord invented sex toys.

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Wow, sego, that's quite a story...on so many levels.

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mamad - thank goodness for sex toys ;)


travelmumma - that 'hot blood' feeling is how I feel, too - except that it is generally pleasant for me, but OMG swollen like crazy!!! I seriously don't recognize my own anatomy.


So quick follow-up to my story - first, it wasn't his whole finger, lol, but enough that it was definitely there... second, apparently he didn't fully trust me, because last night DP tells me 'well, i did some research and it turns out you were right...' He said this out of the blue, so I didn't know what he was talking about at first. But then he tells me women DO actually have a separate opening for urine... Um, really?! It was so cute...

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Lol it's broken huh??
We were still "active" lol two days before birth... That was mainly me begging for it tho lol! And now 16 days postpartum and feeling like if things were heald down below I'd give it a go!
I WAS SO NOT EXPECTING THIS AT ALL! Oxytocin anyone?!?!?
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I've been in backwards land this time around!  So not into it at the end of pg yet could get into it now, 3 weeks postpartum.  Last two times it was the other way around shrug.gif

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BUMP- PP sex anyone??? Am 3 weeks pp and the idea has been on my mind for a while lol. But with a 2nd/3rd degree tear I will wait a while. Still the urge is surprisingly there! Never felt like this before!
Anyone else?
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I'm still spotting AND i've gotten hemorrhoids, AND the kids and hubs have all been sick. So I don't feel physically ready but yeah, I'm definitely thinking about it now.  Getting in some hot kisses and fondles on occasion.  Thankfully J hasn't been feeling up for anything either between holidays/sickies/newborn sleeping patterns etc so we are pretty well matched.


2 weeks postpartum and I think the second I'm done bleeding I'm jumping the man.

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I've def been thinking about it! I stopped bleeding this week but I have the tear... It was 2nd degree & I didn't suture... I really prob should wait more time... Sigh
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