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I had a bit of an explore yesterday and wowza it feels different down there. Kinda freaked me out.. Not sure how I "work" anymore. Is that silly? :/
Am afraid of it hurting too...
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IME it's important for your partner to be gentle and do a lot of checking in to see how things are feeling as you go into pp sex (unless you are totally tear free and jumping him/her, lol!). Because things ARE different - not damaged or wrong or anything but bodies change and that's ok.

I'm still bleeding @ 3+ weeks pp and besides this baby is not a deep sleeper. I think it'll be a little while here yet at least for intercourse. Also I should be thinking/talking w DH re birth control. I am 100% done and might therefore consider a IUD. But as we've been a NFP couple for 15 years that would be a big change.
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travelmumma--you're going to want to take things super slow with the tear...with my first I had a first degree tear, and even with that when we tried the first time it was very painful.  I think we waited a few more weeks after that and it only initially felt just really 'tight' feeling.  I'm pretty sure I was on top too...probably a good idea to take control because you're going to be the only one to know what hurts.  


I do think to a certain extent that things do change.  Certain positions I used to really like before I don't care for as much, but weirder others I wasn't as crazy about now are my favorite.  The g spot is definitely easier to get to it seems after birthing a baby ;).

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Agreed on the easier g spot which is an awesome perk!  Otherwise...lube, lube, lube!

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