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Need help! with toddler drinks?

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Okay so my DS is 2 and last Dec the dentist instructed me after taking his bottle(in which he would only drink baby cereal.. that our ped told us to start him on @2months and he would drink nothing else since) to start giving him crystal light. So for the last 8 months he has drank Crystal Light at about a gallon every day or so. He will not drink milk in any form weve tried. I tried pumping breast milk, goat milk, coconut milk. I just recently researched CL and found the aspartame reviews and I am flipping out. I went right out and bought kool aid the sugar free pouches/packs and splenda but now I see things on splenda. Idk what to do. I do not want him to lose his teeth:(. So i dont give him juice. Is juice better though in the long run? Healthwise.. not toothwise I mean. Or any other ideas on what i could try?
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Water. Why isn't he drinking water?

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Water is good.
Watered down juice is ok.
Vegetable juice is worth a try.

Personally, when it comes to dental health I think brushing is more important that what they eat or drink.
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You are saying a physician instructed you to feed a toddler Crystal Light?


If he is really drinking a gallon of it a day, there is no chance that he's eating enough food to provide him with the proper nutrition.


At two, all a child actually NEEDS to drink is water (and breastmilk, if possible).  There is absolutely no medical reason to provide juice of any kind, and certainly no reason that a diet drink would be recommended--even if your child was overweight, I find it hard to believe a doctor would recommend it at all.

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I am jaw.gif at the suggestion of Crystal Light. Who is that quack?! I'm sorry that was suggested to you. You can't take back what's already been done, so try not to dwell. Sure the chemicals in that and other non-natural beverages aren't the greatest, but try not to worry.


I agree with the water suggestion. And juice is fine in small amounts, too, imho.

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Health & tooth wise, I'd think juice is better than crystal light and koolaid.


I'd suspect water and stuff like unsweetened herbal tea (chamomile, mint) would be ideals better than juice, and possibly smoothies better than juice as well (being mushy like applesauce, they'd be less likely to really coat teeth the way juice does and usually pack more nutrition).  If you need convenience smoothies, the packet ones they make for kids would be decent.

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we only have water here. i would really be concerned about the long term consequences to drinking all those chemicals. i second water down juice if he wants something with flavor while he weans off the stuff

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I understand why you are freaking out. Artificial sweetness are terrible for our bodies. Especially little ones. But like the above ladies posted-- try not to worry.

I hate doing juice but DD loves it and I water it down. I always have a water bottle with me, so DD always wants some too. I just returned some pedialyte that had splenda in it yet the label ALL OVER the pkg said "natural ingredients" ugh!

Try gently weaning off the stuff by gradually removing. Rather then cold turkey. Try coconut milk from a can watered down with some honey or cinnamon. Tazo makes a YUMMY passionfruit iced tea that my DD chugs! HTH!
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