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Advice on cracked molar -- help

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Although I have had gum problems, I have never had a tooth issue until recently.  The exact same week I turned out to be pregnant at the end of 2010, I cracked a molar on a gluten free snack that I was testing out for my daughter.  I should have kept the darned package of rocks that "snack" turned out to be & sent it to the company to get my dental work paid for... sigh.  Anyway, we held off on doing any work until I was 5 months postpartum and monitored the situation with an extra Xray and having the dentist check out the tooth at regular intervals.  Unfortunately, at 5 months PP, I started to have pain, so I found a holistic dentist, explained the situation, and she replaced the filling using all these special mercury protocols (open room; filters; all of us looking like NASA astronauts; charcoal and vit C after the procedure).  It was less than ideal, but I did the best I could.


The tooth remained a bit sensitive.  Recently, I have developed pain, as if the crack has opened up, and it is making the gum/roots very sensitive.  I feel like I might even be developing a sore on the gum above the tooth.  My regular dentist's first opening that I can get to is next Wednesday.  I am really scared.  I don't know what I should be doing.


Is it possible to heal a crack in a molar?  Will something like the Dr. Ellie protocol help with this?  I could probably run around tonight trying to find what she suggests.  My daughter has major gut issues (another post...), so I have been researching WAPF and other protocols, but I have had a ton on my plate in recent months, and change is going slowly.  But I am happy to make bone broth or take supplements that are safe for breastfeeding.  If anyone has any thoughts on what i should and can do, I would love to hear them.  Re: supplements, it would really help to have links to specific ones that others use, when you take things, etc.  I am easily overwhelmed at the moment... not worth going into, but things have been tough around here, and it has taken a toll on my physical and mental health.


thank you for any assistance. 

sarah (nak with mr. squirmy)

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I've not heard of the Dr. Ellie protocol but am definitely interested now. :)


Anyone have any info to offer?

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