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The roller coaster ride continues!

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First I thought I was in......then I was sure I was out.......then maybe back in.......then definitely out and now.........


just waiting for my u/s appt this afternoon.  I'm about to explode with all the waiting!  Have been bleeding for a week and a half, had one day of cramping but the bleeding has always been either spotting or just a step up from that.....it never just flows.  I have this feeling that something is not complete.  And sure enough, took a test this morning and about 30 secs of that little clock flashing at me and it says....PREGNANT!  So my midwife recommended just getting in for some answers.  Hoping for some clarity by dinner time tonight!


Hoping good things for other mamas in these same uncertain shoes.  In particular, I'm wondering about you Carmen (haven't poked around all the threads yet to see if you have updated since a few days ago).  


And good thoughts to all of you who are feeling tired, pukey and very pregnant!  



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Thinking of you, please let  us know how it goes!

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Good luck!!! Ask them to look for a subchorionic hematoma, that would cause bleeding like that.

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Thanks for the thoughts and the info.......I'm starting to think this might be a viable pregnancy!  Didn't know about subchorionic hemorage.....just googled it.  Not sure how I feel about all this!  I just downed my 32 ounces of water and am off to my appointment.....

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Good luck! Hope you have good news very soon!


I am in your boat right now as well... Took three tests, felt confident enough to jump in, then was almost positive I was out (bleeding, and a bit crampy). But now I've been bleeding a bit (never filling a pad) for a week without cramps or clots, and still getting positives when I test. I have an appointment tomorrow, debating on whether to go or just wait it out. shrug.gif

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Goodluck, WildDoula and smlame! Keep us posted. Thinking of you!

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Thinking of you smlame.  Hope all was well at the appt. fingersx.gif

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