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Eggs and diaper rash

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I think my 13 month old dd might be sensitive to eggs.  I've tried to do an elimination diet twice and her poop is pretty much all over the place as far as consistency, color and smell (although no red, black or white so I'm not super alarmed) and I've just been really confused.  I had been keeping eggs out of her diet when she had a huge poop (massive, the right color, undigested blueberries, very unformed and all in her folds from front to waaaaay back) from some blueberry muffins I made her with coconut flour and chia seeds as an egg substitute.  But it didn't result in a rash.  But I thought, oh no!  Did those muffins have some offending food in them?!  More confused.  It just must have really cleaned her out maybe.  I was so frustrated this morning and just felt like I couldn't figure out how to make her poops better so I just kind of threw in the towel and gave her a carrot/apple muffin that was made with eggs and whole wheat flour.  7 hours later she had a putrid smelling poop that was light in color and seemed kind of mucousy. So I am back to thinking she might have trouble with eggs - though I am sort of in denial.  Is this a reaction that would have you guessing eggs?  I've never dealt with a food sensitivity.  Also her little anus was red (which makes me think it's food and not diaper related) and barely, barely red where the poop was touching her skin.  She was sitting in this diaper for maaaaybe 5 minutes before being changed.


So if it IS a sensitivity to eggs...*sigh* I guess I wasted a lot of time making and freezing loads of baked goods with vegetables (veggie pancakes, carrot muffins, etc) for quick and easy breakfasts.  But also, now what?  Should I get a test to confirm it (cause really I'm still a little unsure and wondering if she's sensitive to other things, too and maybe a test would shed some light?  Is it likely she'll outgrow this?  I feel so overwhelmed trying to come up with healthy options for the family and to think I'd have to get rid of eggs and/or cook separate batches of things is daunting to this already exhausted and stressed out mom.  Any advice, guidance or food ideas?

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You might want to post this in the Allergy forum for some other views. 

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dot to dot... this actually has nothing to do with this thread but i'v been reading your posts from when your lo was 5 months old regarding the ratites sleeping and my 5.5 month old is exactly the same and I am desperate to know how it went with your lo?
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sorry that should say restless sleeper
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winky10, I'm so sorry I just saw this!


Well, we took eggs out for a couple of weeks and then gave her a waffle that was made with egg.  No reaction.  We stayed away from anything else with eggs for awhile after that just to see if it took a few days, but no reaction.  Then we gave her a muffin that was made with eggs.  No reaction.  This past week gave her quiche, obviously made with eggs!  And still no reaction.  I am more confused than ever.  Her poops have actually been fine for a few weeks.  So it clearly was not eggs.


She sure was an incredibly restless sleeper.  She continues to be an incredibly demanding and intense.  I saw some poll where mothers were answering when you decided to stop co-sleeping and a lot of them said it had to do with when the family couldn't get a good night's sleep anymore and their babies were around 2.  I just had to laugh...we NEVER had sleep with my baby in the bed.  We stuck it our to 6 months though and then did the sleep sense program.  **I never left her to cry it out and never left her sight**  She learned to sleep through the night and oh. my.gosh. that poor baby needed it and benefitted from that so much.  She started nursing better after that because she was more content and not nursing out of restlessness so my milk could build up a little and she could get a good filling meal and be done for awhile.  Naps took longer to come by and as I write this she is squirming around and talking loudy in her crib for the umpteenth nap attempt today.  But other days she sleeps for a good two hours twice a day.


I just don't know if any of this has to do with food or not.  She is the most unpredictable and demanding creature I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Lucky for us all, she is unbelievably charming.  She awoke at 4:00am this morning and would NOT settle down.  I was so grumpy until she cuddled up close to my face and said her first full sentence:  "I love you mommeeee!"  heart melted.

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By the time I finished writing that she finally fell asleep.  I feel like she was much tougher than many moms could possibly understand and that's why I was desperate from something like the sleep sense program.  One more note...when I was so exhausted from lack of sleep going on 6 momths I was driving my daughter around and drifted across double yellow lines on a curvy road.  The lack of sleep was getting dangerous.  I needed to take action before I killed us all.  Co sleeping wasn't working.  Co SLEEPING wasn't happening at all actually.  The whole family is much happier now that the baby is getting the amount of rest that is right for her.  I think if you're desperate and you've exhausted all other possibilities as to why the baby is so restless, then maybe give this a try.


I had hyperemesis gravidarum when I was pregnant with both of my girls and lost about 20lbs just in the first trimester.  I often wonder if they missed out on vital nutrients during the development of their nervous systems and just couldn't figure out how to settle no matter how I held them, bounced them, sang to them, nursed them, etc.  Good luck.

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