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TF advice for pregnant mama with 1 year old

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I need some wisely, TF advice! 


I just found out I'm pregnant...about 5 weeks and I have an almost 1 year old nursling (DS)!  I carefully spaced my first DD and second DS 3 years/4 months apart so that I could extend nurse, make sure to have enough nutrients to support a healthy pregnancy and to give my babies the attention they need.  Well...clearly, we were not so careful this time around and I am shocked and unprepared! 


Normally, I would breastfeed for atleast 2 years, then introduce raw milk when they self-weaned.  My first DD nursed for 3 1/2 years.  My DS, the almost 1 year old, is not into nursing like my first.  I was hoping just to get him to the 2 year mark!  He seriously only nurses because he has to, not for comfort or because he loves to cuddle or nurse...just because he's hungry!  It's been quite a surprising struggle!  Well...I am open to nursing while I'm pregnant because I did it with the first, but I'm not sure if he even will want to.  Also...I'm concerned about my nutrient stores getting pregnant so soon after DS, while nursing at the same time.  He has a milk tongue and lip tie, so my body was not in optimal condition even when I conceived him!  Another one of my concerns is how to monitor if he's getting enough breastmilk and when I need to start supplementing with raw cow milk.  Right now he nurses about 4-6 times in a 24/hour period, only if he's in a quiet room with no distractions!  I give him water too....about 2-4 oz. a day.  He produces about 4-5 wet diapers a day (disposable).  Would you consider giving WAPF homemade formula in the second year?   


I've been drinking lots of raw milk...about two tall glasses a day, FCLO, lots of grassfed butter, some liver, cultured vegetables, beef, lamb, bone broth, seafood, coconut oil, etc...very WAPF friendly for a lactating/pregnant mama, but wondering if I should increase/load up on CLO or liver since my body has not had the time to truly replenish my stores.  Besides the FCLO, the only supplement I am taking is a 5-MTHF, because I read it's good to take if your children have midline defects (dimples on chin and lip/mild tongue ties). 


Any suggestions?  I'm not totally attached to the idea of nursing during this pregnancy...just want to do what is best for both babies!  Do you think I should also take a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement?  I've just been reading so much about how supplementation is not ideal (real food summit) and other sources.  


I hope to get some helpful advice....I can't believe I'm pregnant....it hasn't even been a whole year since I conceived DS!  :( 

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What is 5-MTHF?  Sorry lol.

It sounds like you are doing an excellent job, eating what is good/best!  Thats great, good job!  I conceived DS when DD was exactly 1yr and 2 days old.  I nursed through just over half of my pregnancy, DS was over 9lbs and is extremely healthy, and I didnt know much about the WAPF diet at that time :/    How much FCLO are you taking?  Here is also another diet worth looking in to I think (which you can make fit into WAPF diet guidelines as well, they are very similar), scroll down to where it says "Corrective Allowances", and check out the rest of the site as well http://www.drbrewerpregnancydiet.com/id95.html

You could also make some of the milk you drink home made kefir instead.  I even give my 8 month old a little raw goats milk kefir now and then :)   I dont see why you couldnt give the WAPF formula to a toddler.

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I got pg when DD was only 6 months old!!  I didn't know all the info about spacing, but I really, really wanted our first two close in age.


Do you have any more info on the tongue/lip tip?  We just found out DD has it and it has caused us so many problems with BFing etc.  Do you have any info on diet causing it?  I'd love to prevent it in our future children.


We've been supplmenting DD with a raw milk version of the formula (I can't get all the ingredients, but she still gets milk from me and solids so I'm not too worried) and she is doing great, finally gaining weight and happier. 

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I'm glad your DD is doing better Dove!!

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Thanks, 1love4ever, it is a huge relief.  I'm really sad that she is not getting much from me anymore, but at least she is growing and thriving.  The ped yesterday said she is doing great, so much more alert, mobile etc. and to continue on with whatever we are doing.  :)

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thats great to hear!  Yeah its so funny about the raw milk you mentioned above and not telling the Dr about it, I feel the same way.  When we've had to go in for appointments, WIC stuff, etc (we rarely go to the Dr and we recently quit WIC), they would always ask us "has she/he eaten any raw foods, like cheese, milk, etc?  I would always just say no, I cant even imagine the horror that would come if I were to say yes!  LOL.  Its almost funny to me how even the mention of raw food can invoke so much fear in some people!  I've been told countless times by friends and family "Are you sure you should be giving that raw milk to a toddler?" Or "you and your kids DRINK that raw milk that has been on the counter for 24+hours with those things (kefir grains) in it?!  You're going to get sick for sure!"  ROTFLMAO.gif

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I carefully spaced my first two kids, and then had 2 surprises.  


I was a non-vegan raw foodist before my son, and I've been WAPF since after my first, and sourced raw milk for him as he was determined to wean at 14 months (he waited until 18, but he certainly started earlier).  My midwife was very supportive, and basically told me to eat as much as I could, to aim to gain 40lbs during my last pregnancy, and to just relax about the foods.  I was very worried b/c i had a 9 month old who was EBF, and did wean my 2 1/2 year old who was also nursing when I got pregnant with my 4th....  I had thankfully prioritized fish, organic raw dairy, and loads of fats and FCLO.  I nursed until sometime in the 7th month with no problems, consuming between 3500-4000 calories a day.  Sometime in there, when my daughter was around 14 months, she started supplementing w/ raw cow's milk.  I debated the raw milk formula, but she was eating so much solid and FCLO and a great WAPF diet that I figured good raw milk would work.  She was also always 95th percentile, so it seemed easy.  I did take a LOT of FCLO during my last 2 pregnancies, 2-3tsp a day most days (i'm being totally honest), made sure I ate good seafood cooked in lard 1-2x a week, plus quality local seafood, cooked everything in grass-fed lard my friend's farm passed on that i rendered, loads of pastured eggs, raw egg yolks in anything i could think of, coconut milk, coconut oil (internally and externally), grass-fed beef, and stayed away from all sugars.  My carbs were potatoes and fermented brown rice that I make since we're all gluten-free.  I did trim back on carbs a bit to fit in all the fats and proteins.  Oh, and I juiced every morning- a quart of cucumber/celery/kale/green apple/romaine juice to make sure that no matter what else, i was getting raw greens and veggies in a strong dose each day.  


These were my two easiest pregnancies, and 2 healthy home births.  My midwife and her partner both commented on how easy it was when the mom focused on nutrition.  They were both very positive on the labor, and recovery, and also mentioned both times what healthy babies i had and commended my dedication to good diet.  I know many midwives worry about weight, and i'm 5' 4" and 130 normally, and they encourage me to gain 40 lbs (so up to 170/173) even though the medical charts say i'm too large.  No edema, no anemia, no blood sugar issues, and I can say that it's hard sometimes in the first trimester to maintain this, but it's totally worth it to try.  If you can't maintain it every singe day (i did do baked almond/honey goods, and raw milk ice cream sweetened w/ honey for treats), finding satisfying but healthy treats is very helpful.  But even doing it 90% of the time is so amazingly helpful and your body will give a lot to the baby and you can then recharge afterwards.



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