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"medical testing" - minimal

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Hi.  We've worked toward becoming minimalist over the last couple of years.  We've downsized tremendously and are so much happier with less "stuff", less space and a simpler life.


With that said, I also want to keep medical testing, treatments and care to what is really and truly necessary.  This month, we have some "long awaited" testing to be done on one of our sons.  I am SO dreading this although I'm told it is in his best interest.  I'm trying to force myself to be okay with this and as the date is quickly approaching (after being scheduled for six months!) ... I'm nervous and doubting the decision.


Depending on test results, then what.  How do I keep things to a minimum?  We are currently doing natural treatments only with supplements and diet which have made a great impact in a positive way with him.

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Just thought I'd bump your post up. smile.gif


Anyone have any advice to share? 

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Well, I guess if you don't want the testing then call and cancel it.  If youo want the information, but not necessarily follow up procedures, you might ask for flyers, pamphlets, and more informationon those procedures and say you will follow up with them to schedule when you are ready. Sorry about typos nak on a touchscreen!

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