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We pay $500/month for rent because we live in a 2 bedroom, 750 sq ft duplex in the ghetto. wink1.gif We have 2 kids, a dog and I'm pregnant. Were moving before this baby is.born though.
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I pay $425/month because we live in a 1bedroom, 500sf house in the Appalachian mountains where there are no jobs (12% unemployment rate here), so no one would get renters if they charged anything higher.  

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$750/month rent

$715/month DH's child support

$25/month DH's cell phone, unlimted minutes, Metro PCS

free - my Safelink phone

$35ish - electric, have electric assistance

$251/ car payment

$64/ car insurance

not sure how much we spend on gas, I don't keep track

internet and satellite are free, my parents live in the other half of the duplex we rent from them and they let us have their internet password and they cover the $5/month for our satellite box on their account.


Food is expensive.  We get $264/foodstamps but my kids have food allergies and I try so hard to eat mostly organic and we spent a lot on food.  Plus my kids and I are on a lot of supplements.  My kids have digestive issues and my son is "failure to thrive" so a lot of money gets spent on supplements!  Then there's the little things like toilet paper and personal care items.  I get a lot from the Frontier co-op and shop sales with coupons for the rest.

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Income = 4500


Monthly Bills


Mortgage = $450

Property/School Tax = $600 (and that's WITH a discount!)


Car insurance = 90

Health insurance = 60

Internet = 50

Phone = 90

Electric = 100 budget billing

Gas = 90 budget billing

Trash = 30

Sewer = 15


Total:  1575





Bulk meat = 100 a month set aside

Gas = 200 (a tank a week)

Online food orders (herbs and imports) = 100

Groceries = 400

Vacation fund = 400 (we try to go to Disney once a year)

Spiritual/holidays = 100


Total: 1300


Grand total = 2875

That leaves about 1725 left over... we rarely have that much at the end of the month.  We try to put 1000 in savings a month and the rest goes into a short term fund for car expenses, household stuff, garden stuff, and the occasional larger purchase like a new computer for DH or home gym equipment something like that. We recently moved so we had a lot of set up costs (freezer, lawnmower, etc.).  However, I've been pregnant this summer and pretty ill so we've had to spend way too much money on medicine ($80 a pop!) and fast food and takeout since I couldn't cook.  Stuff like that.  So this summer has been dismal as far as savings, and we actually typically went over for everything.



DH and I get $200 a month discetionary.  The kids get $100 each (although I use it for them).  This includes clothes, toys, for the kids.  It also includes clothes, my thrifting and cat's expenses, DH's nicotine habit and junk food and video games, and any eating out we do.  We usually go over with the eating out part.  =/

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Originally Posted by honeybee80 View Post

Income:  2700 (includes child support, could go up soon; does not include raise that should be reflected in my next paycheck)

Rent:  1005 (includes all utilities (except electric) + wifi) 

Electric:  30

Student Loan:  500

Before/After care for kids:  500

Car/renters insurance:  72

Kids life insurance:  24

Food:  400

Gas:  120

Miscellaneous:  75

Entertainment:  50


It looks like it falls short every month, but I do get an extra paycheck 2 months out of the year that is used for additional expenses and to make things work the rest of the year.  My raise is much needed (and I thought it was coming in today's paycheck, but it's not :().  I also have been paying more on my student loans than I need to (my bill says 282/mo), as I really dislike having debt, but it's still going to be quite awhile till that is paid off.  Either way, it's really tight and I would like to try to cut my food bill down a little bit.  A few years ago I was really good at keeping food expenses down, but I think my kids have started to eat more ;)  I'm also really lucky to have my car paid off and to have my parents pay my phone bill--I'm on their family plan.

Just wanted to update this to reflect some recent changes--slight increase in income, decision to pay less in loans and more in savings, and some tightening of other categories:


Monthly income:  $2860 (yeah, didn't go up quite as much as I thought it should have)


Rent:  $1005

Before/After School care:  $372

Student Loan:  $282 (minimum payment)

Car/Renters insurance:  $72

Kids Life Insurance:  $24

Electric:  $30

Food:  $300

Gas:  $120

Miscellaneous:  $50

Fun Stuff:  $50


This change allows me to put $400 in savings every month and $155 in a sinking fund to pay for any out-of-budget expenses that come up.  Fingers crossed I can stick to it.  I am a slight impulse buyer at times (not super often, but I do splurge every now and again, usually on things that are totally worth it ;))  Hoping the sinking fund will help to cover my butt on those purchases!  I also revamped my food budget quite a bit and I think I can make $300 realistic.  I am meal planning a month at a time and budgeting $150 to spend at Costco every month, plus $75 on a bigger regular grocery trip at the beginning of the month to stock up on veggies I can chop and freeze for stir fries and breakfast scrambles, and then $25 a week for the other 3ish weeks of the month for other fruits/veggies, etc.  September is going to be my experimental month, so thinking good thoughts for success! :)

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INCOME: around $3700-4000


RENT: $994
CABLE: $120
CELLS: $150

HOME: $150
ALCOHOL: $120 (this will go down once I get pregnant and stop having my nightly glass of wine)
BABY: $75 (this will go up a bit with the new baby, not sure by how much though)
TRANSPO: $25 (we don't own a car and take public transport when needed, but mostly rely on our bikes to get around. Luckily work is less than 2 miles away for both of us)
FUN $: 100-200







SAVINGS: $500-1000 depending on the month and what other unexpected expenses come up


We currently have around $8k in savings and are hoping to get that up to at least 12-16k before the next baby arrives (hopefully next Spring/Summer)

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income 950/1050 my hrs vary from week to week


rent               325

electric            50

internet           50

cell phone       60

gas(car)          80

ins(car)           38

studentloan   150(just raised the amount paid to pay it off this yr

savings          (what ever is left over)

i don't have a food budget i get snap and use that (220/m )


i keep to this budget best i can because my hrs vary i could have a month that i might need to use savings to pay bills

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Family of 5: 1 mum, 2 college-aged boys, 1 highschool-aged son, 1 daughter in Middle School


Monthly Income: $2,000


Rent: $950





Insurance: $60

Petrol: $40

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Wow. I'm in Canada but my cost of living seems high. We have a crazy low mortgage of $1000 per month, $330 a month in property tax, electricity/gas was $320 last month, water/garbage removal is just over $100 a month. We pay $360 a month for home/auto insurance. And we love in a 1970's home, 1400sq ft - nothing fancy at all.

Our budget is too depressing to write out;)
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I live in a very large house 3000 sq ft home... Our mortgage is $370 a month. That doesn't include the taxes which are 1k a year or home ins. which is about 1k a year as well.


Income $4000 to $5000 it varies month to month.


Power:$135 (We are on the budget)



Insurance: $112 (this is life and car)

Gas: less then $100 a month

Heating: $200 (On the budget)


Cell: 115

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I live in a very large house 3000 sq ft home... Our mortgage is $370 a month. That doesn't include the taxes which are 1k a year or home ins. which is about 1k a year as well.


Wow! How did you find that?

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I found this thread so interesting!

Monthly income- ~4000

Mortgage (incl insurance and taxes) 1396. We have a plain 1980, 1600sq home, which is luxurious for us after a tiny apartment.
electricity 100
internet/tv 100
cell 80
food 600
clothing and household items 200
car insurance 35
gardening 200
home improvements 200
gas around 50

retirement savings and health insurance are pre-tax. im not sure what isnt adding up, but we usually save around 1000/month. we just spent 8000 on a new heat pump.
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Wow, We definitely live in a high cost of living area.  I know that, but it's a whole different matter to really see the numbers!  


Income:  $5,500 per month

Mortgage: $2,450 + $667 property tax per month.  We pay 2/3rds of this ($2,078) - co-own with my Mom so we could afford (barely) to buy here.  House is a 3 bed/2 bath rancher with nothing fancy and there's 3 adults, 1 teen, 1 mid kid and a baby on the way.  The exciting part is that we have 5 acres and live a 15 minute bike ride to downtown.  Not many get that around here.


$55 phone/internet

$90 cell phones (2)

$100 ($270 in winter) electric and gas

$28 garbage/recycling pickup

$600 car loan (2 cars)

$150 auto insurance (2 cars)  - Having 2 cars is new due to the fact I'm pregnant and need to be off the bike for almost a year - roads are too sketchy to ride if I'm not in tip-top shape

$220 gas

$60 home insurance

$100 pledge to kid's public school - because we cannot seem to fund our publics school in CA anymore!

$295 music and dance lessons for 2 children

$900 - $1200 Groceries, toiletries, cleaning supplies, anything that you get at the farmer's market, bulk coop purchase or grocery store (higher number right now 'cause of pregnancy, but I still cook most food from scratch)

$200 - $300 hay, alfalfa, chicken food, cat food (higher in summer when grass is dry, like right now)

$200 clothing (includes dance slippers and recital costumes, shoes, biking rain gear for mom and kids as well as work and play clothes)


Health insurance is paid pre-tax so not included in this list, but runs us about $1,500 a month for generic Kaiser HMO coverage.


No savings and running a deficit right now because of payments to midwife.  (which costs the same as a hospital birth would under our insurance plan)

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Originally Posted by phathui5 View Post


Wow! How did you find that?

It is over 100 years old and we have replaced EVERYTHING but the foundation! We are still working on it almost 9 years later. But in the end it will be way cheaper then most homes.....not sure if it was worth all the blood sweat and tears though???  You can get a lot for your money around here.....But you need to travel to work.

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Interesting to see everyone's budget and how each family is making it work. After mortgage, water, electric and $450 per month in groceries for a family of 5 we have about $250 leftover, but we drive yucky old cars so we have no car payments and we don't have credit card debt.

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I am really enjoying this thread, it's very helpful for me right now.  My husband was recently promoted and it came with a raise and I am trying to be very mindful of not spending away the "extra" money.  Also, we are trying to pay down some debt and save for a down payment on a summer camp.  We were all set to buy one this summer, but we've decided to wait a year (or more) and pay a large down payment.

 We own our house and car so we don't have to make payments on those.  We don't have cell phones or cable, we use magic jack ($30 per year, I think?) and Netflix. My husband works 2 mi from home and bikes most days, I use public transportation. 


Monthly income:  3500


Property taxes: 150

Emergency Fund/Savings after we hit $2000: 300


Heat: 110

Elec: 125

House Insurance: 50

Netflix: 8

water/gas/sewer: 40

Internet: 45


Bus ticket: 18

Misc Car fund: 50

Car Insurance: 77


Groceries: 400


Entertainment: 50


Homeschooling supplies: 50


Animals: 75


Debt: 1000 ish or whatever the balance is until paid off (by end of summer) then going to savings and down payment fund

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I have a weird mortgage- right now it is $500 a month. But soon it will go up.


Mortgage- $500/mo

Home/ Car ins- 140

Electric- 150

water- 40

Student Loans 250

car/home maintence- 100

food- 400

cellphone- 150

gym- 30

life ins- 67

clothing- 30

propane- 80

credit cards- 60

Eating out- 100


The rest goes to savings or paying off bills

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Originally Posted by phathui5 View Post


Water: $100


Originally Posted by JamieCatheryn View Post

Water 65


Originally Posted by micah_mae_ View Post

Water: 60



Originally Posted by kathirynne View Post



Wow!  I think we spend about $180/yr on water.  Sometimes I wish it was more so that people would be more cautious about how they use water.


This thread makes me realize how different things are in different areas.  We pay about $3300/month on mortgage (2300 sq ft, purchased at a great time in 1999), and spend at least $2500/month on food and we don't eat any (any!) meals out. I also grow almost all of our potatoes and winter squashs and we raise our own chickens for meat and eggs.  Depending on the year I can grow much more of our food, but not this year.  Our property taxes are almost $7k a year and  I wrote out more than $1200 worth of checks to the public school for field trips, events, etc that took place during the school day this past year.


Our day to day expenses are about $4k a month (that is a typical cc bill- $2.5 is groceries, the rest is gas, kids activities, clothes, sports stuff, new earbuds, etc.)

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Keep in mind that in many areas, "water" is way more than water; for me it is also trash and sewerage. Our water runs about $150 every other month, so $75 a month. we are a family of five, eat all meals at home *except lunch at school, which means running the dishwasher at least once or twice a day, we wash clothes twice a week and everyone takes a bath and shower every day (I have three teens and a husband who takes two showers a day). We don't have drought issues in my part of the country, and the bulk of my water bill isn't really water.


This thread is interesting. My husband was in and out of work for 3 years due to the oil spill. In Febraury he found a good job, okay pay, but it was steady. Last month he started a great job with amazing benefits (fully paid health, vision and dental insurance for the whole family!) that will allow us to cancel the policy through my school and will save us $500 a month. He also received a nice raise, and I will be getting a modest one and a merit pay bonus. Prior to his job loss, we were awful at managing money. The three lean years have taught us much better habits (we used to eat out 3-4 times a week, now it's once or twice a month at most). I'm working really hard on a realistic budget that will allow us to save, pay off debt, yet still splurge once in a while. This year all three of my kids will be in Catholic high school, so that is our biggest expense. My son graduates in May and has already qualified for the free college tuition offered through our state, so our expenses will actually go down as each child graduates. I'm thinking of doing the envelope system for food and fun money- leaving the bank account for the bills, etc. I'm also going to open a second checking account as a sinking fund- I had never heard of this before until I read it on this site. Before, we would just charge those types of things, but we have gotten rid of all credit cards. It will be nice to know we have the money to cover those type of expenses.

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