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Shortness of breath and tachycardia

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Anyone else deal with the lovely pregnancy side effects of shortness of breath and tachycardia??  


I had them pretty severely with #3, to the point that I had an echocardiogram and consult with a cardiologist. Mine were diagnosed and benign and related to how my body deals with the increased blood volume. Thanks to the heat and humidity lately, they are back in earnest. I can barely vacuum a room without needing to sit down for 15 minutes to recover!


I know that they also can be related to anemia, and my levels are pretty low. So getting to the health food store for some Floradix needs to be a priority for me. Hopefully that will help some.

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I had major palpitations and irregular heartbeat early on in this pregnancy.  I did have to go to a cardiologist and wear a heart monitor for several weeks.  It seems to have resolved itself but it was likely due to the blood volume change as well.  I haven't had that start up again at all but I have experienced shortness of breath lately.  I was assuming it was related to less space for my lungs but also just found out I am slightly anemic. 


I hope the Floradix helps you!  I don't know about you, but if I lose my breath it can take a while until I feel "caught up!"

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Def anemia causing.  I have had this on and off this pregnancy (my 4th).  I have taken floradix all through and just had some blood tests taken. My Hb is at 8.4 and my ferritin only at 5!!!!  The hematologist I saw said taking something very gentle like floradix is fine as maintenance but will not at all shift levels higher if one is low.  Unless you take half a bottle a day (I know some one who did this and did get her levels up a  little over about three months - at great cost!).  I am kinda sick of the taste of floradix right now, and esp since it is not making me fell any better am reluctant to use it.  


I am taking lots of other things instead.  can list them if you like.  Must go,  my dd is driving me mad :)

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Thanks border stories!  My Hb was 10 a couple weeks ago. No idea what ferritin was. I'd love to know what you are taking because I do NOT want to take rx iron as it makes me miserable--I already struggle with "regularity" and bad reflux!  I'd love to get some relief from this cement block on my chest feeling!  

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Spa Tone - two sachets a day 
Floradix - liquid version, ran out but the suggestion is I take 3 caps a day of 30ml's per shot so 90mls' in all 
Chlorofresh (Natures Way) - a liquid chlorophyll that my midwife-y friend in the US gives to her clients 
Mega Food Blood Builder - iron tonic/herbal formula from the US 

Higher Nature - True Food Easy Iron (ferrous fumerate) 4 caps per day


Plus one 200mg ferrous sulphate cap every other day


I have only taken three of the ferrous sulphate caps so far though (that is over a week) and no side effects at all, which is surprising me since I am gluten/dairy free and often react to weird stuff.   My midwife told me to take it very very gradually, every other day and very slowly building up, that way I may avoid the side effects associated.  After a week on this new protecol (all of the above plus my sual supplements of skate liver oil, krill oil, B12 MSM and vit e and c) I am feeling much more energised.  I also eat eggs and meat and fish and greens (have for whole preg too).  Still get irregular feeling heartbeats on and off and tire easily.  


Really hope some of these things may help you.  This was all recommended to me by two different nutritional experts so hopefully it will pay off and I'll feel ok come labour day :)  I will keep checking up back here to see if any changes you make help.  Also I will let you know if this regime lifts my ferritin or Hb.

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It would def. be worth getting your ferritin levels checked.  From what I understand ferritin is a protein which binds to iron in the body.  So by measuring ferritin you can tell how much or how little iron stores are in your body.  It's a much better indicator than Hb.

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