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Baltimore area daycares

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Hello there Baltimore mamas!

I will be moving with my husband and two children to the Baltimore area; my husband just a job teaching at UMBC and I'm frantically looking for a job as a high school Spanish teacher. We have gotten a lot of help and advice from my husband's soon-to-be colleagues and are looking to live in the Roland Park area. We hear the schools there are quite good? My daughter will be going into kindergarten.


The problem is finding a daycare for my son. He is two years old and we've been very lucky here in Ann Arbor, MI to have had a daycare that was really wonderful and that our children loved. But I have no idea how to find a good daycare in the Baltimore area. As I said, we'll probably be living in the Roland Park area (the children of my husband's colleagues are a bit older), so something close to that area would be great. Our daycare in Ann Arbor was clean, had very little turnover in their staff (incredible in a daycare!), had what for us was the perfect balance between organization and structure and also letting the kids be free to play and be creative. 


If anyone can suggest a good daycare in the general Roland Park area, I would be very grateful indeed!



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Big move from Ann Arbor to Baltimore! Good luck! Just thought I'd bump your post up to see if anyone has suggestions. smile.gif

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Our kids have been at Govans Preschool on York Road. It's a lovely place and it offers full-time and part time options (as well as full day and half day options.) We've found the staff very loving. Good luck!

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I have also heard good things about Govans for full-day care. Baltimore folks also tend to explore their charter school options when looking in to public schools. Are your children starting school/day care in September? 

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Thank you all! I hadn't checked this thread in a while but I appreciate your responses.


I will definitely contact Govan's preschool. We're looking at a house now in Hunting Ridge. As my husband will be working in Catonsville (and I have three job interviews next week!--two in Baltimore County schools, one in a school in Howard County), a day care anywhere close to these two (three?) areas would be convenient. So by all means if anyone thinks of any other suggestions, I'd appreciate it!


If we move into this house we're currently looking at, our daughter will attend Thomas Jefferson K-8. We've heard that it's a good school.


I'm really looking forward to this move and hope to visit this forum often in the future!


Thank you all again for your help!



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