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I need help with my doppler

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I hope its just me that is the problem. I'm becoming really anxious because of all these people who Ive read who say that they can hear their baby's heartbeats with the same exact doppler at 8 weeks. Im 10 weeks, 2 days and I still cant find anything.

I have a sonoline B with a 3mhz probe. I've watched about 20 gazillon youtube videos, but they mostly all seem to be people who are further along or if they are earlier like me, they dont show the actual area where they find the heartbeat.

Twins heartbeats were 150 and 153 at 8 week appointment. I'm terrified of a missed miscarriage (not for any reason, other than Im paranoid as hell after Charlie died) and it is causing me increasing anxiety. I do not think I can wait two more weeks to know if the babies are still there. I'm waking up all hours of the night thinking about it, not able to go back to sleep, and generally just freaking out.

Can someone please tell me, in detail, how to find the babies heartbeat with a doppler? Ive never done this before.
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It's still really early, in my opinion.  We couldn't hear this baby on a doppler until 12 weeks.  My doc wouldn't even try at 9 weeks because it can cause so much anxiety to not be able to hear it.  It can be even harder at home. 


I'm no expert at dopplers, but if you are in fact even able to hear the heartbeat it's generally found very low, way down near the pelvis. 


If you're feeling this much anxiety and you still can't find the heartbeat, I would call your doc and see if you can get in for a quick 10 minute checkup.  Knowing your history and why you are anxious, s/he should be willing to alleviate that anxiety with a quick check.

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1st, it can take a while, 15-20 mins +


because this is your 3rd pregnancy and you are pg with twins, i'd look up a bit higher maybe half way between your belly button and pubic bone, to the right and left and also low by your hairline.. can you feel your uterus? I've had to find the top of my uterus, and then push down on my belly and point the doppler down and find it basically from the top of the uterus - otherwise my baby hides ..   use a lot of gel, and move slowly, using slow circular motions to search an area rather than moving the probed every time. Also, try at different times of day, morning, evening, with a full bladder, without.. i've found lately that if i have't had a BM i can't find my baby at all (TMI, i know lol) ..  and most importantly, don't panic or at least try not to..  

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You're still pretty early, so I wouldn't worry too much if you can't find it.


However, do be sure you are looking really low...down in your pelvic bone.  I think one of the biggest mistakes is that people look too high.  That early..you have to look super low.  I could be wrong, but I think with twins, the uterus isn't really that much bigger than with a single baby at that gestation. since the babies are still really tiny.   If you can feel the top of your uterus, that will help, so you know you are looking in the right spot.

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I wouldn't worry either:) I am 23 weeks and sometimes I find it easy and tonight even though I could feel her moving and hear the little blips from her kicks, I couldn't get the heartbeat so I just stopped and told myself I'd listen again later.  8 weeks is super early. I am so sorry for your previous loss and wish you all the best with your twins:)

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This pregnancy, my midwife was unable to find the HB with the Doppler at 10 weeks, 13 weeks, and at 16 weeks it took about 20 min. My placenta is in the front so you have to go off to the side and sort of hook under it to get a good rate. Even now at my 30 week appointment it was harder to find.
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Thank you ladies so much!

I found it, i found it!!!!

One was 147, the other 149- a little lower than at 8 weeks which was 150 and 153. Anyway, Im relieved that they are both still there. Pretty far apart too, so Im wondering what that means.
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Glad you found them! It usually takes me a while to locate mine (haven't checked lately though). I was able to find mine early at home (9 weeksish) but it took a long time. I scanned back and forth across where my uterus should have been at the time, side to side and slowly moving up from the hairline to the suspected uterine top. Last time I did it I had to weed out placental sounds and other veins/ateries and stuff to find the real heartbeat, but once I found it it was definitely obvious what was baby and what was not!


Makes me want to go check it again to see how it's changed now that baby is bigger.

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so glad you found them!

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