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Congratulations!   I hope you will enjoy this wonderful article: What if People with Down Syndrome Ruled the World.


 One of my best friends had a home birth for her son with down syndrome, or T21 as she prefers to call this difference.  Through her, I have been introduced to some folks in our local down syndrome community. What a wonderful group of moms, and what a wonderful group of kids.  


I'll tell you a bit about this mom who is one of my BFFs -- I knew her casually before she before she had her baby, but we became really close when he was a few years old.   I saw her transform as a human being in wonderful ways, finding her confidence and her own voice as her son's advocate.  


She was   a wonderful, fun, warm person before she had her son. By the time he was four, she was on a whole other level of awesomeness.  Somehow, her confidence, and her clarity about what matters in life made her really enjoy her life and her marriage.  She is one of my favorite friends in real life.  She is hilarious, and she gets everything about having a unique child.  When she has crappy days, she admits it. She also goes out of her way to create joy in her family every day.  


She does have some basic tips for everyone who has a kid with down syndrome.  Some of it is practical -- ie, get on any state waiting lists for services, contact your local down syndrome groups, that sort of thing. The other side of her advice is much more profound.  


Congratulations again.