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I am in shock! I had my first apppintment with my first ever ob-gyn (i used a family practice.dr.for the others)(she dropped doing ob and i was forced to.switch, which was causing me a great deal of stress). Long story short, the doctor saw.two.little blobs on the screen. I saw them too. So did dh and dd. They were measuring at 8w3d and 8w4d (based on ovulation, i should be 9w2d today, but dr said this was not an issue). He did not do a t/v and i did not see any little hb's but i don't think he was checkong either. He said he did not see a membrane separating them, and his very early guess was identical, but to not count on it. He did say if we were in the early naming camp to focus.on girl/girl.or boy/boy. It is all so very surreal. Also it makes me.feel a.whole lot better about seeing an.ob (vs the hb midwife i was considering)...
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Congrats! That's very exciting.

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Wow, congrats!!
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Wow, super exciting!  Congratulations!!!

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Congrats!! smile.gif

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What a surprise! Congratulations!!