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Child Insomnia

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My granddaughter turned 4 this June and has been diagnosed with child insomnia.  She used to sleep all night when she was an infant, but at about 18 month started waking up repeatedly.  She normally will go back to sleep after being covered up and tucked in.  There are times when she is wide awake in the middle of the night for a couple hours though. We keep thinking she will outgrow it, but haven't seen any improvement. If anyone has ideas that have worked as well as natural  remedies I would love to hear about them.  Thanks! 

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I had insomnia as a child.  Now I am 30 and a mother of 3!


What helped me was Hylands Calms Forte & the herb Scullcap (strange name but a great herb...it is gentle nerve tonic, safe for children.)  I still use Scullcap tincture when I can't sleep.  Also, Chamomile tea :)

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We have tried the Calms Forte and it did help some, but she still won't sleep through without waking.  What form is the skullcap?  How do I determine the dose for a 4/yo? I think that is definitely worth a try.  Thanks for the input!

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I've found Nature's Sunshine brand Lobelia is extremely helpful.

It's not a sleep agent.  An naturalpath recomended it years ago for calming nerves (in children and adults).

It comes in a 2oz bottle, it's apple cider vinegar/alcohol based.

You rub about a dime size amount of the liquid on the bottom of the child's feet.

If they are sleepy it aids that but mainly it calms nerves which comes in handy in all kinds of situations.

I've recommended it and used it for years in this way and everyone who uses it has great results.  Other brands don't seem to work as well but in a pinch, i would try what you can get your hands on.

hope this helps.

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Small doses of Melatonin?  Our Naturopath, after all other avenues were pursued suggested this. 

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We use melatonin in our home, but it's on the advice of our pediatric sleep specialist.  Ds2 has a mood disorder which messes up his sleep and ds1 has narcolepsy.  If you decide to go with melatonin, there are liquid forms and also GNC has a cherry flavored sublingual.  We just take tabs.  NOW is a decent brand and not at all spendy.


I actually wanted to say it wouldn't be a bad idea to read up on narcolepsy.  I guess it's one of those things that where we think we know all about it because of how Hollywood portrays characters in movies and on TV, but actually my son's case is not a bit like Rowan Atkinson in Rat Race!  haha  Anyway, he had insomnia since a very young age but wasn't diagnosed until right before turning 18.  Can't hurt for you to have some inof in case you need to do more hunting down the road, right?

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Oops, forgot to say you might try a weighted blanket in case sensory issues are at all a contributing factor.

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