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food during labor?

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Just wondering if anyone had suggestions for me for foods during labor.  the birthing center suggested light things like soup and toast, anything else?  I know nothing heavy that will slow down digestion.


is there a type of juice that isn' t too high in sugar, or any other suggestions anyone has?

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I've heard some say that you should eat whatever you'd be okay with throwing up.  With my DS, I started contracting in the middle of the night and headed to the hospital early morning so I knew I had to eat something kind of substantial.  I ate about a half a sleeve of crackers, 2-3 clementines, and a banana before heading out the door.  My labor wasn't terribly long so I mainly just drank lots of water.  I know honey sticks are supposed to be helpful for giving some quick energy so you may want to have a few of those around.  I'm interested in this too.  What did others eat?   

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I had some sunrise energy bars from Costco (made with whole oats, dried fruit, nuts & seeds). I wanted to make chia energy balls but never got around to it. Instead I brought along my 32 oz nalgene with 4 tbsp of chia mixed in for massive hydration and lasting energy.
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I snacked on toast with grape jelly this time- for some reason the super-sweet jelly tasted awesome.   I usually lose my appetite once strong active labor sets in, but with my others I remember eating cereal, banana bread, and granola bars.  I also drank my third-trimester tea with ice and lemon through this labor (it's RRL, lemon balm, alfalfa, squawvine, and blueberry), and it totally hit the spot.

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