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Beco Butterfly 2 too big?

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I have a Beco Butterfly 2 which I purchased from Ebay.  When it arrived it turned out not to be an 'official' Beco, but it is exactly the same however the instructions are terrible!  My DD is 10 weeks and at the last weigh in 5kg, 60cms.  She's grown out of the newborn insert but I think she might still be too small to use it without the insert.  She falls into a deep sleep in it but when she wakes or I take her out she cries like she's really in distress (same cry if I drop something when she's asleep).  Her body is also molded in the shape of the carrier and her legs seem really splayed apart.  Could it be she's too small and it's hurting her legs/hips?  How do you adjust it as they grow?  Also i'm quite small wasted so I think she tummy strap is too loose, I might try sewing it shorter to see if that helps.


I also have a bjorn and a moby which i tried the newborn hug hold when she was younger but I had a hard time with it.  I found it difficult to get her in, like it was too tight, but when she was in it she seemed to sink down really far and I still felt like I had to hold her.  I also didn't like that her face would sometimes get covered.


If anyone has any experiences I would be grateful winky.gif

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Nothing to suggest but I thought I'd bump your post up for input. smile.gif


Anyone have advice to share?

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